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Stress Management

Today stress is an extremely common word. A huge number of people are stressed because of certain life events. We all feel stressed sometimes because life comes with countless ups and downs.

Maybe an event or a situation is causing stress, or sometimes our own reaction to particular things makes us feel stressed. Whatsoever the reason, the matter of concern is, stress touches all of us. 

When stress becomes a habitual issue, over time it can seriously influence your life and well-being. Although there are many different ways to manage your stress and feel better still, sometimes you need professional support.

A stress management coach finds the root cause of stress and offers guidance and insight to cope with stress effectively. 

I know when it comes to seeking professional help for stress, anxiety, and depression many questions start dancing in your mind. I understand, it’s normal so there is nothing bad about having questions about it. But make sure you get all your answers from the right person. That is what matters the most. 

Do not fall into the trap of myths, instead consult a stress management coach and ask for your queries. I felt I should write about it because I know still many people hesitate to seek help from a counselor or psychotherapist. The reason is they are not well aware of it. 

Being a life coach I can better tell you about all your hows and whats such as how it feels working with a counselor, why you should consider a coach, what are the benefits and how it makes a difference, etc. 

First, let’s figure out what is stress because it is vital to understand stress in order to know to comprehend stress management counseling.

Understanding Stress

Stress is human nature that can be physical, mental, and emotional. Occasional stress is not a matter of concern. In fact, occasional stress can be exploited to force yourself toward your goals and motivate you to get out of a tough situation. 

A mild level of stress boosts the responding speed of your mind and body. On the other hand, continuing stress, or when it becomes more like a habit, becomes a substantial mental strain contributing to long-term health conditions. 

Stress is a state of mental strain or tension occurring due to opposing or highly demanding situations. Every single person on this earth deals with stressful circumstances at some point in life. How stress impact you, clearly depends on how you deal with it and manage your way. 

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Causes Of Stress

Some very common life stressors include divorce, relationship issues, losing your loved ones, financial issues, losing a  job, moving to a  new place or house, chronic sickness or injury, traumatic events, and emotional problems such as anxiety, anger, guilt, or grief, etc. 

The events you say are stressful, come from your own experiences and what you encounter in life. In a situation that you feel is stressful, the other person may find that just challenging. Put simply, your stressors may not be a stressor for your partner. 

For example, you have to give a  presentation in the office, which is very imperative. The day comes and you are feeling stressed because you feel you are not well equipped.

You are stressed because you know people may judge you harshly and the consequences of a letdown are unpredictable.  Learning to handle these stressors can help you reduce this feeling. 

Symptoms Of Stress

Some people easily realize when they feel stressed but some may not even realize they are stressed. It happens because stress can manifest in various ways, usually targeting you emotionally as well as physically. 

The appearance of stress may vary from person to person. To spot whether you are stressed or not, go through the following symptoms:

  • Feeling overwhelm or tearful
  • Battling thoughts and dizziness
  • Altered appetite and digestive problems
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Shallow breathing and uneasiness
  • Frequent headaches
  • Shattering or shouting at people
  • Muscle tension and tiredness
  • Inability to make decisions

Stress is also associated with many medical health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, etc. I have seen some of my clients who are experiencing stress and also suffering from medical illnesses. It happened because the stress was left unchecked for a longer time.

Untreated stress may worsen your health and existing illness. It is highly recommended to get support as soon as you notice being stressed. 

Stress Management Counseling Is The Greatest Defender Against Stress

When you are aware of stress and you know you are experiencing it. Now it’s time to get into management. Sometimes, you can not control behaviors and events that cause stress. However with the help of a  coach you can build emotional resilience to manage these emotions.

A stress management coach helps you identify the behaviors and habits that cause stress. Stress management counseling helps you learn skills and techniques to diminish stress.

Once you notice the symptoms of stress, it should not be left unmanaged. Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing you need to consult a stress management coach. A coach works with you to understand your suffering and create and implement suitable approaches. They help you address the problems and remove the stressors. 

You need to see a stress management counselor if:

  • You are going through stress for a  prolonged period. 
  • You are experiencing excessive levels of stress.
  • You are undergoing transitions or significant life changes.
  • You are expecting future transitions or alterations. 
  • You are going through challenging circumstances in life.

People who visit me for stress-related issues say they are stressed about their job, relationships, future, and this and that. Everybody has their own reasons for being stressed. Some people tell me that they are completely hopeless about certain situations and even their life. A few people who are encountering chronic stress feel like finishing their lives. 

It’s so painful to hear such thoughts. My mother also had a similar kind of problem, I have seen her struggling. I became a life coach so that I can help people create peace in their lives. My motive is to make this world a happy place and by helping people I am contributing to that. Through stress management counseling I am helping people reach their inner power. 

