Life Coaching: Your Key To A Life Full of Life

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Life Coaching: Your Key To A Life Full of Life

On the zig-zag paths of life, we often find ourselves surrounded by total darkness, with there being no lamp post to guide our path. If only we had a flicker of light to illuminate our path, our journey would become much easier.  In fact, each of us holds so much dormant power within that needs to be let out. All that we need is just a little nudge, a bit of direction, some support, a little coaching, and we can expect the greatest things to happen right before us.

With multiple pressures and obligations, we often feel overwhelmed and anxious. The pressures mount, putting more burden on shoulders that can’t bear another ounce. Yet, we soldier on unrelentingly in the hope of a better tomorrow.  We move on and face all the curveballs that life throws at us. Consequently, our life suffers, its quality declines, we fail and again embrace the comfort of the status quo.

That’s why we all need a good life coach at some point in time. It’s difficult to explore the unexplored possibilities when we’re so used to working in a “safe” zone and aren’t ready to venture out of it.

Who’s a life coach?

We all know about sports coaches who mould sportspeople into champions. Our favourite athletes wouldn’t be where they are today without their exceptional sports coaches. In fact, India has had a rather highly revered ancient gurushishya (master-pupil) relationship in many domains. Remember Eklavya, who coveted archery training under Guru Dronacharya? But it’s not only sports, in our profession or business or even life, but we also seek guidance from some experienced mentors. Such mentors help us navigate tumultuous times to let us focus on our goals and dreams. But not everyone is lucky enough to have access to such a mentor. That’s where a life coach enters the picture.

A life coach guides you through life’s most difficult times to help you – see things differently, refine your approach and achieve your dreams. Often, we suffer from a blinkered vision and unless an objective third-party points them to us, we fail to notice the things that hold us back, personally and professionally.

Depending on your needs, you may seek a life coach to help improve your business, health or relationships. Frequently, such a coach may work on multiple facets of your life as they are all connected to your well-being.

In order to become a Certified Professional Life Coach, one needs to undergo extensive training in asking the right questions, communicating effectively and getting to the heart of your needs and desires.

For whom?

Life coaching isn’t restricted to under-achievers or crisis-ridden people. It can equally well help those running a successful business, who are healthy and have good relationships. Life coaches know there is always room for more in their clients’ lives and thus, they work with all types of clients.

Anyone who wants more tomorrow than they have today Needs a Life Coach and should consider life coaching. Typically, life coaching clients are ambitious people wanting to improve output and growth and to do them quickly. Therefore, we have business leaders, creative types, actors, entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, managers, professionals, small business owners and others using the services of a life coach.

What do Life Coaches do?

Life coaches help you create an actionable plan to attain life goals by inspiring and guiding you. They help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and also encourage you to leverage your strengths to address your concerns, thereby helping you enjoy a fuller, meaningful and empowering life.

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Life coaches’ work domain includes:

  1. Identifying goals and creating a successful vision
  2. Formulating plans for professional and personal growth
  3. Identifying beliefs that hold you back
  4. Working towards financial independence
  5. Achieving work-life balance
  6. Effective communication
  7. Forging a more powerful professional and personal connection
  8. Improving relationships
  9. Professional advancement/ promotion
  10. Weight loss / fitness
  11. Setting up a new business /  or growing an old one
  12. Handling  important life/business transition

The coach-client relationship is more of a creative partnership than being a one-way street. After your first meeting with a life coach, you will be able to:

  1. Create a vision for what you want
  2. Use your coach’s expertise to modify goals as per needs
  3. Facilitate your self-discovery and growth
  4. Nurture strategies as per your goals, personality and vision
  5. Foster accountability for higher productivity

 A life coach has the essential ability to be non-judgmental and can ask questions to help you find solutions to the challenges you face. A Certified Professional Life Coach is duly trained to enable this process.

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Life Coaching and You

Life coaching is important because you and your dreams are important. Chasing your dreams, building the foundations of a new venture growing it or motivating yourself to overcome insecurities — each one is a monumental task with its own challenges. Life coaching helps us cushion every fall, elevate us and motivate us to keep going on.

Life coaching changes “I want” to “I have” and “I should” to “I am”.


