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Parent Children Relationship – Life Coach Ritu Singal

In this blog, you will learn how to develop a parent children relationship, along with the definition, importance, benefits, and problems of parent child relationships.

They Say…
‘Behind Every Child, Who Believes In Himself, Is A Parent Who Believed Him First’

Just like the above-statement, a parent-child relationship is so pure that no other relationship, love, or bond can replace it.

The saying which says, ‘Parents Are God’ actually describes it all. A parent can sleep on the wet floor but will always provide the child with a comfortable bed. They can never let the child face any problem

But, we get mad at God also. The same is with the parents. If love is remaining the same in a relationship, that doesn’t mean, it is perfect

Sometimes life puts people into situations where they face issues in parent children relationship and leave them helpless.

The hopelessness and these problems sometimes lead to dangerous and life-taking decisions.

Do you want to know the problems people face in a parent children relationship?

But, before that, it is very important to know what a parent child relationship actually is, and why it is important?

So, Here We Go…

What is the Definition Of Parent Children Relationship?

This relationship refers to a bond between a parent and their children. It is the purest and the most beautiful relationship in the world.
They say, ‘you are lucky if you have parents’. And for the parents, they say – ‘ you are lucky that you have children’.

To understand the parent child relationship, we should take a count at the habits where the parent and kid connect with one another truly, deeply, and socially.

The Positive Parent Child Relationship is one that sustains the physical, emotional, and social improvement of the child and the parent. It is an extraordinary bond that each child and parent appreciate and sustain. This relationship establishes the structure of the child’s character, life decisions, and general conduct.

A child always grows while looking at his/her parent. Their behavioral problems and actions are followed by the actions of their parents. Without a parent or child, the life of a human being is complete

This takes us to the next part of the blog…

What is the Importance Of Parent and Child Relationship?

In human life, the circle goes on from birth to death. Meanwhile, a child meets a lot of people and situations. But, the most secure attachment and safest place he/she finds is the lap of their parents. Similarly, the life of a parent after giving birth to their child roams around them only

A child develops his/her character, values, norms, habits, etc similar to his/her parents. Similarly, the parent also learns a lot from their child.

In simple words, the world has the cycle of birth and death going on. But, it has given a human the pleasure of being a child as well as a parent to learn and to teach beautiful values of our universe and share amazing lives together.

So, having a parent and a child to enjoy the beauty of God and his amazing life tests. So, this depicts that the relationship between a parent and child is very important.

The story of Charlie Chaplin’s mother Hannah Chaplin and the mother of Albert Einstein are the two great examples of parent child relationships. They teach us how they taught their children and inspired them despite telling their children the actual truth.

Albert’s name was struck off from his school because of being a poor child and falling but, his mother always told him that he got out because he was so intelligent that the school is not the right platform to show his intelligence. She said the school says your child is too brilliant and we have don’t have that capacity to team your child.

The spirit of his mother to keep him going always helped him to grow and better. Where on the other hand, Albert went on going to achieve his goals and now stand today as the great scientist by the name Albert Einstein. But, the truth was, his school relieved him because he was poor and dumb, but the way his mother inspired him throughout life.

So, if you want to be a good parent and want your children to grow just like einstein did, be like his mother.

Be like Charlie Chaplin’s mother who kept on supporting her child being not able to talk.

Benefits Of A Healthy Child And Parent Relation

Young children who develop with a protected and sound connection to their parents have a superior potential for success of creating cheerful connections with others in their life.

A kid who has a secure relationship with a parent figures out how to manage feelings under pressure and in troublesome circumstances.

It boosts the kid’s psychological, phonetic, and enthusiastic turn of events.

It enables the child to display idealistic and certain social practices.

Positive parent contribution and mediation in the kid’s day to day life establish the framework for better social and scholastic abilities.

A protected connection prompts a sound social, enthusiastic, intellectual, and inspirational turn of events. Kids likewise increase solid critical thinking aptitudes when they have a positive relationship with their folks.

But sometimes the perfect looking child’s relationship with parents also faces major problems that result in various conflicts and distances between a parent and a child.

