Parenting Techniques for Working Parents

Home > Blog Being a parent is a blessing. It is a feeling beyond explanation. One does not know the feeling of giving birth to a child and see them grow unless they experience it.   Every couple wants to be the best parents. They want to support and help…

Corporate Counselling: A Step Towards Healthy Workplace

Corporate Counselling
Home > Blog A workplace with no problems is a dream. No organization does not have to deal with criticisms, backlashes, or problems. Conflicts are an inevitable part of any company.   An organization is formed by the collaboration of many people. Many people from different states, cultures, backgrounds, education,…

Problems That Women Entrepreneurs Face In 2021

Women Entrepreneurs
Home > Blog Newspapers, journals, and other publications simply report on the number of women who run their own businesses. In 2017, approximately 51% of women in the United States were employed, hiring nearly 9 million people and producing $1.7 trillion in revenue. These figures, however, only tell part of…

Indian Parenting: Common Mistakes and Solutions

Common Mistakes and Solutions
Home > Blog When it comes to parenting, I feel Indian parents are the most responsible parents. They take care of their child throughout their lives. If we see western societies, we often see how parents make their child independent after a certain age, and they both enjoy their own…

Transformation Through Collective Consciousness

Collective Conscioussness
Home > Blog Throughout our day, we go through many different emotions. Do you ever wonder if what you feel in a day is reflected in other people also? Do you wonder if how your mood has anything to do with what millions of others feel?   You’d hardly given…

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