50 Passions to Follow for Life


Each one of us, at some point in time, think to ourselves, What is my passion in life? Finding passion is never easy. Many people spend their entire lives finding out what they truly want in life.

As a Life Coach, most of the clients that visit me ask a very similar question and are found in the same dilemma most of the time. I understand it is very arduous to identify your passion in life.

A few years back, a young man visited me. His name was Rahul. He completed his MBA from a renowned institute in the country. Post completing his masters, he got a great package job in a very renowned international company.

Being a part of the firm for two years, he started feeling he did not belong there. He started feeling bothered as if he is missing something in life.

Many days passed, and he could neither work as efficiently as he normally would. Finally, he decided to switch his job, and so he decided to resign from his current position.

As he resigned, he decided to take a break for a few days. It was during this time he decided to visit me for a counselling session.

As we started his counselling session, I discovered a lot of things. He opened about his fears, joys, expectations, and views. Within the first two sessions, I knew what he was going through.

It was a phase that each one of us goes through, but only a few dare to face their fears.

What we realized was that Rahul really wanted to do something for small children’s education. I was quite impressed when he presented his ideas of how he would like to bring the change.

You see, these ideas, these thoughts are what was bothering Rahul while he was working there.

Many times in life, we are too afraid to face our reality or to work towards them. I must say, the session was brilliant. Within two sessions, Rahul knew what we wanted and what not.

As a life coach, I always suggest to my clients to follow their passions. In our career counselling sessions with Rahul, we decided that he should start working on his passion within this break. As he would obviously need income, he will have to continue his job for some time initially.

Within a few days, he and some of his friends started their NGO, where they rented a room to teach poor students. It took a few days for them to spread the word and convince children to study.

After one year of profound hard work, Rahul and his friends had opened their own school. Today, he has a team of individuals working across 10 states providing free classes to poor children.

You see, it is the thing about passion if you follow it with all your heart, you will always succeed. As I look back to clients like Rahul, it gives me immense pleasure.

What is my passion in life?

To live a life of one’s passion is still a dream for many. Passions in life are what keep us going to strive better each day.

A passion is something that you truly want. It does not necessarily have to be what you are doing right now. It can be anything from dancing, singing, painting, coding, programming, or marketing.

Your profession does not have to be your passion. I have seen so many people doing things they are not passionate about. I have also seen so many people who are unable to distinguish between their passion and profession.

If one remains in such a dilemma, one might not even follow their passion ever. Passion is something you like, want, and something that brings you true happiness.

You might try to identify your passion in life to bring satisfaction and happiness. Different people have different passions. Your passion does not need to depend on other people.

Why is it hard for you to identify your passion?

As I had discussed already, only a few people have the courage to identify their passion and work towards it. Most of the clients who visit me have a sense of loss of direction.

They have no clue what they want in life. They think going with the flow is the only option. Well, it isn’t.

In today’s time, it is quite essential to find a passion in life. If you are unable to identify or embrace your passion, here are a few things that can be stopping you:

Afraid to explore

One of the most common reasons that I have observed in people who are unable to identify their passion is that they are too afraid to explore. When it comes to passion, it isn’t something that strikes just right at one time. You have to explore, give time, and try different passions unless you find the right one for yourself. You are not born knowing what you like and whatnot. There are innumerable personalities who explored before finding that spark that grows into a fire. It leads you to glow in your field.

Self Doubt

I have been visited by many clients who have no clarity about their passions. However, I have also met clients who are quite clear about their fervour but are overly doubtful about choosing it. People doubt that the things they are passionate about are more like hobbies and will not get them anywhere in life. I have seen so many people bury their interests and passions deep inside because of this self-doubt or societal pressure. Self-Doubt is the biggest killer of passion. If you truly are passionate about something, no matter how big or small it is, you should always give it a try to follow your passion.

