Mental Coaching -Your Path To Excellence-

Mental Coaching -Your Path To Excellence

For your ease of understanding, mental coaching is a process especially designed to transform your whole life with the power of your mind. May it be your mental or physical resilience, emotional intelligence, or your problem solving abilities.

This dynamic process empowers you to break internal barriers, overcome your deep-set insecurities/ shortcomings and developing a growth mentality. A healthy life that is optimized for all areas, including, academics, career, relationship and personal growth.

Before we move on to anything else, I need to remind you of one very important factor. We as humans are living in a very cut-throat, fast and over powering world. Thus, feeling like your mental health is taking a toll is completely normal.

It is OKAY to not feel okay. The only thing that is not okay is feeling scared or ashamed of seeking help. The years of stigmas being attached to mental health related issues has made it is difficult for us to accept this as part and parcel of life.

So if you ever find yourself experiencing the urge of typing “mental health counseling near me”. Then save yourself the trouble and let me, Life Coach Ritu Singal, hold your hand and guide you out of this dark patch of your life.

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What A Mental Wellness Coach Does ?

One of the biggest issues that we are facing in today’s daunting age is disconnection with self. This could be due to many reasons. Some of them dating as far back as our childhood. In fact, according to researchers, childhood trauma is the leading contributing factor to mental health.

Problems like low self-confidence/ low self-esteem, anxiety, fears, inability to handle challenges or make decisions can have strong links to how we were treated as children. 

But the good news is, mental counseling from an experienced coach can help you overcome those old patterns that have been holding you back.  The following three points are what we will aim at mastering together.

  1. Managing Emotions
  2. Changing Negative Thought Patterns
  3. Improving Communication Skills
  4. Breaking Unhealthy Repetitive Patterns
  5. Increasing Mindfulness
  6. Reducing Stress
  7. Managing Anxiety
  8. Detaching From Limiting Beliefs
  9. Creating A Positive Self Image
  10. Connecting With Your True Path

A mental wellness coach will not only listen to you and be your support system, they will also be your voice of reason. Most people are afraid of owning up their shortcomings. But acknowledgement and acceptance is the first step towards solving the problem.

Thus, mental coaching willempower you to take responsibility and accountability of your actions as well as inactions. Once you have address what you lack or what needs to be changes, your counselor will be able to best assist you in coming up with the most suited plan of action towards upping your game and unleashing your winning edge. So take your winning shot and hit the search engine for “mental health counseling near me” for immediate help.

Benefits of Mental Coaching 

Understanding the advantages that you will reap from taking up mental counseling will put you one step closer to tapping into your truest potential.

Stress Reduction: One of the biggest problem that society as a whole is struggling with is stress. According to the latest survey reports, stress levels have increased by a startling 13% in the 26-35 age group. Similarly, a 14% hike was noticed in the 36-45 age bracket. As a mental wellness coach, I will help you with bringing down your stress, anxiety and other emotional imbalances.

Self-Acceptance: Honestly speaking, there needs to be more conversation around this topic. Our inability to accept ourselves for who we are is the biggest contributing factor to unhappiness. The unrealistic standards that society has created are impossible to live up to.

In every sphere, from physical appearance to choice of spoken language to materialism. The first thing I will teach you is to love yourself for everything that you are. And that alone will uplift you 10 folds from where you are today. 

Positive Mindset: I will guide you towards making better life choices by coming out of a negative mindset. We will achieve this task by using a number of mindfulness techniques and activities that will bring your focus back to the positives of life and help you step up in a more abundant head space.

Improved Relationships: This is perhaps one area that we all struggle with. Maintaining a healthy balance in relationships is hard. And when we can’t do that then we experience deep suffering and pain, due to the emotional distress. I will teach you the art of healthy communication, as well as comprehension.

Which will enable you to maintain a healthy relationship with your loved ones. Listening and understanding are really underrated skills. Thus, mastering them will put in a more empathetic state and bring you closer to your dear ones.

Unhealthy Addictions: When we hear the word addiction, our mind automatically goes to alcohol or drugs. But those are not the only addictions we tackle in life. Procrastination, wasting time endlessly scrolling social media, binging on food, even over exercising.

They are all forms of addiction. It is just you using them to fill that empty space inside you where purpose and ambition should be. I, as your mental coach will train you on how to refrain from deviating from your goals.

So if you are ready to overcome these obstacles in life, then don’t waste any more time. Reach out to me and your team to book a slot for consultation today!

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