10 Exemplary Ways To Get Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity

10 Exemplary Ways To Get Mental Clarity

Throughout the day, we face many situations, some good, some bad, and some extremely challenging. We train our minds, and we decide that we won’t react badly to anything in life. We decide, we remember, but as soon as we face the situation, we react in the same old way. When asked, we say, “The situation made me do this, I cannot control the situations”.

Well, it is somehow true. You cannot control the situations, you cannot determine and pre-plan the challenges you might face, but what you can do is, attain clarity of mind.

Ritu Singal remembers an incident where once a young man came to her for counseling. He was well-settled and accomplished, yet he somehow felt unhappy. She asked him what exactly he feels.

To this, he said, “I feel I can accomplish anything in life, but I cannot control my thoughts, and it gets disturbing at times. I feel I don’t know what I want. My mind is always full of thoughts.”

Being an experienced life coach, she soon realized what he was looking for was within him, but somehow he was not aware of it. She told him that no matter what he has achieved in life, it is worthless if his mental state is not good.

She asked him to slow down for a few days. Maybe take a break from work or explore old hobbies that he had somehow lost in the process of becoming successful.

She quotes that within two sessions, the smile she saw on his face was priceless. She asked him if he was happy now and he said, “All I needed was just clarity, clarity of mind, clarity of thoughts, and clarity of who I am, and what I am looking for!”

You see, this is how we have made simple things of life complicated just because of our thoughts. These thoughts keep our minds foggy throughout the day. All we need is to clear our minds, and you’ll see how everything seems simple.


Mental Clarity

Mental clarity means different to different people. In simple words, we can say the clarity of mind is nothing but the act of cleaning your mind of the clutter of uncontrolled thoughts. It is the process of removing mental noise or unwanted thoughts to develop a clear, positive, and organized mind.

Signs That You Require Mental Clarity

Are you confused, whether or not you require clarity of mind? Look out for these signs in your daily living to find out.

  • Do you read the same paragraph again and again because you continuously lose focus?
  • You constantly question yourself seeking the answer to what you are doing.
  • You start a project with zeal but get lost midway and do not want to complete it.
  • You pick up your phone to make a call, but after 1 hour you realize you forgot to make the call.
  • Are you unable to finish your tasks because you do not know how to prioritize your work?

Let us tell you, you are not the only one. Most people go through all these situations daily. All you need is the focus and mental clarity.

Why is mental clarity important?

Many people ask this question that they are doing everything the same way from so long, why do they even need mental clarity! Here we have listed some reasons why mental clarity is crucial:

  • Clarity of mind removes doubt

If a person continuously thinks about things that do not benefit them in any way, then a point comes when people start doubting themselves. This thought of doubting self-worth is deadly. If you have a clear mind, you will not have time to think about these things. With a clear and focused mind, you won’t heed much attention to such thoughts.

  • It increases awareness

Once you get out of the world that you have created in your head, you will become more aware. And by awareness, we mean aware of yourself, your surroundings, and aware of each thought that crosses your mind. With perfect awareness, your decision making will be hastened. You will know about opportunities and problems in advance, and you’ll know how to handle them.

  • You will learn to prioritize work

The biggest setback of not having a clear mind is not prioritizing work. A person who does not have clarity of mind will not be able to know how to prioritize their day to day tasks. It can lead to extra hours of work because you were not clear about what work was important and whatnot. By mental clarity, you will be able to make efficient to-do lists.

  • You will find peace of mind

Isn’t peace of mind what we have been looking for everywhere? How will we be able to find peace and joy in life if our thoughts are not filtered? A foggy mind cannot create a tranquil environment for you to live in. For living peacefully, you need to remove the clutter of thoughts that are not benefiting you in any way.

  • One can gain focus

In today’s time, everyone is so much occupied that they have completely lost focus. It has become very common, from kids to adults; people cannot concentrate on one thing at a time. Do you know why this happens? It is because physically we are performing one task, while mentally we are somewhere else. Maybe we are planning what we’ll do next or thinking about what someone said to us. With such a lack of focus, no task can be given 100 % effort. Mental clarity will help you gain focus in life.

How to get mental clarity?

Most of the time, people already know they need to declutter their thoughts but don’t know the method to do it.

A lot of clients ask counselors, “How can I improve my mental clarity”? To which they believe that, even if you have thought about improving your mental health, you have already taken the first step.

Here are a few methods of how you can get clarity of mind:

1) Start with mindfulness practice:

Throughout our day, we make multiple efforts to keep our physical body fit, but what about mental health? To start with, start practicing a mindfulness practice daily. Take out just 10-15 minutes a day for meditation. Meditation will help you in numerous ways. According to scientific research, meditation is known to help a person gain focus.

2.) Assess your mental focus in advance:

Before you start any task or job assigned to you, make sure you have gained complete focus. Let yourself know for how much time it has to be done and how it is to be done. Starting a task already and then planning things will only distract you and will lead to extra consumption of time. Check your focus, and once you feel you are completely attentive, and then you may start the task.

3) Avoid multitasking:

We know in today’s fast speed world, we want to acquire a lot in a short period. Instead of doing 4 tasks together, you can set them according to the requirements and then plan a schedule where you complete all four tasks but one at a time. This method works tremendously. You will be able to complete your work with full efficiency and on time.

Avoid multitasking

4) Remove distractions:

The prime reason for losing focus is a work desk filled with distractions. For example, suppose you are working on a project which you have to complete within 3 hours. While working, a message pops on the screen, you pick your phone to check, and after 30-45 minutes you realize you had to finish work. Isn’t this what happens with almost everyone? Experts suggest to their clients that in order to perform a task with focus, you firstly need to remove all the distractions around you.

5) Try activated Vitamin B:

A deficiency of vitamin B12 is known to cause mental fogginess, or inability to focus. The nervous system requires this vitamin for its proper functioning. If you feel you are unable to gain focus in your daily activities or that your mind is always full of thoughts always distracting you then, taking vitamin B12 can be helpful.

6) Proper rest:

People have created a very busy lifestyle these days. The sleep pattern of most people is quite irregular. Sleeping at 3 A.M and waking at 10 A.M creates a lot of overwhelming thoughts throughout a day. If you feel tired or restless, leave your work, and take a nap. Taking a nap will help you gain better focus and clarity of mind.

7) Take short breaks from work:

Sometimes, we do not even realize how long we sit and work continuously. In such cases, a point comes when we lose focus and are unable to do the task as efficiently as you were doing it before. It is because of mental exhaustion. When you feel this way, instead of trying harder and harder, just take a break. You can have a cup of tea or coffee or maybe meditate for a few minutes. Now when you’ll sit back to work, your brain will be more active, and you’ll get fresh ideas.

8) Regular Exercise:

Giving out some part of the day to exercise is a great investment. You can do exercises as simple as a brisk walk, jogging, to push-ups, and planks. Doing regular exercise is the first step of showing devotion towards your own body. Your health comes before anything, and so from today, make time for exercise.

9) Minimize focus while working:

Most people try to do many things together. For example, you might be working on a report while listening to your favorite playlist. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but it decreases your work efficiency. You might get distracted when your favorite song comes along; wasting your 4-5 minutes followed by another and another, and before you know, you have already lost 30 minutes! Try to maintain focus by removing such distractions. It is believed that one should take less time for doing work by dedicating full attention to it, and then you can take a break and relax.

10) Yoga:

Yoga is by far the most effective and proven way of helping a person get clarity of mind. Yoga is not just an exercise for physical health but also mental health. You can try poses like Child-pose, Mountain-pose, deep breathing, and Tree pose. These poses not only improve mental health but also help in gaining focus.

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