Supportive Psychological Counsellor Services with Life Coach Ritu Singal

Psychological Counselor Services 

Mankind has perhaps entered the most chaotic and fast-paced era human society has ever known. Thus, having a massively negative impact on our mental health. The need for support from a psychological counselor has never been higher than this moment.

The complexities of modern lifestyle, the pressures arising from the society, our peers and even our own family is daunting. It is no surprise that a shocking 8 out of every 10 individuals is crippling under such weights. 

Such is this world wide mental health crisis! According to WHO (World Health Organization), depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Anxiety Disorders are the most common forms of mental health disorders. 

If you are also struggling with crippling stress and facing difficulty in navigating through life’s challenges, then you have landed in the right place. As a Life Coach I can be the bridge that you need to move from your current mental health sufferings to a happier and fulfilling life.

If you want to conquer all that is holding you back and unlock your true potential, then hiring the services of a psychological counselor is the best investment you will ever make in your life.

Invest in Yourself, It Gives The Best Interest! – Life Coach Ritu Singal

I can tell you from personal experience that once we learn to overcome our fears and heal from the wounds of our past we become unstoppable and undefeatable. My own personal journey from being a housewife to an Entrepreneur after suffering a crippling loss stands testimony to it. 

So allow me to be your guide and friend as I help you come out of all the horrors that have made you a prisoner of your own mind. Just as I have helped many other individuals of varied ages by being their Life Coach. Including children who were experiencing adjustment and behavioural issues. To young adults who could not come to terms with the failures they faced in exams. 

A doctor had once advised a couple to bring their child for counselling to me as they could not control their child’s drug addiction. However, as soon as my team and I took over the case with child counselling services we were able to reach the root cause of why the child was indulging in the habit.

The youngster was struggling with their mental health and needed someone to show them empathy and make them understand logically the consequences of drug abuse. A psychological counselor knows effective tools and therapeutic interventions that go a long way in improving mental health. Something that can’t be done by parents, friends and relatives.

What Does A Psychological Counselor Do?

A psychological Counselor is well equipped in listening, and above everything, understanding individuals who are experiencing mental, emotional and behavioural challenges. Moreover, a counselor can help and guide you in comprehend your feelings.

Then teach you to effectively manage them through various techniques. This will ultimately empower you to make more positive changes in your life. Thus, living a more fulfilling life with a good mental health and emotional intelligence.

Professional Psychological Counselor

Why Should You Take Psychological Counselling?

1) Stress Reduction: There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that in today’s age and time we are all leading very stressful lives. And that is the biggest red-flag ever. Stress ends up being the root cause of various mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

This further shockingly manifests into many physical health issues too. Such as severe headaches and blood pressure issues. My team and I can help you learn ways of effectively managing stress and focusing on a more fulfilling life.

2) Emotional Wellbeing: If you feel like your mood and emotions are a roller-coaster ride. Happy one moment and upset the other? Don’t worry, I can guide you towards how to lead a more balanced life that actually lets you feel happy from within.

3) Improve Interpersonal Relationships: As humans all of us our social animals and thrive on making fulfilling personal connections. However, a lot of us often fail in maintaining those relationships long-term.

Thus, end up struggling under the pressures of fights, misunderstandings and disputes. As a psychological counselor I have assisted many people into learning the art of good communication that can dramatically improve your personal and professional relations.

4) Self-Discovery: Do you also feel lost in life? As if you don’t belong where you are right now. Or just plain feel unhappy and dissatisfied with your current life. I can tell you with personal experience that what you need is “Life Purpose”. And you are not alone, many people come to me with this problem. Through counselling I can help you understand yourself better. You will be able to uncover your own patterns and heal from any past trauma or grief that could be holding you hostage.

5) Improved Self Confidence/ Esteem: You will be amazed to see what a magnetic personality you turn into through the modalities I use to help you boost your self-confidence. You will never have to face a situation where you ever doubt your self-worth again. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

If you are ready to heal your mental health and unlock a flourishing future, contact my team today to book your session with me. Let us together embark on your journey to self -improvement today!                -Life Coach Ritu Singal

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