Self Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Self Affirmations to change your life

Self Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Self Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

Our beliefs become our thoughts.
Our thoughts become our words.
Our words become our actions.
Our actions become our habits.
Our habits become our character.
And, our character defines our destiny.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

You are what you think! Yes, really you are, and you become what you think. You and only you can
shape your own destiny.
Life is a manifestation of your thoughts and your words. You cannot rely only on thoughts, though, and
have to translate into specific aims, so that actions can be taken to meet them.
The objectives become clear and specific if you choose correct words and put them in a correct manner.
Using the right words that stimulate our energies and emotions to give our one hundred percent and
achieve them is very important.

Vague, obscure and undecisive objectives like, “I want to be the smartest person” or “I want to
complete my research” are not going to cut it!
Being careful with words, especially about oneself, therefore is important and crucial. If you continue to
blame yourselves for everything that is wrong in your lives, you will be responsible, always.
Life Coach mentions an incident involving a client who was very unsuccessful in all relationships he had
been into since his adolescent years. This person was led to believe that he was responsible for the
death of his mother who had died giving him birth in a complicated caesarean delivery.
He used to blame himself if his friends were angry or his girlfriend did not call him or even his elder
brother would not support him.
He enrolled for “The Incredible You” program offered by a renowned Life Coach recommended to him
by a close friend. She uses a number of tests and methods to find why someone is surrounded with
negativity, was it because of any defining moment in their lives, and help them realize their impact on all
aspects of their lives.

Ritu Singal uses many techniques throughout ten sessions to make sure the affirmations, that the client
forms, are not forgotten in a few days’ or weeks’ time. The rewiring of the brain and coding of the
thoughts to move in an almost reverse direction is painstaking but always worth it.
With help of these scientific tools she managed to first diagnose what were the root causes of his
depression and then develop a new coding for him to follow.
This helped him to trust her, develop his own affirmations and clear his mind to say those magic words
to himself everyday alone in the room, out loud to himself.
By speaking those magic words, and practicing a few other tools learnt from her, to himself, he became
self-assured and confident. The next friend he made has proved to be a true one who has supported him
in his thick and thin, for more than a decade.
The client tells, has had a steady relationship with a lady for the last six years, and his relationship with
his brother also healed.
You must be wondering what the magic words were, or the mantra, that she gave to this client. Actually,
she gave him three simple, yet very powerful positive self-affirmations:
● I love and accept myself as I am, without judgment.
● I forgive myself/name of relation/friend] and set myself free.
● I deserve to be happy and I choose to be happy, now and forever.
Ritu Singal asked the client to repeat these affirmations looking into the mirror in his own eyes and do it
with all the conviction and inner strength.
At first, the client seemed to be confused and even thought he was telling a lie to himself. But he kept
going as he believed in her. In a few days’ time, he felt the difference in his attitude towards life and
people around him. And a couple of weeks it was noticeable to others.

And, after a few weeks he had a few colleagues invite him over for hanging out after the office. For the
first time ever!
This shows that what we say, to ourselves and to others, means a lot and has a real impact on our lives.
We must be incredibly careful with our words and speak only those that benefit us.
The Importance of Positive Affirmations
If you are constantly told “you can’t” or you yourself think "I can't", then it would be your destiny to be a
failure everywhere and every time.
Many реорlе do not achieve their potential and goals bесаuѕе they cannot give “words” to their dreams
and ambitions.
Life Coach understands that people hold on to the self-defeating bеlіеfѕ and prejudices about
themselves that their parents, family, friends, teachers and others have repeatedly hammered into their

To realise your ambitions and achieve your goals you need to have the conviction and courage to
confront and change those limiting beliefs.
To keep moving ahead and to develop a sense of purpose you regularly need to motivate yourself, as
not too many people are out there who would do that for you.

