Secrets To Create More Balance in Life From Reputed Life Coach

Balance in Life

Secrets To Create More Balance in Life From Reputed Life Coach

Many of us find ourselves in great panic. Feel as if a heavy stone is put upon our head and we have to bear its weight the whole life. It is nothing but a load of responsibilities and the trauma associated with it. We have to do so many tasks together like studies, work, office, home, children, and relations. All these are very difficult to manage together. Thinking of so much together makes us depressed and so much confused and irritating.

Have you felt a need for calmness in your life?

Have you ever wished for a fresh mind and peace?

Have you ever felt yourself as if fighting in a circus ring?

If the answer is “yes”; that means the only thing you need is to have a balance in life.

Now, what exactly is the Balance of life?

Ritu Singal says that one is said to live a balanced life when he or she can form a harmony in all aspects of life.  It means that when you can handle all the elements of life nicely and your heart or mind is not being pulled forcefully in any particular direction. You feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. Balance of life is a natural phenomenon; it is a state of mind and is attained by continuous practice and self-awareness.

Creating a balance is different for every individual. It depends from person to person. Balance need to be made in two elements of life:

  1. Internal – Mind, Heart, and Health. 
  2. External- Work, Social, Family, and fun.

How to create balance in your life?

When you feel that things are not working and want control over your life or we can say to establish a balance between different aspects of your life, follow the following tricks 

Acknowledge your present situation: Become aware of what you are doing. Don’t get carried away in the flow of life. Do what is necessary and meaningful following your priorities. Becoming aware will help you to seek out things and help you live a purposeful life and strike a balance in different activities of your life.

No phones: Phones always keep you busy and occupied. It is advisable to keep it off for some hours of the day. Disconnecting yourself is essential as it makes your brain run faster and enables you to spend time with friends and family.

Cut it off: If there is an overflow of work and there are numerous tasks to be done it becomes difficult to establish a balance between all. Thus, one has to decide about the priorities of your life and say no to non-essential things so that you can concentrate on essential things and do everything peacefully.

Say “No” to negativity: Pessimistic people and their talks always take you backward in life. They create fear and tension in the mind. This leads to more confusion and irritation in the minds of the people. They lose their balance and are unable to make the right decisions in life. Thus keep a distance from such kinds of people. Also, keep on monitoring your thoughts. Any kind of negative vibe must be wiped off. Spend time with positive, motivated, and energetic people.

Balance in Life

Have some leisure time: Spend time with yourself. Spend some time alone, sit back, and relax. Do what you like the most- reading books, listening to music, Painting, etc. It will help you to recognize yourself. When one is completely relaxed and fresh he can think better and have a broad vision. Thus can make a better decision and manage things properly. It is crucial in lowering stress, increasing happiness, and encouraging creativity.

Spend time with family: Family and relationships act as a major healer. Spending time with them makes you feel more happy and complete. Spend time with your love, play with your children, and Serve your parents. It will help you to know them and relax.

Improve your health: Physical fitness is very important for a relaxed and happy mind. Do yoga, exercises, gymming, and meditation. Our health affects the quality of work and our focus as well. Physical fitness aids in working with more energy and dedication and thus increases productivity as well.  Good health is equal to a more happy and satisfying life.

Have fun: Boring and monotonous life is very frustrating. Being occupied by work and responsibilities the whole day makes a man irritating and tired both physically as well as mentally. Some amount of fun and adventure is necessary for relaxation as well. Dine out, Go on a coffee, explore the world, meet friends, watch a movie, etc. Do anything that can give you a belly laugh and thus makes you feel happy and relaxed within.

Become aware: There are many online and face to face courses that teach you how to train your mind. Attend motivational seminars and listen to the gurus which can enlighten your mind and life as well.

Despite knowing the importance and the ways to achieve it we are seldom unable to strike the right balance in our life. It may be due to several reasons as illustrated hereunder:

Reasons, why you are living, might be feeling off-balance

  • When you don’t know what balancing is:

There is no definite formula for how to simplify your life. This differs from person to person. Balancing is an art, its feeling is different for all depending upon the responsibilities, job, age, hobbies, and relationships.

For this focus on your thoughts and make them revolve around this concept. Imagine how life would be if you were more satisfied and happy. Imagine how you want your life to be and how a balanced life would look like. This helps you get a clear picture of what balancing is and what has to be done to attain what you are striving for.

