Here’s How You Can Make Your New Year’s Resolution For 2021 Possible

New Year’s Resolution

Here’s How You Can Make Your New Year’s Resolution For 2021 Possible

Well, New year with new dreams, hopes, ideas, and explanations for everyone for us. But we build all these things on the foundation of one thing that is resolution, and new year’s resolution is something that is more common than anything you can think of. We all start the very first day of every year with a new or sometimes the same resolution, but only a few can successfully continue working on that all year long. With the help of this piece of information, I will help you understand the true significance of your new year’s resolution and the power of your one will so you can make 2021 your year and achieve whatever you dreamed about. 

Get Past To 2020

We can not talk about new year resolution 2021 or a new beginning without discussing the last year, i.e., 2020. Yes, the year that shook the entire world and changed how we live our lives. COVID-19 has changed every single life on this plane since last year. When the government imposed lockdown in the entire country because of the increasing cases of the virus, we all have to stop our daily life routine and get prisoned in our homes so we can avoid this pandemic effectively. 

However, time was not pleasing. The lockdown period was very hurtful, not only in terms of economic aspects but also in emotional aspects too. Since March 2020, many people lost their jobs, many were homeless, and we have lost too many people that is truly sad. And this is the reason we all were so much over with 2020 and wanted it to end soon so we can have a fresh start with 2021. 

Focusing On Goal More Than Resolution

When first the Covid were here, and we were locked in our houses, then we also made some resolution whether it is about our health or reading books and working on a new skill. However, those were also washed away like with a long wave of time; besides, they prove it that only 1% of people can stick to their resolution and work through it. So, today I will not talk about a resolution with you but about the goals. 

Goal Matters

The new year goals are the core foundation of your success that keeps you motivated with your resolution and makes you achieve everything in your life. I have seen people accomplish their goals even during the lockdown period, whether it is about fitness, professional growth, or learning new skills like cooking. Not even the people but also the companies or groups have achieved tremendous success using their alternative plans during the lockdown or Covid period, targeting the people’s needs and helping with their situation. This was all possible only because they could set their goals and work hard toward their goals.

In the past, I have witnessed several people complaining about not being able to stick to their new year resolution and ultimately lost their foals ending up the same way. Using different methods and techniques, I helped them to strengthen their will power for continuing their resolution and hard work.

Working Towards The End Goal Matters

Let me tell you a small story about a kingdom where every king can rule for five years, and after completing the five years, it makes him go into the forest. The king, with all his attire with an elephant ride, made to go into the forest with no resources rather than surviving on the wild animals from the jungle. When a king was being prepared to go to the forest he was anxious, and suddenly someone asked him who should be the next king now, and then he took someone’s name who was very smart. But when people go to him with the news, then the person is denied the offer of becoming the king for five years.

However, after a long discussion, the people of the kingdom could convince him to become the king and that the condition of going to the forest after that. So, he took the place of the king in the kingdom and started his tenure. But unlike other kings, he started focusing on the forest, too, along with his other duties as the kind. During his tenure, he first visited the kingdom and saw there were several wild animals and the skeletons of previous kings. So, he started with cleaning the forest and then shifted all animals from there to somewhere else. After that, he started establishing other facilities there, like agriculture and building homes to convert that forest into a place where one can survive.

Over five years, he built a very great palace in the forest so any person can easily live there having nothing. The day when he was prepared to go to the forest, he seemed happy, and by seeing him happy, other people of the kingdom were confused and asked why are you happy as all the previous kings were sad about this. He was happy because he knew that he didn’t have to fight with animals in the forest or worry about the food for survival as it has everything now. So, with this story, we came to know about how the last king worked for his survival during the king’s life instead of enjoying all the pleasure of being king.

Similarly to the story, we all have when we are young and have resources to make our future great with hard work. Instead, we choose to waste those things and enjoy life with short-term pleasures. This Is the reason most people do not achieve in their life what they dream about. Let me tell you about myself; recently, I also took the resolution of my fitness, which used to be the least important thing for me. I am 53 years old, and I used to have excuses such as I do not have time for this or I can not wake up early in the morning, but eventually, I gave up all the excuses and started doing some workout at home. Once I was determined, I could do everything from counting my steps to having a clean diet along with some mild workout, and then I also completed a marathon in 2020.