Problems Between A Parent And A Child

The relationship between a child and family is the first bond that a child makes after his birth. Many people love their family but have major problems. If you know what these problems are then must read below…

Parental Problems:

  • Family hardship and grinding.
  • The absence of structure and control.
  • A distinction about child-raising.
  • Parental control that is exorbitantly close.
  • Overprotection is a danger factor for youth tension.
  • Marital conflict, detachment, or divorce
  • Fake parental commitments
  • Not understanding children
  • Maternal distress, including post-pregnancy tension.
  • Deficiencies may join physical brokenness, torture, and impediment.
  • Anxiety, smoking, drinking-related issues, and progressively disastrous social resources.
  • Re-marriage/stepfamilies
  • Being conservative.
  • Poking up kids again.
  • Using a phone while sitting with children.

Child Problems

  • A continually debilitated or weakened youngster.
  • Feel Being Unwanted/Useless.
  • Anxiety
  • Troublesome Mind Thoughts.
  • Thought of failing
  • Mobile Phones
  • Money Related Problems
  • Unlimited Resources
  • School bullying
  • Unfamiliar mental or developmental issue
  • Little adolescents of debilitated mothers have a raised peril of direct.
  • Developmental, and Energetic issues.
  • Partner pressures.
  • Family conflicts
  • Not being able to speak up
  • Career Pressure

When a child or a parent faces the above-mentioned issues then, it directly affects their own relationship with them and also creates a negative atmosphere around the house. These problems not only affect their relationship but can also lead to many dangerous and life taking results, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.

So, it is very important to deal with this and solve these problems between the parent children relationship and ensure healthy development of your child with a happy bond.

Want to know how?

How To Develop Relationship With Parents?

Developing parent child relationships requires a lot of effort. Parenting styles is an intense activity, however, by keeping up a cozy relationship and open communication with your kids, guardians and children can solve all their problems and can remain connected with each other during all phases of life.

Apply The Below Given Points To Develop A Strong Relationship

Appreciate Each Other

Usually, parents have problems with children that they don’t listen, they don’t do this, they don’t do that. Where on the other side children have problems that parents don’t understand them.

All the problems between a parent and a child start from here. So, it is very important for both the child and the parent to appreciate each other. Make each feel good and appreciate their efforts.

Change Your Negative Into Positive –

Sometimes, we get stuck at our thoughts and do not let them go because we feel we are right at our part. But, sometimes our thoughts are the reason we face relationship problems.

So, listen to each other, analyze your thoughts, and change your negatives into positives to avoid conflicts and negative atmosphere at home.

Help Your Kids Grow By Giving Them Right Perspective –

Always keep in mind to tell your children their problems in the right way. Do not blame them for their mistake but instead tell them to improve what they have because with all the good qualities they have this one bad thing. It will help them understand their flaws better.

Be The Role Model For Your Child –

children do what they see. Teenagers adopt all the things they see going on in their house. Even if they are with their friends or someone else they behave what they see and speak what they listen to.

So, the healthy parent should be very careful and specific about the thing they speak and portray in front of their child to help them adapt to the good things.

Set Rules At Home –

Some rules should be set to help children maintain a kind of discipline and enjoy the family time they get with their parents. Set rules like, no use of the phone at the dining table, family time is family time, Sunday’s for outings, etc. These kinds of rules help children to be involved in the family because, at this age, teenagers tend to get distracted very easily.

Also, Apply The Below Mentioned Points To Avoid Your Conflicts

  • Both the parent and the child should be open with each other.
  • Keep things clear about what you want to say and hear.
  • Tell each other you love them
  • The focus of building a positive approach towards each other.
  • Make quality time for each other
  • Talk and share what you feel with each other.
  • Parents should let their children grow and appreciate them.
  • Children should believe in their parents.
  • Parents should teach their child about spirituality
  • Seek help from each other in need
  • Eat and have fun together.
  • Parents should respect their children’s choices.
  • Make each other the priority of your life.

So, if you are facing any issues in your relationship with your parent or child, then the above-mentioned points are guaranteed to work.

Apply and follow them to live a happy and positive life with your loved ones. And if you still face issues, then seek out professional help because relationships are easy to break and hard to build

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