Couples of the digital era – The role of an online marriage counselor

Couples of the digital era - The role of an online marriage counselor

Does every marriage always resemble a joyous merry-go-round, as seen in “reel” lives? Not.

It is indeed a blend of imperfections and stressors as well. Although the internet has an overflow of information, sometimes guiding people through inaccurate perceptions, the same buttons can help in approaching services like online marriage counseling and help you find coaches like me to enhance your married life. I, Ritu Singal, am signing in to help you delve into the world of understanding marriage counselling.

The advent of the online world, especially after the pandemic, has significantly increased online services. Mental health services such as counseling and therapy have also undergone major transformations in the way they are delivered. Online marriage counselling, for example, has proven to be very effective, with statistics indicating that 80% of people found it more productive than other modes of counselling.

How effective is the on-screen mode with marriage counselor?

 The couples counselling sessions that I offer aim to improve communication between couples who face disturbances in the growth of a healthy relationship. People often think of counselling as lying on a couch while the therapist listens to them, but the reality is much more advanced now. You can receive therapy from the comfort of your own home! But how does it work in practice?

  • Approaching a counsellor through virtual means can be easier than the physical alternative.
  • Some of my counselling practices offer the option for partners to join sessions from separate locations. 
  • This is a very affordable option as it eliminates the need for travel expenses. 

Is marriage counselling necessary?

Marriage counselling can help you gain new perspectives on situations in your married life that you never even would have thought of existing.

It provides a platform to discuss prevailing problems in the marriage and explore ways in which both partners can work together to overcome them. It’s like going on a treasure hunt, where the counsellor acts as a tool to help you crack the code of success.

If you’re hoping to change or improve your relationship satisfaction, seeing a couples therapist can be the first step.

The necessity comes by acknowledging the fact that there’s an issue you are facing rather than brushing it away. Being a life coach for fifteen years now, I have seen communication barriers to be the initial point of trouble in marriages.

Unrealistic expectations are one of the many causes of communication gaps in a relationship. Sometimes, trying too hard to be there and prove good messes up situations. Marriage counselling aids in observing the patterns of situations and provides tailored ways to control these barriers.

For the ones with children, observational learning is significant in kids. Studies also show how marital conflicts can influence a child’s adjustment and functioning.  Couple counselling should be the top priority here so that the misinterpretations caused do not pass on to your immediate generation.

I’ve witnessed a lot of uncommunicated needs, statements, grudges and beliefs being dug out from the couples I work with. Some of the many fragments, to list, where my sessions foster development in a relationship are:

  • Adjusting with in-laws
  • Issues in Love marriages and methods to overcome them
  • Couples Counseling
  • Issues of parenthood
  • Issues with divided responsibility
  • Issues of infidelity
  • Problems with communication
  • Issues with too much family interference  
  • Non-existence of love life 

Is it solely teamwork?

Relationship counseling doesn’t just address the partners’ issues but also focuses on individual growth. Mental Coaching aims at framing strategies and building resilience of the mind, encouraging goal-oriented and self-aware mindsets. The process of employing various techniques to get through obstacles helps individuals achieve a peak presentation of themselves in their lives.

Can you make it through? YES

I agree that it is quite difficult to trust a stranger in confronting the ill experiences you have had with your partner (or maybe even the non-sparking phase). In the digital era, videos, podcasts, and different apps offer personalized solutions for mental well-being – or do you think it does? 

As mentioned before about the overwhelming information, not all sources can give you the tailor-made solutions you require, but a professional definitely can. So why not give something as specific as online marriage counseling a try – a chance for yourself and your partner? 

Watch This Video To Know More

Finally, the exposure!

It is seen that the vulnerability of the couples during sessions helped them continue the same even after. Additionally, the world of technology with a blend of my expertise, eases real-time monitoring which genuinely enhances the effectiveness of mental coaching.

The beauty of human essence is that we are social beings and what makes it more beautiful is the ability each of us possesses to work on our very social nature and by our significant ones!

I might not be your only choice but I will continue to be one of the first options you will have to look for to set light to step aboard on your mental wellness adventure. 

So, if you really feel the need to work on your relationship by not giving up, any part of it that you feel you need expert guidance in getting through, Ritu Singal, signing off – hoping to see you on the other side!

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