Parent Children Relationship – Life Coach Ritu Singal

Home > Blog In this blog, you will learn how to develop a parent children relationship, along with the definition, importance, benefits, and problems of parent child relationships. They Say… ‘Behind Every Child, Who Believes In Himself, Is A Parent Who Believed Him First’ Just like the above-statement, a parent-child…

Your Guide to Stress-Free Parenting

Home > Blog The dictionary definition of parenting is ‘the capacity to provide for the development of their children; the exercise of individual responsibility and the dependence of the child on both adults (parents) and other people.’  The idea of having a healthy relationship between parents and children is critical…

Why Hiring the Wrong People Can Kill Your Startup’s Growth?

Home > Blog Dreams Gone Sour Start-ups are an infectious lot – a single one can begin a great many, which in turn, can trigger many more to spring up.  And with ample funding opportunities available from Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Private Equity players, it’s not surprising that in…

How to write a job-winning resume?

job interview
Home > Blog Does your resume keep getting rejected? It happens to a lot of people. You see them pitching their resumes to a huge pile of companies and yet, they don’t get the job. So what’s the deal? A lot of people have the same resume, but it doesn’t…

Set Your Small Business Up For Success In the Long Run

Small Business
Home > Blog Your Small Business has to be on top of its game to be successful. When operating a small business, sometimes it’s easy to let the technical side of things slip as you concentrate on delivering your product. Yet remaining on top of matters is key to ensuring…

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