A keynote Speaker’s way through life

I am Ritu Singal, aiming towards recharging your potential and making sure you don't stand alone in your journey of struggles or successes.

Failures make a man successful, it is said. Being a woman, though failures had me go through my share of bad days, learning and unlearning, it has led me to where I stand today.

I, Ritu Singal, have 15 years of experience as a life coach, and my journey as a keynote speaker in India began when I realized what my true calling was – to help people reach their full potential.

As a life coach, I had the opportunity to work with people from varied backgrounds and help them overcome their fears and insecurities and achieve their goals. However, I soon realized that my reach was limited, and I wanted to help a larger audience. That’s when I decided to become a keynote speaker.

Before I head fast to talk about my note-worthy services, I would like to mention my first experience as a keynote speaker which was nerve-wracking, to be honest. I was invited to speak at a corporate event, and I remember feeling anxious and unsure of myself.

However, as soon as I started speaking, I felt a connection with the audience. The response I received was overwhelming and I knew that I had found my calling.

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From being tagged as a businessman’s spouse to having built an empire of my own.

Surprises are known by their name for the very reason that the newest of things show up at the most unexpected times but for me, it started off on a not-so-positive note, with my father’s business encountering financial setbacks.

Nevertheless, I took up tutoring and just when we were in the initial phase of our recovery process, my mother suffered from a serious mental illness

However, I started conquering my challenges from loving a man, marrying him to raising our two daughters with deep adoration. The chapter where my life took a turn, making me a keynote speaker came with the shocking news of my husband’s suicide.

In business, there are uncertain times and one single transaction can be equal to millions of rupees. Risky ventures often create pressure on an individual and the same pressure depleted the mental health of my husband.  

There were numerous struggles I had to surpass after my husband’s demise as I started unveiling my potential in the field of business and the advocacy of positive mental health. When my counselling sessions started taking a grip and I was confident in what I brought to the table, I started expanding my services and today, I feel privileged to mention that I have mentored 12000+ people across 14 countries.

Not only have I provided my services to individuals of all ages but have also received immense appreciation from them. 

Having witnessed how mental health issues can negatively affect the individual concerned with it as well as their near ones, I wanted to tell the world how every person definitely has a transformational energy inside them that will play a key role in their journey of healing and, how healing is a process which is an inbuilt and inherent potential available to each one of us.

What do I exactly do? 

My Note-Worthy Services include personality development counselling, Parent counselling, life counselling, child counselling, startup counselling and corporate counselling services to name a few with classified services in them again.

My counselling sessions aim at helping you come face to face with the opportunities around you to become truly happy.

Motivational Keynote Speaker in India

From college campuses to corporate seminars and international forums, my exposure as a keynote speaker grew with the growth of the audience engaged in listening to what I had to say.

Through these platforms, I sought the infusion of resilience and positivity in the lives of many individuals. I believe that everyone has the capacity to achieve great things in life, and my talks are aimed at helping people realize their true prospects.

Still learning but stronger than ever

However, my journey as a keynote speaker has not been without its challenges. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry and also with minimal support with threats from within the family, as mentioned earlier, I had to face my fair share of obstacles.

I was often underestimated and not taken seriously, which was frustrating. However, I refused to let these challenges define me, and I worked hard to establish myself as a prominent figure in the industry.

Through my experiences to date, as a keynote speaker in India, I have inculcated the importance of continuous learning and growth. Every opportunity is a chance to learn something new and improve oneself. I always strive to execute something which is new and valuable and I believe that this is what sets me apart from other speakers.

In conclusion, my journey as a keynote speaker has been an incredible experience. It has taught me the importance of perseverance, hard work, and determination. It has also given me the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life, and for that, I am grateful.

If you’re looking for a speaker who can inspire and motivate your audience, and assure them that they are not alone, I would be honoured to be a part of your event. 

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