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Master Mind Clarity with Guided Counselling

The Japanese say you have three faces. You show the world your first face. The second face is the one you present to your closest friends and relatives. You never reveal the third face to someone. It is the most accurate representation of who you are. You need to know who you are at your heart. 

What you really are, not what the rest of the world thinks of you or what you think of yourself. You ought to be more conscious of your own strengths and weaknesses. You will better yourself by working towards being who you truly want to be until you realise who you are and what you truly want.

Whatever change you want to make, the first thing you must do is turn your mind and begin to focus your thoughts (and to have less thoughts).

What you think about a lot becomes your life (and how you habitually feel). This is a multi-step process for the majority of citizens. There are numerous processes and strategies that can be very beneficial, depending on where you are now and how much negativity you have.

The first step is to envision yourself as a new person

Most people struggle with this because, even though they want anything, it doesn’t seem or appear real if it is completely different. Don’t worry about whether your new vision is believable or not; you can be, do, or have anything; all you have to do is process the mental obstacles that stand in your path. Some individuals have higher levels of mental resistance than others.

The next step for some people, particularly those who have been through a lot of trauma or disappointment, is to forgive themselves and their past. Things in your life will change very quickly after you’ve completed this fully (or mostly).

Empowering women for the future

The process of becoming stronger and more secure, especially in controlling one’s life and asserting one’s rights, is one concept of empowerment. This description does not mean that an individual lacks power; rather, it suggests that they are enhancing their current power.

We all have some power within us; nevertheless, women are perceived to have less power than men. This is a message that people hear until they become women; we hear it at nursery and then every day until we are women, which is why words like women’s empowerment are essential.

We need to teach young children, both boys and girls, what it means to have control and how to accept it in order to boost women’s empowerment. We must teach all children that it is acceptable to wield power and to respect the power of others. When we teach these lessons to children at a young age, they become ingrained in their minds, and they gain trust.

We may help women overcome their feelings of powerlessness by promoting self-development. We should empower women to begin with self-awareness and self-examination

What do you mean by empowerment?

The effort to make people self-sufficient or self-reliant is known as empowerment. The process of encouraging children and adolescents to take control of their lives is known as youth empowerment. It includes evaluating their current situation and then taking measures to enhance their resource access, turn their consciousness, and change their views, attitudes, and values. Overall, it seeks to raise the standard of living and make life more enjoyable.

My Buddhist practices and striving for the happiness of others are two of my interests. It’s my backbone, my life. I used to be a depressed person who had suicidal thoughts. It aided my growth as a human being by teaching me real life philosophy and a way of life. Because of the change it caused inside me, I am alive today, I smile, and I am successful. It essentially gave me more control as a human being. I was a stay-at-home mom with two daughters. My husband was overwhelmed by adversity and committed suicide. I was left with two children, ages 8 and 13, as well as 60 crores in loans and over a hundred cases. I was able to empower my life so much as a result of this ideology that I was awarded the Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award.

Why do you need a life coach to empower you?

You don’t have to sacrifice your skills or dreams. With careful preparation and effort, you can live the life you want. With empowerment coaching, making choices becomes simpler. You’ll know exactly what you want and be able to trust yourself like you’ve never trusted yourself before.

  • A coach can assist you in making major improvements on your own terms. It’s all about laying out your future vision. The coach assists you in putting your dreams into reality.
  • You’ll learn to appreciate and care for yourself. Rest and recreation will become increasingly important to you. This makes your life more enjoyable.
  • Develop a close bond with your inner abilities. You will improve yourself with the aid of an empowerment coach. Your aspirations are important.

Life Coach in India

Follow your passion to stay motivated

Hobbies keep your mind active and allow you to be more creative. You can increase your productivity. Dust off the chess board, plant something, dance, paint, sing, or do something else you love. Find three hobbies: one that will make you money, one that will keep you in shape, and one that will allow you to be creative.

Meditate and think less

The next step is to teach yourself to think less, which is something that meditation will help you with. You will gain fresh inspiration when you think less. The majority of people are oblivious to the distinction between motivation and thought. Thinking is the act of looking through what you already know; creativity is the act of being open to new ways of being and doing things. 

This is when you should really let your imagination run wild. When you are able to do this, you will be inspired to go buy a book, maybe write a song, go somewhere where you can have a discussion that is compatible with your goals, or hundreds of other things that can quickly lead you to your new self.

Personality development counselling is a developmental and strength-based mechanism through which the counsellor supports the client – whether an individual, a couple, or a family – through changes and transitions.

With its verdict understanding and focus on self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-actualization, India has always been at the forefront of personality counselling. Modern life coaches and attitude counsellors who have been trained in science tools and techniques may combine ancient wisdom with modern tools and techniques to offer answers to even the most conservative of people.

Final words

Personality counsellors must exercise extreme caution since each person has a distinct personality. Some of their qualities are more vocal and assertive than others, even though they have the same personality style.

Each therapy session is a tightrope walk, with the ability to derail the entire process if the wrong “buttons” are pushed at any time. A counselor’s expertise, training, experience, and empathy are required when working with personality disorders and making an individual more appropriate to society. If you feel low and want someone to empower you, then I, Ritu Singal can be your guide, advisor and a friend to help you achieve the confidence for a positive living.

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