Sibling Rivalry: ‘What To Do?’ and ‘What Not To Do?’

sibling rivalry
Home > Blog Sibling rivalry is often a battle between two kids of a similar nature. Whether blood-based or not, sibling rivalry can develop into a nasty game of sibling chess where each sibling plots the downfall of the other. It is important to remember that our families are perhaps…

Importance of Child’s Brain Development in the First Five Years

Home > Blog The importance of a child’s brain development in the first five years is often under-estimated. Discoveries in the last decade have indicated that the earlier a child’s brain reaches a state of readiness for learning, the more likely it will succeed in that learning. While the five-year-old…

Top 30 Tips To Transform Your Life

life coaching
Home > Blog “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”     –  Will Durant If the oft-quoted maxim is correct, it should also be true of mediocrity, its exact opposite. Extrapolating this logic means that mediocrity is born of mediocre habits and…

Learning To Speak With Clarity

Learning To Speak With Clarity
Home > Blog Good leaders know the importance of talking with clarity and commitment. Not only do they enjoy the benefit of talking, but they know the importance of speaking clearly. Speaking with confidence and clarity is talking with authenticity and accuracy. If you intend on being an effective leader,…

Transforming Indian Parenting Techniques

Indian Parenting
Home > Blog Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Unfortunately, many parents suffer from a lack of a positive relationship with their children. The problems often stem from a lack of communication between the parent and child. It causes an inappropriate level of stress on…

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