A Facet of Life Experiences of a Certified Life Coach

A Facet of Life Experiences of a Certified Life Coach

A Facet of Life Experiences of a Certified Life Coach

Along with providing life coach services and having mentored over 12,000 people across 14 countries, I take pride in mentioning that I also have been actively involved in numerous social activities throughout these years. I believe that to succeed in running an industry and commanding respect, one must be technically sound. That’s why I embarked on overseas trips to learn production techniques, which has been instrumental in my success. 

Despite managing the day-to-day operations of a group of companies, I, Ritu Singal, am passionate about social development and community service programs. I have been associated with various events of national and international importance on behalf of my organization, and I believe that giving back to society is crucial. 

I am a deeply spiritual person, and I involve myself in launching community development activities in the country. I run a night school for slum children at Village Sarangpur, near Chandigarh, and have sponsored many children to CRY Association, a global association for children’s development

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Among the varied services that I provide that will aid you in unleashing your power, discovering your inner DNA and eventually writing your success diary, some of them can be seen as follows: 

  • Child Counselling:

    Child counselling is required to provide children with emotional support in dealing with various challenges they may be facing. My services have helped children to learn coping mechanisms, build resilience, and develop positive behaviour patterns.  

  • Parental Counselling:

    I also provide Parental counselling to help parents with child-rearing challenges, including understanding their child’s behaviour and emotions, building a positive relationship, and addressing specific issues such as divorce or separation.  

  • Corporate Counselling:

    It helps employees learn coping mechanisms, build resilience, and develop positive behaviour patterns. I’ve witnessed reduced stress and anxiety levels, improved job satisfaction, boosted morale, and increased productivity. It assists employees in managing conflicts, improving communication skills, and fostering healthy relationships with colleagues and superiors. My services have led to long-term benefits for both the company and its staff. 

  • Life Counselling:

    Life counselling can be helpful for those experiencing major life changes or looking to improve their mental health and well-being. I provide a safe environment for individuals to work through personal challenges.  

  • Personality Development Counselling:

    The Personality development counselling I provide has helped individuals improve their well-being and success. It enhances self-understanding, builds self-confidence, improves communication skills, manages stress and anxiety, and develops healthy relationships. 

  • Career Counselling:

    The insights I provide through my career counselling services help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths, identify their strengths, interests, and values, and match them with potential career paths. It also provides valuable insights into the job market and helps individuals develop the skills and strategies needed to succeed in their chosen field. 

  • Marital Counselling:

    Couples may seek marital counselling for various reasons such as communication issues, financial problems, infidelity, lack of intimacy, and disagreements about parenting styles. Counselling can help couples identify the root causes of their problems and develop strategies to address them, while providing a safe and neutral space for open and honest communication. 

I ensure that through my life coach services, you will be able to enhance and broaden your perspectives on different aspects of your life leading you to work well in both your personal as well as professional lives. 

Heading back to my social services, I have also contributed significantly to “SIKHIYA,” Sector – 46, Chandigarh, a body established for the education of slum and poor children. I have also been supporting “APSARA,” a project for the attendants of patients at Govt—Medical Hospital at Sector-32, Chandigarh.

I am an active member of the Sankalp organization, dedicated to supporting an education and training program for underprivileged students for civil services. I am a member of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) program, where I mentor young girls from underprivileged backgrounds. 


I am an active member of several social societies/clubs, including the ‘Soka Gakkai International,’ an organization dedicated to revitalizing the legacy of Buddhist humanism. I am the past president of ‘Rotary Club Midtown, Chandigarh’ and have received various commendations and awards for my valuable contributions. In the Rotary year 2018-19, I served as an assistant governor. 

I am proud of the impact that I have made in society. I believe that my efforts have helped make a difference in the lives of the people that I have touched. I also have an active YouTube channel called Let’s Solve the Puzzle, where I share motivational and inspirational videos. My positivity and messages of hope help people to bring out the best in themselves. 

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