Inspirational Keynote Speaker in India: Story That Will Leave You Speechless

Inspirational Keynote Speaker in India: Story That Will Leave You Speechless

Inspirational Keynote Speaker in India: Story That Will Leave You Speechless

Everybody loves a speaker who has a story to tell. Lucky for us all, Life Coach Ritu Singal has one hundred stories to tell. Ninety of which stem from her own personal life. Covering various flavours, highs and lows. Stories of love, tales of loss. Sagas of determination, grit and success.

She is a woman who never gave up, no matter what. And now, she is on a mission to empower people to explore their truest potential. As a life coach & a keynote speaker in India, she has already transformed over 15000 lives by coaching their mind towards living a healthier, happier and a more fulfilling life.

Apart from being a coach and an exceptional orator, Ritu Singal is also a revered business woman. She is the Managing Director of Raglan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. & Winner Nippon Leatherette Pvt. Ltd.

As a keynote speaker in India, She has been part of many corporate as well as social work driven events to share her motivational talks. These are stories that have had a lasting impact on the mind and lives of the listeners.

So much so, that many of them have left her heart-warming testimonials over how much their life has changed just by incorporating the little tips shared by Ms. Singal during her talks.

Industry Leaders That Recognize Life Coach Ritu Singal For Her Passionate & Life Changing Motivational Speeches 

  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Divya Himachal
  • ET Now
  • Silicon India, and many others.

Leading Publications That Have Featured Ms. Singal’s Tales

  • Times of India
  • Aaj Samaaj
  • Business for all
  • Punjab Kesari
  • The Tribune, and many others.

Through her 15 years of journey as a life coach and a motivational speaker, she has inspired and ignited the spark of self-discovery, mindful living and attaining success in countless individuals. Ranging through all age groups – little children to seasoned adults.

Ms. Singal has clients in over 14 countries who personally vouch for her unmatched skills as the best coach, counsellor and trainer. As a keynote speaker in India she continues to grace events after events, ranging from corporate, cultural, social and educational. 



With an infectiously pleasant personality, Ms. Singal is an impeccable story-teller with a knack for weaving inspiring and life changing details in an entertaining and gripping narrative. Moreover, she prefers to choose an interactive theme to hold her audience’s interest rather than delivering a monotonous one dimensional speech that loses its essence after 5 seconds.

This vivacious and dynamic approach is what sets her apart from every other speaker out there. As a motivational speaker, she drives her listeners to self-introspect and draw out the areas that they need to work upon. Thus, giving them a blueprint of what they need to improve upon or out rightly throw out of their life or belief-system. 

So if you are looking for a keynote speaker in India who can actually make a difference in their listener’s life and set an effective tone to make your event a success. Then look no further, Ms. Ritu Singal is the perfect solution to address all your needs and so much more. 

Roaring Testimonials From The Hearts Of Some Of Our Clients

“I have had many ups and downs in life. If there’s been someone who has guided me through the rough weathers, it is Ritu. The credit to unveiling my potential goes to her. She had more trust in me than I did. She reached with her simple daily life stories and immense compassion to guide and nurture my life.” – Manpreet Kaur, Ph.d, Assistant Professor

“What makes me connect to her is her simplicity within a truly strong woman. She could see things from a perspective that took me years to reach. I call her my wizard of life.” – Parul Joshi

“After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I landed at Ritu’s doorstep through a dear friend’s recommendation. Meeting Ritu was the turning point of my life. I not only came alive again, but also came to explore the hidden infinite powers of my mind. I can’t thank her enough for the kick-start that she offered me in my spiritual pursuits.” – Ramandeep Sidhu

The above testimonials are just the tip of the ice-berg sized clientele she has as a coach and orator. She is nationally and internationally acclaimed for her slice-of-life flavoured eloquence. Another thing that sets her apart from most other speakers is that she knows how to read a room.

One glance at her audience and she can tweak her speeches and stories to fit the taste and tonality of who she is delivering them to. She knows where to insert emotion, where to let her wit and humour take over the room. And most important of all, we can promise you that when she is done talking, the audiences will leave your room with a smile on their face and hope in their heart.

To make Life Coach Ritu Singal’s soul-stirring narratives a part of your event reach out to our team today for all the details. This is your chance to get the most promising and enthralling keynote speaker in India on your team today! 

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