Therefore, she suggests, always keep a list of positive affirmations and read them aloud to yourself
every day, every time you get time or need for support.
She suggests the best and most firm shoulder you can get for support is your own!
Every time you use affirmation statements for success, for confidence, for relationships, or any other life
goal, they give you clarity and objectivity to approach things with a fresh perspective.
How do Daily Affirmations Work?
Self-affirmations direct our actions and habits until they become deeply ingrained in us. Daily positive
affirmations rewire our brains in such a manner that we start believing that everything is possible.
This belief is a very strong force and is behind most of the great discoveries in the world, from the
discovery of the Americas by Columbus to the Apollo 11 mission that put the first man on the moon.
Affirmations strengthen our resolve and help us believe in ourselves. Affirmation statements empower
us with a deep sense of reassurance that our dreams will come true.
At first, one may wonder how self-affirmations, which seems to be border-line narcissistic and self-
indulgent, can be right and how do they affect our destinies.?
If you have a concise list of positive affirmations for yourself, then you need to repeat them aloud daily,
regularly, and consistently for effecting the changes you look for.
These self-affirmations have the ability to prevent уоu from harming yourself, and nurture you to
become a better version of yourself with each day.
With the help of affirmations, it is possible to reprogram your brain and erase deep rooted conditionings
and write new habits that are empowering.
How to Make a List of Positive Affirmations?
The daily affirmations act as a check dam for the flood of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. To wash
away the slush of negativity, you need to continually supply the freshwater of the new reality you want
to create.
The following guidelines, from Life Coach’s toolbox, can help you make your own list of positive
affirmations that suit you best.
1. First, find the area in life where you want to make a positive change – self-worth, spirituality,
health, business, employment, relationships, etc. you will make 2-3 most important affirmations
for this area in your life.
2. Always start with “I am.” The most powerful words show your resolve that you ARE in the new
reality you want to create; it is no more a dream.

3. Make use of present tense and tell yourself “IT IS”.
4. Never say what you don’t want in life, instead stick with the positive, what you want in it or
from it. Affirmation is a positive statement, nevertheless.
5. Shorter and simpler, sweeter and more effective. Our subconscious brains are the same as that
of a child or a caveman. Simpler and shorter ideas have more strength.
6. Don’t be vague or confused and make it very specific.
7. Try including an action word in present continuous tense ending in “ing”.
8. Include an emotion or a feeling to make it appealing to the heart. Things closer to heart last
9. Finally, make your own affirmations, do not imitate others. After all, you have to live your life
and create your own new reality.

An Example list of positive affirmations
Here are some specific daily positive affirmations covering some important aspects of one’s life. In no
way this is a comprehensive list nor is it taken and used as it is.
This list is only given to give you an idea and a start to help you make your own self-affirmations. The
affirmations here are categorized into some broad areas where most people find themselves lacking and
are based on the decades of experience of the Life Coach.
1. Success and Confidence
a. Abundance and success are all around me
b. I acknowledge my self-worth; my confidence is climbing
c. I am a source of power

d. I am unbreakable
e. I am confident in my ability to [problem_to_solve]
f. I am do not fear anyone and I stand up for myself
g. I am the writer of my life’s destiny
h. I am in control of my life’s journey
i. I will put to use my talents today to realize my place
j. I have all the qualities needed to be successful
k. I have strength, courage and clarity of purpose
2. Health
a. With each day I am getting stronger, faster and healthier
b. I am defeating my illness steadily each day
c. I am full of energy and vitality
d. I deserve to be healthy and feel good
e. I trust my body and listen to the signals that it sends me
f. I reach perfect health by having nutrition and exercise
g. My body is healthy; my mind is gifted; my soul is calm
3. Self, Life and the World
a. I am full of love and compassion that wash away my anger
b. I am always happy as it is my second nature
c. Everything that happens, happens for my good
d. Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy always
e. I love and accept myself as I am, without judgment.
f. I forgive [myself/name of relation/friend] and set myself free.
g. I deserve to be happy and I choose to be happy, now and forever
h. The world is full of wonderful and inspiring things for me to appreciate
i. I am grateful to everyone who has ever come in my life
4. Relationships, Marriages and Family
a. My marriage is becoming stronger and full of mutual love each day
b. I am grateful for an incredible family and wonderful friends
c. I find love and romance in my life
d. I am in a loving, caring and understanding relationship
e. I am loved, loving and lovable
5. Business and/or Money
a. I am a successful businessperson
b. I am worthy of making and enjoying more money
c. I attract opportunities that create more money
d. I have a great relationship with my employees
e. My employees love and respect me
f. My decisions and actions create lasting wealth
g. My business is growing and expanding
6. Employment and Work-life
a. I deserve to be paid well for my time, efforts, and talents
b. I am good at my job
c. I make a difference at my work and with my work

d. I achieve my work goals in time, always
e. My co-workers look up to me for help and inspiration
f. I am improving as a professional with each day
g. I have confidence in my skills and talents
h. I let go of my work stress and tensions
i. I am balanced during stressful situations and crisis

According to the life coach, the above list is indicative and if you find anyone on-point for yourself, then
go ahead and use them.
Or you can create your own daily affirmations based on the guidelines and examples given earlier. The
most important need is that you need to say them with conviction and believe in them when you say
The affirmations you choose and pick, must resonate with you and must really make a difference to your

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