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Hardship drove me to be the best keynote speaker in India

Join me as I recount my challenges and how I’ve risen above them to empower others!

I, Ritu Singal, found myself questioning winners.

Throughout history, the allure of rags-to-riches tales has captured our imagination. As an observer in the audience, I often found myself gazing at those remarkable individuals who triumphed over adversity. Why couldn’t I do the same?

If they could navigate life’s challenges and reach the pinnacle of success, why couldn’t they guide others to do the same? I silently vowed to myself to become that guiding light for others. Little did I know my life would be a testament to that promise

A glimpse of trials in my life

Inspirational Keynote Speaker in India

Life’s journey has only sometimes been a smooth one for me. When my father’s business encountered financial setbacks, I took up tutoring to contribute to our family’s daily expenses. Just as we began to recover, life dealt us another blow.

My mother’s severe mental illness surfaced, leaving us all grappling with its impact. Amidst these challenges, however, I found a brief respite in love. I crossed paths with a remarkable man at an IAS institute whose qualities reminded me of my father.

Our connection blossomed into love, and he, too, went on a business venture after marriage, just like my father. In those early days, my husband said that post-marriage, my primary focus should be on our family’s well-being. It was a duty I wholeheartedly embraced, raising our two daughters with utmost devotion.

Here’s where my story of life coach & keynote speaker started to unfold.

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

The life of a businessman’s spouse is often romanticized, but the truth is far more complex. People perceive us as luxurious lives, where servants cater to our every need, and luxury knows no bounds. They assume that minor setbacks are nothing to us. Yet, a single business deal gone awry can carry immense weight.

Each transaction can involve millions of rupees, and profits earned get reinvested to sustain countless employees’ livelihoods. The process demands securing loans, a risky endeavor where one bad move  can spell disaster.

The disaster that led me to be a keynote speaker in India

Motivational Keynote Speaker in India

Indeed, my husband pursued a 40 crore loan for a leather business venture to tap into the competitive Chinese market. However, fierce price competition pushed us to the brink. Concurrently, legal battles were waged against my husband’s prior business ventures, exacerbating our financial strain.

The initial 40 crore debt ballooned to an overwhelming 60 crore. The pressure bore down on my husband, his mental well-being deteriorating rapidly. In April 2007, I received the devastating news of his suicide, marking the second time I had lost a loved one to mental anguish. Little did I know that this was the formation of a life coach & keynote speaker in India.

Disaster creates more disasters.

 As shattered as I was, a newfound resolve ignited within me. Despite the darkness that had engulfed my life, I knew I could rise above the odds.It is this phase where the universe motivated me to be a keynote speaker in India.

After my husband’s passing, I anticipated condolences and support from those around me. Instead, I faced threats from within the family, navigating court battles and grappling with the remnants of a failing business.

The world seemed to conspire against me. Many assumed my lack of knowledge about the company would lead to surrender. But deep within, a fire burned – determined to prove them all wrong.

I embarked on a journey of learning and growth, immersing myself in every facet of the business. I engaged with employees, absorbing knowledge step by step, and even ventured alone into male-dominated business events, determined to comprehend every nuance.This was just the beginning of a life coach.

The development of a business/life coach in me

My first step involved ending corrupt elements within our business circles, a decision met with skepticism and warnings of potential consequences. Determined, I pressed on. Then, focusing on the real estate segment, I reimagined property designs, resulting in swift sales.

The road was arduous, characterised by leaps of faith and tenacity, but I was steadfast in my determination to resurrect our enterprise. It might sound straightforward, but the weight of that 60 crore loan remained an unyielding burden.

However, I harnessed the lessons learned from my struggles, channeling them into a higher purpose. Having witnessed the toll of mental illness on loved ones, I advocated for positive mental health.


Experienced Keynote Speaker in India

I transformed from an adversity-stricken survivor to a certified life coach, equipped to guide individuals through the challenges of their careers, personal lives, and businesses. My journey had bestowed upon me the tools to empower others. I would call this as the life coach  getting her final shape.

Good Karma from good actions

The culmination of my efforts yielded unforeseen recognition – the title of “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.” This accolade was a testament to my unwavering resolve and the distance I had traveled.

I was invited to numerous speaking engagements, positioned as a keynote speaker in India for diverse settings, from college campuses to corporate seminars and international forums. Through these platforms, I endeavoured to infuse positivity, resilience, and transformative energy into the lives of countless individuals.

Reflecting upon the trajectory of my life, I recognize that a substantial portion of our lives is spent within the realm of work. Paradoxically, this is also where many individuals experience the most significant discontentedness, often a constant in professional lives and hurts general well-being. My ambition centres around altering this narrative.

I want to cultivate an environment where individuals derive genuine joy and satisfaction from their work. This change will lead to things that have never been done before. My engagements as a keynote speaker in India  have provided a forum to share this belief, resonating with audiences profoundly.

A new journey of a life coach, career counsellor

My journey has encompassed over 50 speaking engagements, each an opportunity to touch lives, spark change, and inspire action. If you share the vision of a transformed work culture characterised by fulfilment and boundless potential, consider inviting me to speak at your event. 

Empowering Keynote Speaker in India

Together, we can forge a path toward a world where passion fuels success and individuals thrive. In conclusion, my life’s journey has been perseverance, transformation, and empowerment. I have transitioned from an audience member captivated by success stories to a beacon of hope, guiding others through adversity.

The struggles that once threatened to break me have become the foundation upon which I build a better future for myself and everyone whose path I cross. I am the keynote speaker in India  every struggling person needs. If you also want to experience transformation in your life and business, contact me through this website immediately.

Ritu singal