Awry Company

We all know the effect your company and the kind of people you meet and greet have on you. Your company plays a colossal role in building you. If you are surrounded by people who motivate you to strive for better in life, you will earn success. However, if you are surrounded by people who are themselves aimless in life will also make you aimless with time. When we are young, ideas run through our minds all the time. Many times we decide to discuss our ideas with our friends. Now there can be two sides to a coin. On one hand, your friends might love your idea and will encourage you to work towards it. On the other hand, the wrong company will laugh at you and ask you to come out of the glass palace that you have created from your thoughts. It is up to you, who you’d like as friends. In this way, friends and family play a colossal role in letting you find your passion.

Passion requires the right mindset

Passion is something your heart wants. It is an activity that raises your level of excitement and happiness. Many times people forget the essence of passion in life. People start focusing on ways to earn bigger profits from their passion. I’m not saying it is wrong to earn or to change your passion into a profession. However, focusing too much on how to make money from your passion only slides you away from embracing them. The more you start using your passion as a source of income, the sooner you’ll start losing interest in it. It will soon become another job for you. Do not set the wrong mindset for your passions. Follow your passions with a full heart, and you’ll witness the happiness it’ll bring.

Jumping to conclusions

Many people already think of all the conclusions and outcomes their passion would bring. It makes them feel their passion isn’t worth trying. They think of a thing they are passionate about, then consider doing it full-time as a profession. When they compare their input and output, they lose confidence in attaining their dreams. They think of their professions more as a hobby and less than a passion. However, hobbies can become a passion, but not all hobbies are passions.

Lack of self-confidence

We might find the passion we were looking for, but do we have the confidence it takes to follow that passion? Suppose you come up with the idea of following your passion by quitting your job. No one would appreciate your decision. Even your family would be reluctant about your decision. In such situations, if you have the confidence to take a stand for yourself and convince people, only then you can embrace your passion. To identify your passion, you should have the confidence it takes.


Sometimes we do not even realize that the thing we are doing right now can be our profession. We spend hours and days and years trying to find out our passion. In the time we spend figuring out our passions, we miss the signs that were right in front of our faces. Passion isn’t developed in a day or two. It requires time to explore and evolve.

List of Passions

Passions are different for different people. Some might find happiness in simple things, while other passions can be hard to achieve. No matter what your passion is, you should always explore them and work towards them.

With that said, here we have combined a list of passions you can pursue if you are confused about what your true passion is.

A. Work and Service:

In the field of work and service, many people can find their ultimate passion. The passions that you can have under this field include:

  1. Business/ Entrepreneurship
  2. Coaching
  3. Training/ Teaching
  4. Social service
  5. Volunteering
  6. Donating
  7. Productivity and Leadership
  8. Working with or being a part of NGOs
  9. Politics
  10. Empowerment of other people.

B. Understanding and Growth:

Many people are passionate about learning new things. They spend years researching or trying to learn new things. They simply want to grow and excel always. Such passions include:

  1. Research work
  2. Experimenting
  3. Journaling
  4. Practising
  5. Joining classes to learn new things
  6. Reading books
  7. Wisdom
  8. Helping others learn
  9. Sharing knowledge
  10. To be a part of a particular organization.

C. Health and Wellbeing:

I have seen so many people who are truly passionate about maintaining health and have a perfect body inside out. Such people have a passion to eat healthily, exercising, perform mindfulness, etc.

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Dieting
  4. Gym
  5. Working Out
  6. Maintaining physical body
  7. Swimming
  8. Playing Sports
  9. Running/ Trekking
  10. Healthy Eating

D. Nature and Animals:

Many people are passionate about nature and the organisms provided by nature. Such people prefer staying around nature and natural beings. Some people love animals and feel happy spending time with them. Such passions include:

  1. Gardening
  2. Plantation
  3. Farming
  4. Nature Walks
  5. Bird Watching
  6. Photography
  7. Animal shelters
  8. Dog Walking
  9. Petting animals
  10. Helping stray animals

E. Hobbies:

Most people find happiness and true passion in their hobbies themselves. The main reason behind this is that we develop hobbies when we are kids. We discover things that bring us true happiness during our childhood. It is why most of the time hobbies turn into a passion. These may include:

  1. Dancing
  2. Singing
  3. Painting
  4. Crafts
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Reading
  7. Writing
  8. Drama
  9. Make-up
  10. Cooking

How to identify your passions in life?


