Top corporate counselling tips for workplace success

Corporate counselling
Home > Blog Though the Indian middle class has typically been averse to the idea of entrepreneurship, things took a turn in the 90s in the wake of big bang economic reforms. The reforms helped unleash the hitherto hidden entrepreneurial spark among sizeable sections of people. The trend became more…

Your Guide to Startup Ideas and Execution

startup ideas by business coach ritu singal
Home > Blog A startup is something we have all dreamt of establishing. At some point in time, we have had some killer startup ideas, but no clue how to follow them. There are many reasons why people shift to business or startups. They can either be bored of their…

Time Management in Workplace

time management
Home > Blog Do you miss deadlines?  Do you often forget meetings?  Are you staying unproductive the whole day? Or Do you keep on looking at the watch to see the clock tick 5? Well, time passes slowly when you’re doing something you don’t like. However, when you have tonnes…

How to choose the next career move?

career plans
Home > Blog When it comes to making career choices, we all get confused. It might seem or feel like I’m the only one who does not know what to do with life. However, each one of us goes through such phases in life.   Life is unpredictable. We might…

Zoom Fatigue: A New Problem for Students and Adults

Zoom Fatigue
Home > Blog Zoom meetings and zoom calls have become a part of our lives now. In unprecedented times like these, we are connected to our offices and institutes through Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.   There has been a lot of emphasis on screen time and how to…

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