Figure out what balance is and how it can be achieved. Think, rest, and meditate.

  • When you don’t have a good will-power

Unnecessary distractions must not be able to move you. One must be clear on priorities that will help to achieve the goal of life. Also, set personal boundaries that must not be crossed by anyone; not even yourself. Discipline in life is necessary for the attainment of goals. No plan and formula can be worked out successfully if one does not have self-discipline and a strong will-power. 

 To strike balances in life first learn to train your mind and do the tasks that go following your priority. Distractions will take you away from the goal and cause confusion and anxiety.

  • When you are not consistent with your actions

Being consistent is doing or following the routine that was established to achieve the desired goal. Sticking with the help of the established practice in mastering over the things and also strike the balance between all the tasks related to your daily life. 

Shifting or changing the course of action, again and again, leads to confusion and hassle. This often leads you to off-balance and takes you away from your target.

  • Lack of planning

Planning is an essential way to achieve balance in life. Outlining the week or day beforehand will increase your productivity and achieve the desired results on time. Planning can be done for work-life, studies, related to family goals, or any other task. Planning minimizes the unproductive time and also reduces real-time panic and losses associated with it.

The planning must encompass everything- appointments, projects, social/relationship time, time for self-care, etc. Thus planning aids in the easy achievement of targets and establishes a balance between different responsibilities and roles to be played throughout the day.

  • No time for self-care

Pampering yourself is very important to feel happy and confident. Everyone must take out time from their busy schedule for self-love and self-care. A fit body is essential to work for the whole day. Also, self-care is important to maintain your looks- eyes, hair, and skin. It also includes nurturing your mind and soul.

This makes you feel confident and gives a positive attitude towards life. Thus without self-care one gets depressed and feels inferior. Low energy enables him to work with full dedication. Thus achieving a balance in life and peace becomes difficult.

This story helps you to understand this concept better 

Once there was a woman. she was very polite and decent. Married in a joint family she was overburdened with work and responsibilities. Along with this, she had to go to the office and focus on her career as well. She was depressed and found it very difficult to do everything together. She had to play so many roles together. As a result, her health degraded and her looks also got average. She began to have headaches and grew mentally sick.

Then once she attended a session on how to attain balance in life and tips to live a happy life. She read many books regarding this. She understood the meaning of balance and the way to achieve balance in life. She practiced all the ways to achieve it. She did meditation and became aware of her present life. She made a blueprint of what she wanted from her life.

She dreamt of a happy and peaceful life. With more self-care and broad vision, she was able to balance her personal and professional life. She started staying happy and satisfied. She became mentally and physically fit as well. She again started looking beautiful and performed very well at work as well.

Thus plan your life and strive to achieve balance in life. This will impart to you all the happiness of life.

Advantages of living a balanced life

Improve your mood:  Once you have a balanced life, you feel more content and happy. It acts as a mood buster. Negative thoughts and depression just go away from your life forever. Anger and frustration are released out.  Thus, overall it imparts you peace of mind and happiness from within.

Improve health: Balance in life is a result of positive thinking, deep thought, and harmony in day to day activities. When you are mentally free, you can concentrate on the different aspects of your health too. Less stress reduces the risk of high BP and heart problems as well. Thus it leads to overall perfect health.

Balance in Life

More energy: When everything is planned and perfect, life seems to be so beautiful. Balance in life makes you more productive and helps in the timely attainment of goals. When you are healthy and have a clear and fresh mind, you become more energetic and active.

Healthy social life: Everyone wants to spend time with positive and happening people. Their attitude and confidence attract more friends and family towards them. They often act as a role model for many. Thus social relations foster and you become more and more happy and successful.

More self-confidence: When you can strike the right balance in life, you become more confident. A man with a healthy and fit mind, body, and soul are sure to have a boost in confidence. 

Achievement of career aims: A man who can strike a balance in life is bound to achieve all the desired aims of life. He becomes successful in all aspects of life. Nothing is impossible for the one who lives a balanced life.


Stop saying that I’m busy. Busy. Busy !! In this technological world, everyone is hijacked by computers, mobiles, and social media. Moreover, the stress of family and personal duties is also increasing. There is a lot to be done in very little time. The mind is always preoccupied which leads to stress and conflicts. Time can be given to everything and everyone if balanced properly. Learn managing yourself. Be mindful and think rationally. Learn to love yourself. Living a balanced life is key to a happy and peaceful mind.

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