Why You May Need Online Marriage Counseling?

Why You May Need Online Marriage Counseling

Why You May Need Online Marriage Counseling?

Are you trapped in a marriage you don’t like to be in?

Are you tired of trying to communicate, but failing, since your partner doesn’t do the same with you, for you?

As an online marriage counselor, I, Ritu Singal, firmly believe that in all kinds of marriages, especially those which face problems on a regular basis, couples counseling can play a big role in helping couples succeed together.

I have helped many other couples like yours battle out the tough phase in their relationship with more support than they could have imagined was possible to get.

Mental coaching is an important part of life, whether it is for marriage or life coaching, and can help you really move ahead in life.

Resolving conflicts in the relationship

couple counselling

Whether you are living with your spouse or someone else, conflicts are unavoidable.

However, you can definitely reduce its frequency in your relationship, or even if not reduce then find out a foolproof way to resolve these fights.

The smartness is not in having zero fights but in resolving those fights as efficiently and pleasantly as possible.

All conflict is an opportunity to further deepen your relationship with each other, and to know more about each other and how the spouse reacts in a difficult circumstance.

This is the reason why solving conflicts peacefully and healthily becomes so important for both you and your partner.

I, a life coach (Ritu Singal), focus on helping people set up foolproof systems, processes and even better communication for the same.

Giving your relationship a new sheen

Every relationship requires new energy from time to time. 

As an online marriage counselor, I, Ritu Singal, help couples like you to give your relationships a new sheen and shine.

In today’s age and time especially, people get bored of each other soon, if nothing new is introduced to them, to encourage them.

A new sheen and shine means your relationship will have more energy, you guys as a couple will be more communicative and you will also enjoy the relationship more.

You may have experienced a growth spurt in your relationship in the initial days, which dulls and stunts as the days go by.

When your relationship is new, you focus more on your partner and enjoy each and every moment with them.

Even conflicts are easily handled, and the relationship feels like smooth sailing. Everything, basically, is all flowers and garden.

However, as time goes by, this energy begins to drop and soon you both may grow tired and frustrated of each other.

It becomes important to seek coaching in that case, in order to renew both your vigor towards each other and to remind yourselves of why you chose to be in a relationship with that specific person and not anyone else.

Mental coaching from me can help you experience that growth spurt throughout the duration of your relationship.

I have coached many couples through the same.

Increasing trust and intimacy in the relationship

Relationships work on trust and intimacy, something which is often overlooked for the duration of the relationship by people.

You may feel like you and your partner love and trust each other enough, but paradoxically, it is this same feeling which gives away that there is a lack of trust in the relationship.

This happens as good couples know building trust is an ongoing process, that you need to keep on working at building your trust, so as to maintain it in your relationship.



Having more trust means you can live life tension and stress free as you can always count on your partner for support.

Having more intimacy, on the other hand, allows you to confess your deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings with your spouse without the fear of being judged.

Some of you may make the mistake of thinking that marriage counseling is only for people whose relationship with their spouse is in shambles and about to break, however, you are wrong about it.

Marriage and life coaching can help induce a new vigor for life in you and help you and your spouse make the most of your relationship with each other.

Taking out time for each other

One of the major complaints you may have also seen being raised by couples is that they hardly take out time for each other.

Mental coaching can help you sort out your days in such a way that you can easily take out time for each other, no matter how busy you may be.

Taking out time for your spouse in a relationship is crucial, so that you can know each other better and also have time to cherish this relationship with each other.

Most people take relationships for granted, wherein they don’t care about their partner’s needs and are just committed in a relationship for the sake of being with each other.

I hope that is not the case for you, but even if it is, psychological counseling and coaching can help you resolve these issues.

I, as a mental and wellness coach, work together with my clients to help them understand where they may be lacking in their commitments to each other and how they can be a better partner to their spouse.

Why should I, Ritu Singal, be your online marriage counselor?

Couples counseling is a sensitive topic, which requires the experience and maturity of a counselor like me. I have successfully helped many couples like you going through their marriage issues.

I have an extensive array of my own personal experiences to draw from, which makes my coaching experience richer, more diverse and deeper.

I am one of the best life coaches in India, and am focussed on helping my clients, you that is, to help achieve the pinnacle of your potential when in a relationship, with your partner, not in spite of it.

I say this all to instill your confidence in me and my abilities,  which have stood the test of time and have worked for both me and my relationship, which has led me to flourish as an example today for others.

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