You need to have a life coach if you’re serious about success but

  1. You don’t know where and how to start

There are times when we are clueless as to where to begin. Of course, we would like to achieve something, but we are too helpless to start. Big goals can often overwhelm us.  Getting clarity about things amidst this helplessness is difficult. In such cases, the person concerned needs a life coach to assess the personal situation and help take action towards dream fulfilment.

  1. You lack a clear vision

Often, we feel we are living our lives according to others’ wishes. We do have goals, but they’re not our choice, which leads to a lack of clarity in vision. Being confused, we are unable to have a clear vision of life.

A life coach can be of great help in such a situation. He/she can help you become clear about what you want. Looking at things from a worn-out perspective for years makes your thinking quite predictable, making you think on the same old lines. But a life coach can help you develop a fresh, new perspective of looking at things.

  1. You feel hopeless and gone

If you feel totally lost or hopeless, you may seek out a life coach. In such a case, it becomes a necessity to have someone to elevate you. The life coach can help you regain the lost confidence and push you closer to your dreams.

  1. Limiting self-beliefs hold you back

Our limiting self-beliefs often prevent us from following through with things in life because such beliefs hold us back. A life coach can be instrumental in identifying such limiting beliefs, thereby helping you go forward.

For instance, if you’ve been told all your life that you can’t have a chiselled body, and you also believe it to be true, how can you ever develop such a body in reality? This belief will override your ability to actually do it. In such situations, a life coach can help you identify and overcome such limiting beliefs.

  1. The passion is gone

God forbid, you may have seen a big setback in your personal or professional life, which took away all your passion for life. With all the passion and spark gone, you certainly need someone to help move you along. That someone can help identify the issues you face today and the past events that have led to it. Unless it is done, getting the passion back can be difficult.

  1. You have trouble achieving goals

Achieving goals is hard for most of us. Not only is goal setting difficult, but following through with them is even more difficult. A life coach can help you define your goals and find powerful reasons for you to achieve them.

Besides, a life coach can give you a fresh perspective on the reasons behind your failure to achieve big goals in the past. He/she can reorganize your life to empower you and make you accountable by being with you to ensure you see things through.

  1. You’re overwhelmed with anxiety and stress

Though we all learn a lot from failures, having them as a frequent theme in life is no picnic. Given our responsibilities related to work, family and social life, we often become stressed. Not a good feeling! A life coach can offer the perspective and help to help you get over such disheartening emotions.

  1. Everything in life is in a mess

God forbid, if you have a troubled marriage, bad health, a shattered career or finances, it’s hard to make it through tough times. So whether it’s finances, health, relationships, career or business, we often find it hard to see through the fog of complexities.

So, if you feel your entire life is in complete disarray, you may be in drastic need of a coach to navigate such difficult times. But a life coach can help you cross the seas of sorrow to reach the shores of hope.

  1. You are sidetracked by time-wasters

Getting sidetracked in life is as easy as we all have bad habits. These bad habits are hard to quit, making it difficult to manage time to make progress. These time-wasters can debilitate us totally from within and prevent us from achieving anything in life.

A life coach can help you improve your life at so many levels including your habits {click here to read our latest blog on “Get All Your Problems Solved with the Best Life Coach“}. Considering the fact that habits guide most of our behaviour, good habits can create a path to discipline and achievement.

  1. Lack of support for your dreams

Without the support of those around you, it’s difficult to focus on our goals. With your friends and family not supporting you, losing sight of the bigger picture is common. It’s quite natural as dealing with negativity from all around us stops our progress and forward movement.

Enter a life coach and he/she can be your support system, no matter what. A life coach’s experience and knowledge is invaluable instrument to help you achieve your goals.


Though life coaching can get you substantial results, it isn’t for everyone. We must understand what a life coach doesn’t do. Here are a few scenarios in which life coaching may not work:

  1. Instantaneous results

If you’re looking for an instant transformation, you are barking the wrong tree. Like building a business and making your masterpiece life, this one needs time and commitment to give results.

  1. Mental health

It’s important to remember that life coaches are not therapists or psychologists. They are trained to ask questions and help you examine your mindset and overcome obstacles, but they can’t treat problems like depression or anxiety, which may be the cause/ precipitating factor behind some of your problems. In such cases, it’s better to see a psychotherapist/psychologist.

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