Why You Need A Psychological Counsellor?

Why You Need A Psychological Counsellor

Do you feel so worn out and tired that anything new in life seems better than the current lonely life you are leading?

Is it a necessary evil for us to bloom? Or is it something we can avoid entirely, if not the situation then at least that mindset where we feel doomed?

In my (Ritu Singal’s) opinion, we can not just avoid this bleak mindset but also cultivate a better mindset that leads us to our success in life.

Mindset is underrated in the modern world, people talk about money, status, etc but hardly anyone talks about the mindset of people.

Life coaches help cultivate the mindset of people to tackle daily challenges head on. Psychological counselors draw upon their experiences and learning in Psychology to help people with the same.

I am Ritu Singal, your life coach and Psychological Counsellor is , here to tell you about why you might need the guidance of a counselor.

Mindset change- From survival mode to Winner mode

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Mindset plays a much bigger part in our lives than we think it does- a confident mind can go through the most difficult circumstances with more ease and bag more opportunities from that challenge.

This happens because of the simple reason that a confident person is more receptive to opportunities and challenges around them- they are able to seize them and make the best out of it.

By the way, I speak from experience here when I say this. In my darkest days, my perspective change is what saved me from the clutches of a hopeless trench.

Living in survival mode means you are constantly looking out for yourself- when did you hear of a trapped animal making progress?

You need to let go of the rope binding you to the ground and which bottlenecks your progress, and race forward in life, to lead your life on your terms, not to be led by it.

Battle life’s challenges with confidence that builds upon itself

People keep talking about what confidence is and why it is so important for anyone- but hardly anyone knows about the crucial cycle of confidence building that helps people go from zero to hero.

Confidence is not a one off thing, it is a feeling which builds upon itself.

What does it mean?

It means that confidence is something which follows an exponential cycle wherein whenever you do something confidently, your confidence increases exponentially.

On the other hand, if you do fail, your confidence acts as a safety net and catches you before you hit the deep trenches, which helps you rise back up with the same if not more confidence to conquer the challenges you are facing.

Get rid of the life you know and make something great with what you have- All while achieving more

Most people think of their lives as a baggage they have to survive through- this is simply not true. I myself have experienced the more fun side of life when I started living it properly.

Life coaching is a process which will help you make the best out of your current life, and help you see life as an interesting challenge rather than a boring movie.

Battle life’s challenges with confidence that builds upon itself

This process is more important than you think- many researches in Psychology have shown that people who think that life is a set of challenges fare better than people who take it oh so seriously and then are upset with it.

It’s not the lack of opportunities that upset people with their life experience, but it is the lack of seeing opportunities as what they are- but more as problems, that causes them so much issues in life. 

Life coach focuses on making your existing life great rather than setting up a new life that works out for them.

Start enjoying life, stop living it drudgingly

It is a well known fact among psychologists that people who enjoy life more are more likely to be achievers than people who just live their lives away. My personal experience has been the same.

Enjoying life doesn’t require anything new or special in life but a mindset shift.

From a slavery rat race mindset to a productive one, wherein you take on life as a challenge and live it to your fullest extent without looking back.

In life, one has to experiment a lot, to find the best fit for themselves, whether it is in career, academics or any other setting.

Failures should not be seen as failure in themselves but as failed experiments, wherein we try to use something to achieve a certain result, but come to know that more than that / a different set of circumstances and conditions is required to win the same.

Why am I, Ritu Singhal, your best choice for a Psychological Counselor?

After developing a Winner’s mindset myself and winning several accolades, I, Ritu Singal, am here to help guide you through your own struggles and life problems.

Life is not difficult- it is supposed to be a challenge. But thanks to the modern rat race mentality, it has become very difficult to enjoy life and the various challenges it brings.

The trick to getting your life back in your hands is to go back to the basics- treat it as a challenge rather than as a load on you. 

I did the same when I was bogged down by my life to emerge a winner from it- when my company almost sank, when my husband committed suicide and when I was abused.

Now I am a successful life coach- guiding people like you to come victorious from the most dark circumstances in your life.

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