Identifying passions becomes easy when you dare to dream and imagine. Once you decide to find what you truly desire, life gets easier.

What can you do? How can you find passion? Here are a few things that can help you find your source of happiness:

● Find out what you spend hours researching about

It is human nature. When we get passionate about something, we spend hours to days to even months finding more and more about it. You can read about it for hours, watch videos throughout the night, and even start trying things. Now, when you find yourself doing so, chances are you’re forming a profession for yourself. You don’t have to close your mind here. Keep on exploring more and learning more.

● Ask yourself: Is there something I love doing?

Most of the time, while finding answers to this question, people tend to fight their passions. A hobby is something we all have. It is something we love to do since we were kids. However, we always considered our hobby as just a fun activity and not a passion. If you like to dance, you can do it in your free time, or occasionally. However, if dancing is your passion, you should be participating in shows, or you can start your dance school.

● What makes you lose track of time

Many times in life, we do not even realize how time passes when we are doing something that we love. For example, you spend hours doing a painting. It isn’t because you have a lot of free time or that you need to complete it in a day. It is because you are passionate about it. When you are passionate about something, you do not feel bored or lazy about doing it. I have seen so many people who are passionate about their jobs. They love going to the office and working there. Passion makes you lose track of time.

● If you were financially secure, what would you like to do?

Most of us have passions and are unable to undertake them because of our financial situation. I have so many clients who come to me and say, I wish I had enough money to do this or that. So, if you think you do not know what your passion is, sit silently and think about all the things you could do if you had money. For example, you love travelling, but finance is a barrier. However, it does not mean travelling isn’t your passion. Every time you get this thought of what you could do if you had money, jot it down and fulfil your passions when the time comes.

● Do you feel happy about your current job?

As I had already mentioned, I have seen people who love what they do, and they get so excited while going to work. I have also seen people who while getting ready for the office each day say to themselves, “ Why do I even go there?”

You know the difference now. If something you’re not passionate about becomes your lifestyle, you find it very hard to live a life like that.

happy with current job

● Don’t quit your job immediately

To have a passion as a profession is still a dream for many. However, many people think it is very easy to turn your passion into a profession. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of time, courage, confidence, and hard work to be successful. Many people leave their jobs as yet to fulfil their passions, but the struggle is real. I always suggest people try passion as a side gig first, and if everything goes well, make it a full-time profession. Quitting a job will not help you in any way, and you might even face a financial crisis.

Why is it important to have passion in Life?

We have been talking about how to identify passions and why is it hard to find passion. However, a major facet to be discussed remains, Is it crucial to have a passion in life?

I would say it is highly crucial to have a passion. Even if you do not bother to follow your passion, it is still beneficial to have one to look up to.

Here are the three primary reasons why you need passion in life:

Passion drives you towards the accomplishment of goals

Many people form a monotonous life. Getting up, going to the office, coming back, and following it the next day. If you set goals for yourself, goals that reflect passion, then it gets easier for you to accomplish those goals. Having a goal gives you a purpose to strive hard for. You’ll yourself notice changes in your life.

Passions give your life a sense of purpose

We might be working hard each day to take care of ourselves, our families, and our friends. But does doing all this give you a purpose to live for?
Your passion is something that gives meaning to your life. When you are passionate about something, you feel you need to achieve the purpose of your life. Having a passion is like affirming your value. It is knowing what you are capable of. For example, you may initiate voluntary work, it will give you a sense of purpose when you serve others. You’ll find enjoyment in little things.

It’ll make you an inspiration to others

Having a passion to follow, and then pursuing it successfully will inspire others. Passion is contagious, the more you’ll spread it, the more people will learn the purpose of passion. It will be extremely beneficial for everyone.

Final Thoughts

As a Life Coach, I have always motivated kids, youth, and even grown-ups to try to live life passionately. Everything becomes smooth and easy with a sense of purpose. Finding a genuine passion in life brings eternal happiness to your soul. If you have a purpose, throw some light on it. If you don’t have a purpose yet, explore your options and find the spark that can be turned into a fire of success.

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