Anger Management The ultimate Story of A Meditating Saint

Anger Management The ultimate Story of A Meditating Saint

They say anger is inside us, not in the outside world. But when it comes to fundamental human nature, a person tends to
face anger issues when he fails to control anger inside him and later starts blaming others for it. Anger Management
techniques come into play when the need to improve oneself and the urge to follow positivity arises.

Many times due to the anger issues, we say something that we do not mean earlier and later regret saying it. Where
sometimes we push ourselves into situations where we fail to control our thoughts that keep a hold on anger and

Controlling anger through your positivity here and anger management therapy is the best policy for creating a change and
being the best version of yourself.

Nowadays, situations have triggered the problems of anger and aggressiveness in people sitting at home ideal or tense
due to their job, career, family issues, and money supply. The quarantine period during Coronavirus has set people on
fire. The aggressiveness to stay indoors has become a difficult task for them, even if it saves their own lives.

But, what they don’t do here is channel their thoughts and mind games that keep a person in its control rather than a
person to control it. A meditating saint’s inspiring story is not less than an example to portray the meaning of Anger
Management and channel your thoughts.

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The Story Of A Meditating Saint

As we all know that in ancient times, the saints used to meditate. According to them, meditating was the way to impress
and identify the peace of God.

All the saints and priests used to meditate for long hours straight while sitting just at one place into one posture.

Similarly, the saint named Jaidev used to meditate a lot. But, whenever he used to try meditating, some of the other things
distract him and break his flow.

This problem started happening every time, and he started getting angry due to it.

But he was earnest about his meditating and wanted to do it anyhow.

So, he found a solution and went on a river. He placed his boat in between a stream where no human, animal, or thing
could distract him.

Some hours left by, and something hit his boat very loudly and distracted him.

He started thinking without opening his eyes, that other man in the boat is blind, can’t he see I am meditating. Meanwhile,
his boat got hit again and continued with small time intervals.

His anger levels started increasing with every hit he was encountering. After a fraction of time and getting fully irritated
and angry, when he opened his eyes, he saw it was an empty boat hitting his boat due to the flow and pressure of water in
the river.

He felt bad and realized that the anger is inside his heart and mind, not letting him meditate. And before even knowing
the reason, he started blaming the men on the other boat.

Similarly, in our lives, we face extreme situations that we can figure out but not trust ourselves. The reason behind all this
is the basic nature of blaming others for suffering.

Anger management techniques and anger management therapy are the two best practices that people follow in dealing
with the anger problems as the meditating saint did.

The next part of the blog explains amazing anger management techniques by one of India’s most fantastic life coaches.

Marvelous Anger Management Techniques By
Life Coach Ritu Singal

Emotions are a fundamental phase of any person’s lifestyles, and even after their fine efforts, sometimes the emotions
start controlling them, as mentioned above. Despite knowing that anger and frustration is by no means the right response
method, people can’t help getting angry and frustrated. Although, if they do let their anger consume them, they can cease
up making errors that they regret later on.

Anger Issues can affect relationships, jobs, and health as it can take over your existence and result in depression, violence,
and suicidal feelings. Your kids, neighbors, and coworkers can additionally be at danger from uncontrolled outbursts and
erratic behavior.

So, for betterment, a person needs to master the level of their emotions and also start controlling anger. If you are
struggling with anger issues, you must get the best ever assistance through ultimate anger management techniques and
therapies that help in controlling anger issues for many people.

So check these techniques below…

Try Some Breathing Exercises

Taking deep breaths is a rapid and tremendous anger management technique. Taking deep breaths approves us to calm
down our increased heart rate and reduce the body’s stress levels. When we sense angry, our anxious chemical system’s
response is pretty similar to the fight or flight response. We experience a rush of adrenaline in our body, and more blood
flows to our limbs. In this state, we aren’t capable of assuming logically. Instead, we respond instantly. Taking deep breaths can lower the increased heart charge and normal blood pressure, decreasing stress. Taking even three deep
breaths can permit us to think logically and reply to our situations extra accordingly.

Surround Yourself with Trustworthy People

Anger can, at times, be prompted through frustration. In the world that we live in, nobody is interested to interact with
others much. In which you might feel alone and not be capable of controlling your instant outbursts. The only way to avoid
such breakdowns and outbursts is to surround yourself with people you love and care for. While it isn’t usually possible,
try to take out some time to spend with friends and family to let your frustrations disappear for a little while. If you
maintain your frustrations bottled up in your mind, you’re prone to burst very easily. Express and share whenever you feel
it necessary, and surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you.

Think About Your Desires and Objectives

Everyone has some desires they want to obtain in life. If you start performing emotionally and irrationally underneath the
impact of anger, it is fairly unlikely that you will get far. Anger can avoid your decision-making capabilities and affect you
to make incorrect choices and take regretful movements in the future. Every time you feel anger and frustration, think
about your desires and objectives, suppose about the future you choose for yourself and your family, and think logically.
This will enable you to understand the consequences of acting irrationally beneath the impact of anger, and you will be
able to avoid anger.

Analyze the Situation Psychologically

Another way to avoid getting irritated and pissed off is to learn about human psychology. You study how the human body
works when any person is angry, and you must consider the primary psychology of humans. If you are in a position to
recognize the psychological reasons in the back of your actions and behavior, you will be in a position to reply to your
situations besides getting angry.

Express Yourself Calmly

There are many ways to tackle your anger issues. One of the tremendous methods is changing your way of handling the
situation calmly with the right perspective. In an angry situation, if you are standing, sit down and lay down if you are
sitting. Take time to comprehend the situation calmly as this is one of the most effective anger management techniques.

Want To Know Other Techniques Watch This Video On Anger Management.

Conclusion – Life is very short, and anger is this short life should stand nowhere if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest.
This anger can be the reason for depression, anxiety, and many other major situations, that might take a lot of your time
thinking and blaming others rather than enjoying your life on your own. If you get stuck in the issues where you fail in
controlling anger. You must follow the above-mentioned anger management therapy and anger management techniques
to become the best version of yourself.

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