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Sharpen Your Learning Skills With Coaching

Each day we hear many things about learning and how important it is for humans. Learning is the supreme power that drives humans successful, independent, and logical.

At its most basic, it opens new avenues and experiences for people. We can only grow in life if we have the gist to learn from anything and everything that happens around us.

However, many people visit me with the complaint that their child is unable to learn properly. Not only this, many people in their 20s or 30s have the same learning problems as well. 

I believe children are like water they take the shape of the container they are put in. Learning for children is not limited to schools they learn from everything they encounter, whether playing with toys, mud, observing people, or reading stories. They are open to experiment and learn new skills each day.

On the other hand, when it comes to humans, the excitement and zeal to learn new things somehow fade with time. They find it hard to remember and recapture events as they are so bored of everything around them.

Once there was a saint who had years of practice. He was asked by a young man who was his idol or guru. To this the saint replied, if I start telling you my gurus, the day will end but the list won’t. He said he had thousands of gurus from where he has learned many skills.

One such guru was a thief. The saint was lost in the woods when he found a man running towards him. He asked the man the directions for a place where he could stay. The thief asked him to come and stay at his place. The saint agreed. Every night the saint would leave his house to do robbery and come home with nothing.

Each day the saint would ask, “ Was your mission accomplished?” 

The thief would happily reply, “Not today, but I’m sure tomorrow it will work.”

Months passed, but nothing worked. However, the will and positivity of the thief never changed. He would each day again go with a positive mindset. The saint said he learned patience and consistency from this thief.

In this way, the saint told us that if we have a will to learn, humans can learn from everything and every person around them.

Why is it hard for some people to learn?

Many teachers and parents believe that the main reason why some students are unable to learn is because of their learning style or approach towards learning. 

The belief is that if a person approaches a subject from an analytical and logical point of view, then they would be able to grasp the concept much more easily than those who approach it from an emotional approach.

However, this is not true; what needs to be understood here is that certain problems are present in the way some students learn, and when these problems are taken care of, the learning process itself will become easier for them.

Here are some possibilities that why some students are unable to learn:

  1.   Lack of motivation

One of the main reasons why some people are unable to learn is because of their lack of motivation. Most of them give up easily on the first day of class because they were not able to put in the extra effort required to learn the subject. 

What is required of them is to make sure that they set aside time every day of the week where they can sit down and learn as much as they can. 

Some of the other reasons why some students are unable to learn include poor academic performance, the wrong teaching method, and inappropriate teaching tools. 

  1.   Poor self-image as learners

Resistance by some students to the expectations of learning activities, such as having a poor self-image as learners or not knowing the importance of learning objectives is inevitable. It comes in several forms, such as not enjoying the learning activities, fear of the unfamiliar, incompatibility of preferred teaching methods and learning styles, and resistance to learning outside the classroom. 

Yet, you can diminish its effects if you understand the reasons for their resistance. Some of these are difficulty in reaching the goal, the time commitment of engaging in the activity, the concept of learning as doing, or the concept of education, and the idea of success, individualism, or groupthink. 

  1.   Disjunction between learning and teaching styles

The disjunction between learning and teaching styles is often encountered at the early learning stage when children are unable to concentrate on the lessons because they are overwhelmed with information coming in from different sources. This situation calls for a critical-thinking style in which teachers can guide the children towards achieving academic success by removing all the unnecessary information and redirecting them towards the relevant information.

In this scenario, both the teacher and the students are required to use different modes of communication so that the interaction remains a clear one and no strain or confusion ensues. It is the ideal scenario, but it is quite difficult to achieve as different people have different learning styles. 

  1.   Students dislike teachers

Students dislike teachers just because most of them are not good communicators. But it’s not the teacher’s fault. It is more like students dislike their teachers for not listening or not caring enough about their needs. It seems to be a never-ending dilemma – students unable to learn, teachers unable to teach. 

In order to avoid such situations, it is important to first understand how students process information, how teachers can help them, and what are the tools available to improve communication skills in the classroom. 

  1.   Fear of the unknown

Are you often afraid of trying something new? Do you find yourself afraid to ask for help in any way? Do you find that in order to do something, you fear that you might mess it up somehow? Often, when we fear new things, we are afraid of trying them out first. Students like doing things they already know and try to avoid new things because they are afraid.

What can you do to acquire new skills and knowledge effectively?

There are five basic things that a person needs in order to acquire new skills throughout his or her life.

  • Right Mindset: The first thing that any person needs to learn new skills is the right mindset. People need to change the mentality where they think of learning new things as a task and not a necessity. The right attitude towards learning will help you explore new aspects of life.


  • Discipline: Discipline or I can say, self-discipline is what lacks in most people today. They do not want to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. To learn a new thing, you need focus and determination. Learn to discipline yourself and see the change in your learning process.


  • Organization: Another skill that most people lack is organization. If you are sitting at a clumsy table, full of books, papers, pens, and other distractions, you’ll learn nothing. As it is said, “A Clear table means a clear mind.” Organize things around you so that you can focus and learn easily.
  • Time-Management: Most people keep on delaying their process because they think they have too much time. Today is what you have and today is exactly what you need. If you want to learn something, start today and set a routine to study or learn something each day.


  • Motivation: Self-motivation is all it takes to change your life. Many people have all the resources that they need to learn but lack motivation. On the other hand, many people have the motivation but lack resources. To be able to learn new things, the first thing you need is motivation. If you are motivated enough to learn, you’ll always find your way.

How does learning skills coaching help?

The ability to learn and acquire new skills allows a person to systematically solve any problem, or to overcome difficulties in their lives. People hardly accept that they need learning skills coaching because they are too arrogant about being knowledgeable about everything.

I remember once a 10-year-old child’s parents came to me for counseling. They were distressed and confused as their child was very dull in studies. They would spend their hard-earned money to provide him with the best education, but he would still not learn anything.

The child discussed his concerns with his parents many times, but the parents remained ignorant because they were too ashamed to accept that their child had learning issues.

However, as years passed by, things got worse, and after four years of struggle with the child, they decided to get him counseled. The child visited me, and he was such a charming kid. I started his coaching, and we both worked together to bring the best out of him. This child, today, is doing great not only in academics but also in sports.

Learning skills coaching can be highly helpful to anyone who is struggling with any issues at any age. It is not only for children but also adults.

Why choose our learning skills coaching?

Our learning skills coaching is full of fun and surprises. We make it an informative journey for all our clients. I use innovative tricks and techniques that help people revive their childhood learning abilities. So much so that many of my clients today have a completely different perspective towards learning new things.

Learning Skills With Coaching

Our coaching focuses on many aspects of learning. Our primary focus lies on:

  • Goal Setting

Any learning process begins with a goal. If your goals are clear and achievable, then no one can stop you from achieving them. I can help you identify your goals, analyze your current situation, and locate the problems in the path of your success. These goals are not only about studies but other day-to-day life activities.

  • Change In Habits

 The most arduous part for anyone to develop a new skill is the formation of new habits. I help clients with self-motivation, discipline, organization, and a healthy lifestyle. As your habits start to change, your viewpoint will also transform.

  • Filtering your options

We, as humans, carry loads of information in our heads. Excess of everything is bad. This extra knowledge sometimes hinders our grit of learning. In our coaching, we make sure nothing distracts you, and so we find exactly what you need in this mess. We filter and process only that information that is necessary for you. 

As I always say, “Learning is everywhere.” You need the right mindset and open approach to acquire and gain knowledge from every flower and insect in this world.

If you or someone around you is facing difficulty with learning, contact us today to get coaching on improving your learning skills.

Ritu singal