Stress management counseling involves various steps including:

  • Understanding the source, causes of stress, and its triggers.
  • Comprehending how stress establishes in your life.
  • Recognizing and using your strong points to handle it efficiently.
  • Getting into and transforming your thinking patterns in stressful circumstances.
  • Learning and developing effective strategies to lessen stress depending on your particular issues.

Working with a counselor means you are spending dedicated time to understand triggers and symptoms etc. Coaching helps you evaluate your personal and professional life, and your mental and physical health to plan customized coping tactics. 

Stress Management

Stress management counseling involves a range of therapies and techniques designed to support people cope with their stress levels. It is aimed at lowering chronic stress to improve happiness, health, and well-being. Stress management techniques may also involve deep breathing, meditation, a healthy diet, good sleep and a positive mindset, psychotherapy, social support, guided visualization, etc. 

How can a stress management counseling coach help you

Stress can be destructive when it is prolonged and when you fail to identify and tackle it correctly. Counseling is the safest option to release your emotions and difficult feelings. Learning stress management leads to better mental health, heart health, sleep, and complete well-being. A stress management coach work with you throughout your journey.

Being a life coach and a human being I am devoted to helping people cope with stress and relishing a stress-free life. I work with my clients to find the causes and triggers of their stress and create customized sessions to overcome it. 

I provide you with your own space where you can comfortably speak your mind and heart. Counseling help detects underlying health issues and finds the best-fit solutions to your stressors.  Trust me, you will observe the change right from the very first session. 

Key advantages of Stress Management counseling

A stress management counseling coach can help you learn effective coping mechanisms and some simple self-care activities that help you manage your stress better. 

Provides a secure place to liberate all your emotions

A counselor provides a comfortable space for you so you can offload your emotions by sharing them with your counselor. Because you know that you will not be judged. When you face and address your issues and look for resolutions it subsequently lowers the stress with better capability to do the same in the future. 

For instance, not all people are comfortable sharing their feelings with their friends or family. Particularly when are experiencing stress, you may not feel like expressing your heart to anyone. It may be because you are scared of being judged or misinterpreted. However, a counsellor provides you with a laid-back space, where you can share everything without hesitation. 

Offers efficient handling mechanisms and activities

Your counselor can help you learn coping methods and self-care doings that suit your particular issues. I always made sure to curate the best coping strategies for each of my clients depending on their stressors and triggers. Self-care methods such as breathing techniques, exercise, music, etc can help people combat stress. 

Not every technique works well for everyone. I make sure to craft a suitable plan for every person based on their particular stress matters. 

Prevent probable mental health issues

Facing prolonged stress can lead to other psychological problems. For instance, stressed people are at high risk of getting panic attacks. I have seen many people who became irritable and aggressive while going through stress. When you know how to tackle stress appropriately, you can avoid these kinds of psychological health issues. 

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Improved self-understanding

Stress counseling allows you to reflect on yourself and realize your inner power. Here you learn about the reasons for your stress and how you should react to it. It will help you deal with your feelings better promoting a positive outlook and avoiding panic attacks.

Lessens stress levels

The very obvious benefit of stress management counseling, you will have reduced levels of stress. My clients say they feel much better even after a few sessions. When you articulate your thoughts with a counselor, it removes the burden from your shoulders. When you become knowledgeable about your situation, you feel empowered. 

Quick Stress Management Tips By Happy Life Coach Ritu Singal

  • Do not skip daily exercise, yoga, or walking. 
  • Deep breathing techniques can make a big difference while combatting stress.
  • Counseling works great to find the stressors, triggers, and suitable strategies to tackle them.
  • Expressing all your heart can promptly make you feel lighter.
  • Meditation can help you boost the outcomes of your efforts. 
  • Connecting with your dear ones can make you feel better.
  • Spending time engaging in your hobbies can make you happy. 
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, and drugs to prevent worse consequences.
  • Spotlight self-care and relaxation techniques because you deserve them.

A lot of people get into unhealthy coping mechanisms. Even many of my clients admitted that while experiencing stress, they started smoking or consuming alcohol. These have become quite common these days. Stressed people are more prone to develop negative habits. 

Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are unhealthy coping means that may provide you temporary relief but do not provide stress relief actually and exacerbate the condition worse in long term.

Counseling can help you avoid such practices. If you are already into these habits your counselor can assist you to change them developing healthy ways to deal with your stress.

Stress Management Is Not Tough, You Just Need The Right Guidance To Build The Right Mindset To Do So

We all feel stressed from time to time. Stress impacts your complete well being so it is vital to understand all aspects of stress and how it influences your body. Stress makes it difficult to focus, think clearly, and perform daily responsibilities. Counseling is a critical component while addressing and eliminating stress-associated problems. 

Stress can be efficiently managed in various ways. The best way is to address stress psychologically as well as physically and develop resilience and survival skills. As a stress management counseling coach, I can help you embolden and transform your hopeless feelings into hopeful ones. 

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