How To Make Your New Year Resolution Stronger?

Here are a few things you must consider while taking a resolution so you can stick to it until you achieve your goal

Now I am going to share some essential things with you you must consider as they will help you in perfectly executing your action daily and assist you in moving towards your goal.


For anything to happen or if you wish to do something, you need a plan, so you know how to lay down your actions. Suppose you are in your car and drive, but if you do not know where to go or the destination, then there is no point in driving. You need to put down your goals on paper and come up with a new year plan of how you can achieve them. With this, you will make sure that you are going in the right direction without wasting your hard work.

Smart Goal

Make sure you choose your goal very wisely and pick the goals that are practically possible for you. It is also necessary to choose some new year goals that are achievable in your life.

Wasting major time in minor works

This means you are wasting a lot of time on minor tasks such as sending mail or text while you are putting in quick time insignificant tasks such as project work or personal tasks. You need to manage your time very effectively. Try to use all the technologies and resources very wisely so you can save your time for priority tasks.

Put down your goals

It is very helpful to write your goals, and it will be more beneficial if you make a graphical representation of that. In case you are planning to lose a certain weight, then try to get a picture and write your goal and put it in front of you so they will motivate you every day to achieve it.

Trustable partner

You can also get an accountability partner who will keep you going on those days whenever you feel like giving up.

Achieve your goals silently

Do not be very loud about your new year goals; rather, go for it in silence. I am sure you heard about the quote, work in silence, and let the success make all the noise.

Do not procrastinate

You need to understand that you can not achieve your goal by putting in the hard work for the next day. Make sure you start now as it is the only way to get closer to your goal every single day, so do not wait for a certain day to start the work.

Get out of your comfort zones

In order to make all your dreams come true, you need to come out of your comfort zones. Be a little comfortable being uncomfortable as nothing is gonna happen well in your comfort zone.

The depressing part is that with their January 1 resolutions, many individuals do not excel. But that’s because these midnight resolutions look more like a social pressure-an effort to look healthier, mitigate shame, or meet others’ expectations. For starters, gaining weight is amongst the most common New Year’s resolutions and one that individuals seem to perform poorly at. Part of the cause is where it comes from: it sometimes comes from internal or external coercion, as opposed to a purpose that might be naturally valued, such as having more fitness or stamina.

Why New Year Resolutions Fails?

We find that they encounter deeper satisfaction when individuals are committed to giving to someone than when their priorities are more self-oriented. Experiments, for instance, show that doing something compassionate for others enhances your optimistic outlook and energy, particularly though you never meet the recipient.

New start

Most importantly, I conducted a report on what we term the “integrative span” of individuals. I found that as your concentration of interest and caring gets broader, your satisfaction improves. “The less comfortable you are likely to be, if your primary concerns and interests are specific and selfish, just about “me and the individuals really close to me,” versus “my family and my community,” versus “the wider world and everyone and everything. In comparison, a wider sense of treatment and empathy for others predicts better well-being.

How do we make any resolution more likely to stick?

There have been some core elements of achievement in every resolution you might make, outside the emphasis of your objectives. Second, make absolutely sure that your goal is one that you genuinely support, that you are absolutely behind and that you care for. An achievable target is often something that is not hypothetical, such as “improving my health,” but real, such as “increasing my daily step count” or “drinking fruit juice at lunch rather than sugary soda.” The above targets are transparent and achievable in a way that can never be an ambiguous global resolution. The very next step, if it has a clear goal, is to make a practical strategy for how and where it can be implemented.

Just as significant evidence suggests that the more you can make the whole thing fun and “intrinsically motivated” to reach your resolution, the more so you can persist. For instance, a strategy to raise your step count may involve a stroll with a good friend every day, which will both accomplish your step goal and fulfil the needs of connectedness. You would be more likely to move on by choosing an experience that also takes you to your target and that you genuinely like, or at least not find aversive.

Eventually, sustainable resolutions are typically based on ideal obstacles. It would feel disheartening to set the bar too high and contribute to disconnection. Bear in mind that the safest approach is to set small incremental objectives for virtually every long-term target, not “I’m going to climb Everest,” but more “I’m looking to bring these first few steps towards base camp.”

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