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Gain An Undisturbed Focus Of Mind

Are you unable to focus on your day to day activities? Many of us have been stuck on the same task for hours because we cannot focus on one activity.

In today’s time, everything is moving at such a fast pace that we constantly feel lost somewhere. We try to achieve everything and try to complete everything in one go. It leaves us even more baffled and out of sight.

Do you often experience blended feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, anxiousness, or unorganized thoughts? You are doing one task, and something hits your mind and wastes another hour.

Since childhood, our parents and teachers would numerous times ask us to pay attention. However, now that we’ve grown up, we even need someone who would continuously bring us out of the loop of our thoughts. 

Being a mother of two daughters, I know how arduous it gets to help the child gain focus and concentrate well on their work. One of my close friends’ daughters had concentration issues in childhood. While she was still young, she would easily get distracted from small things. For example, if anyone talked to anyone, or if a dog barked outside. Most of the time her teachers would complain that she doesn’t pay attention to the lectures.

Initially, her parents ignored thinking all kids are immature and unattentive. However, as she grew her problem increased even more. Her loss of focus was reflected in her marks, activities, and way of living.

Later, her parents decided to get her counsel. As they visited me, I started her counseling. With calculated techniques and teachings, the improvement in her was visible in two weeks. She is now doing great in her career and never faced concentration issues ever again.

With technology, social media, and devices, we get distracted with every ping we receive. Kids’ attention spans these days are terrible. The problem somehow lies in multitasking. People listen to music while working or chat while studying. It leads to disrupted focus.


What is the focus of the mind?

The focus of the mind is the ability to concentrate completely on one activity. It is the activity of doing anything with 100% attention. A person who attains focus of mind does not get distracted from what is happening around them.

Focusing on a specific task is like focusing on your vision. If you make the decision of focusing on something, your brain starts to process this information to tell you what you should focus on.

This type of focus is attained by a disciplined lifestyle. You need to frequently remind yourself as you get distracted. Once you do the same thing again and again, it becomes a habit. If you’ll keep on reminding yourself about focusing, you’ll get a better focus.


Why do people lose focus?

Losing focus, again and again, is undesirable. We complete a 10 minutes task in 2 hours due to breaking focus. We all know, one of the prime reasons for losing focus is the swarms of distractions around us. It can be music playing somewhere, someone talking near you, or your phone messages.

In fact, people these days do not even leave their phones while they are eating. Texting under the table has become a habit for many. Lack of focus leads to demotion at your job. People will overtake you because of your interrupted approach.


  • Distracted Mind: One of the main reasons for losing focus is your habit of doing unnecessary things. We often ignore the crucial tasks and accomplish the not-so-important things. 


  • Delaying Tasks: A distracted mind will always delay things. You will be focussing on other stuff, but not the main work at hand. You, basically, negatively use your focussing skills. 


  • Poor Decision-Making: Another significant reason for losing focus is the lack of decisiveness. Most of the time, we are unable to decide what is best for us. We do not create the right plan because of our poor decision-making skills. The more bad decisions we make, the more we’ll be uninterested in doing a task.


  • Overthinking: Spending too much time on consequences and worrying about things that are yet to happen causes people to lose focus and get lost in thoughts. Lack of motivation can hinder your progress in every aspect. 


  • Lack of Sleep: What I have seen in today’s generation as a major cause of concentration issues is the lack of adequate sleep. The sleeping habits of today’s generation are scary. 


They stay awake the entire night and sleep in the daytime. Our body functions well on certain mechanisms. If it does not get proper rest, our brain starts functioning badly. An unhealthy lifestyle makes us less productive and results in poor performance. In fact, sleeplessness makes an individual absent-minded at times. Other than this, the immune system of the body also weakens.


  • Cluttered workplace: A person can never work with a clear mind in an unclear area. If your workplace table or study table is messed up with stuff you’d probably not need, then you will obviously lose focus again and again. Your heart will obviously like to read the magazine on the table, even if you are running out of time.


Common excuses for losing focus

While we know we are bad at focus, we still tend to make excuses to cover our shortcomings. Being a life coach, a mother, and an entrepreneur, I instantly understand when someone is only using excuses to get rid of the real problem.

If you see yourself or anyone around you using these words to blow off the blame of being unproductive, then you know what the real issue is.

Here are some reasons people give to compensate for their lack of focus:

  • I feel sleepy.
  • I’m not well today.
  • I had a break-up.
  • I don’t feel myself.
  • I didn’t have my coffee this morning.
  • I was just checking the weather on my phone.
  • I got hooked on the song.
  • I was just taking a small work break
  • And many more.

Most of the time, these reasons are just to ignore the conversation that may follow. In some cases, however, the person might be saying the truth.


How to get the focus of the mind?

Now comes the critical part. How do we gain lost focus? 

There are a lot of ways in which you can use self-discipline to help your mind concentrate. However, if you feel none of them works for you, you might need the help of a life coach.

Some ways to improve the focus of mind are:

  • Stop Over Analysing: Unnecessary thoughts are a major cause of this problem. These thoughts are generated when you keep on analyzing things and situations to the core. It makes you postpone crucial tasks and focus on unnecessary things.


  • Healthy Lifestyle: To rediscover your lost focus, you need to follow a positive lifestyle. Getting proper sleep and healthy food is the best investment in health. You should also indulge yourself in some type of physical activity, like walking, jogging, etc.


  • Start taking firm decisions: You can start by taking small life decisions. Gradually, you’ll get more confident about the decisions you take, and then you may make bigger decisions. Once you have confidence in your decisions, you’ll be more focused.


  • Avoid gadgets: Gadgets and social media are the prime reasons for losing concentration. You cannot completely shut down your devices in a day. You can, however, limit their usage. Do not keep your gadgets near when accomplishing an important task.


  • Declutter your surroundings: The clear your surroundings will be, the clearer your thoughts and focus would be. Your desk should only have useful stuff and no unnecessary items. You’ll see significant changes when you eliminate unwanted stuff.


Why our focus on mind counselling service?


Talk To Ritu Singal

Being a life coach, I have helped many of my clients from kids to elders gain concentration. Many people who visit me, often complain of taking extra time for completing the same task that others do in minutes.

There are many causes of why people are unable to concentrate. In fact, it starts at a very young age, but people often tend to ignore it. People do not prefer to take action unless it starts disturbing their routine life.

I use many constructive ways to help clients attain their lost focus. One should never avoid this feeling. It is very critical to get back to the track of concentration.

Once you gain focus, you’ll see tremendous changes in your life. You’ll be achieving new heights in life.

If you or your loved ones are facing trouble concentrating, then consult us today.

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