Workplace Counselling

Revamp Work Culture with Workplace Counselling

The workplace is like a second home to its employees. A person spends equal time at home and in their office. Now, when you ensure your home stays perfect and peaceful, why not your workplace?


Since most employees spend more than seven hours a day in the office, the work culture of your organization affects them in many ways. A healthy work environment will produce more productive and efficient employees.


All workplaces have their own set of problems. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I saw many flaws in our company’s work culture. As a life coach and a workplace counselor, I could not let my employees work in a culture that disturbs them.


The first thing that I decided to do in my company was to improve the work environment because I knew that no employee could give their 100% unless they’re happy. The efficiency of any company depends directly on the employee’s well-being. It is why I tried my best to maintain my workforce’s health. 


When I talk about health, many employers think I’m referring to the physical health of the employees. I remember once I visited a renowned company for a guest lecture. While I was having a cup of tea with the MD, I asked how their organization addressed the well-being of their employees.


The director immediately said, “Yes, we are very concerned about the good health of our employees. We provide them paid leaves in case they’re sick.”


I smiled a little and said, “What about the mental health of your employees?” 


He said, “ Are we supposed to manage that as well?”


We had a long discussion about how it’s necessary and why he should incorporate some measures to ensure the mental well-being of employees. I asked him to follow some steps and make some changes and measure the results.


He followed the steps in his organization, and I got a call after two months. He told me how the productivity of his employees has improved and how they are attaining all their goals easily. 


In this way, the work culture and health of employees directly impact the outcomes of your business. 


Today, everyone is stressed, anxious, and hustling to beat others. We all want to win the race to be the best employees. Sometimes, this hustle and greed to be the best in even one employee of the company can disgrace the entire work environment. 


Work culture is determined by the behavior of all the employees. You must have heard how ‘A single overripe fruit can spoil the entire basket.’In the same way, a single greedy employee can spoil the entire work environment. 


What is Employee Counselling?


Employee counseling is the need of the hour. It is the process of using corrective measures to address the issue of mental health among employees. A counselor or a coach understands the issues that are affecting the workers. They learn about your employee’s problems and help in solving them. 


In simple words, workplace counselling is the answer to combat stress at the workplace. It addresses problems like work culture, workplace depression, anxiety, or declined productivity in employees. With suitable guidance, you can bring your employees out of their problems. 


What are some common work culture problems?


Every organization wants a strong corporate culture, but it will not happen naturally. A pleasant work culture, loved by employees, and brings the best in them is still a dream for many organizations. 

Workplace Counselling

Here are the common work culture problems that are also warning signs for organizations to change their way of working.


  • Poor Internal Communication: Now, I think it is the most negative work culture found in many organizations. When there’s poor communication among employees, toxic work culture is created. People in your company will lack team spirit and cooperation. It is crucial to create an atmosphere where communication flows freely. When I organize workplace counselling sessions, I create an open portal for employees to speak out their hearts. Most of the time, the work culture becomes unenjoyable and depressing. 

  • Internal Competiton: One thing that many organizations think works great for the company is hyper-competition. I have seen many people deliberately creating an atmosphere where everyone is competing to overshadow their fellow employees. Friendly competitions work well for organizations, however, when these competitions turn unfriendly, people create rivalries. Unfriendly competitions drive wedges between employees. Workplace counseling can help you create friendly competitions where only productivity is improved not rivalry.



  • Office Politics: One of the oldest workplace problems remains office politics. I think everyone gets trapped in politics and is badly affected. Once, I was hiring a new manager for my firm. I asked one of the interviewees why he left his old job. He said there was a lot of internal politics that did not let him do well. He told how he was always targetted by his co-workers and was never acknowledged for his hard work. He even had to get counseling to improve his mental state before joining any other company. So, the little politics people play in organizations can severely affect people. I always ensure my workplace counselling solves the office politics from the root.


  • Irresponsible Seniors: Many people think that with seniority, they get the freedom to do irresponsible things. They might think they’ve earned these powers, but it often puts a bad impression on their juniors. Bad work habits always start at the senior level.


I promoted one of my very hard-working and sincere employees and made him the team lead. He worked well for a few days but started getting irresponsible with power. He would put all his work on his juniors and would come late to the office. One day I asked his team to come an hour later than him. When he reached the office, he saw no one from his team was present. He got furious and started calling them. His team members started coming one-by-one and sat on their desks. They casually started doing their work as if nothing had happened. I called a meeting, and he immediately complained that all his team members were late to work today. I asked what’s the big deal. To this, he said, I had to wait for them to start my work. I smiled and said, “ What about the past one month when they have to wait days for you to come.” He immediately got his lesson and didn’t argue.


If unhealthy work habits are not controlled on the senior level, they can become uncontrollable at the junior level. 


  • Office Gossip: Whenever I go to companies for counseling, one common problem I always hear is ‘office gossip.’ First, gossips are a very negative thing in any environment. However, gossip at the workplace can be detrimental. Many times it leads to fake rumors and even bullying. Office gossip can be hurtful and can impact a person’s mental health in many ways. As soon as gossip starts at a workplace, the corporate culture starts getting more and more negative. Workplace counselling can help a lot when office gossip becomes a work culture. Being a coach, I speak directly to the people that are affected by it and those who started it in the first place. It gives a platform for people to talk and open up about their struggles. 


Why Choose our Workplace Counselling?


A negative work culture can be a disaster for any business. However, the warning signs are quite noticeable, and essential steps can be taken. No organization wants to lose its employees or clients because of negativity around the office.


Do you want your employees to give their 100% and boost your business? Well, we can help you with that. I have counseled many renowned companies and helped them enhance employee productivity. Being an entrepreneur and a life coach, I know both worlds. It helps me make decisions that suit both environments. 


  • I provide a safe place for employees to talk. I listen to their problems and address their issues. I also help them find solutions and ways to manage situations better.


  • I believe the approach during workplace counselling should be non-judgemental and unbiased. I remain empathic and accessible to allow the employees to come forward with their concerns. 


  • No matter what kind of business you run or the industry you serve, our counseling can offer support to all organizations.


  • If you feel your employees are not working to their potential, it is time you help them by getting them counseled.


  • Every work culture starts affecting our life after some time. As a counselor, I ensure that no one goes home depressed from the office. 


  • In fact, I not only help with office problems, but also personal problems of the employees that might be disturbing them. 


Final Thoughts


Today, the workforce is more inclined towards a company that actually cares about its employees and not just about work. Empathy and affection towards employees make you a better manager or boss. If you have a healthy work culture where the mental health of employees is equally prioritized, then more people would be ready to work for you. 


Workplace counselling is a brilliant way of showing your concern towards your employees. When the employees will remain happy, they get more productive and deliver better results. So, workplace counselling is a perfect solution to all employee-employer problems. 

Ritu singal