Personality development coaching and counseling services by Ritu Singal

Personality development coaching and counseling services by Ritu Singal

Personality is often considered as the way in which we present ourselves – the clothes we wear, how groomed we are, or how we carry ourselves.

However, personality can be taken one step forward based on the way we think, the people we surround ourselves  with, our ability to listen more with an open mind and be able to participate in meaningful conversations.

Have you ever wondered why employers administer a personality assessment test when taking an interview ? This is mostly because, in today’s day and age, hard skills can be easily learnt.

But soft skills like communication, analytical ability, bias towards action, team spirit etc can be difficult to train someone on. 

This is when you need a personality development coach like me. I have trained and mentored over 12,000 individuals across 14 countries to live empowered and fulfilling lives with my life coaching and personality development sessions. 

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Why do women struggle more ?

As we move from our 20’s into our 30’s there is a strong set of realization that kicks in. Suddenly, we need to start thinking of a family, a permanent place of residence, and often give in to our family responsibilities. Careers and big dreams take a back seat and before long this becomes the reality. 

When I was in college I was a top student and a gold medalist. But with life’s twists and turns and overarching responsibilities of raising a family, my profession took a backseat. However, after the sudden death of my husband, I realized that there is no other option but to pick myself up and face adversities thrown my way.

Turning an ailing business around, facing multiple litigations, the brunt of angry factory workers and bank loans, was nothing short of a struggle. I had to draw from my inner strength, and be the strong woman my children and business needed me to be.

As women, it is our responsibility to help other women feel empowered and strong. I stand as a testimony to millions of other women who feel they have nothing left to achieve in life or feel demotivated and low. I have delivered multiple keynote speeches on women empowerment and how women help to inspire other women excel in their careers. 

I recently arranged the ‘Embrace Equity photo challenge’ that was an initative to inspire women embrace their true selves.

I am the proud winner of the prestigious ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011’ award for ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ by ET Now, Pan India and also the managing director of Raglan industries, a real estate firm. 

If I can turn my underconfident self into a thriving woman entrepreneur, everybody can. I am here to help you achieve just that,  with my counseling and personality development sessions.

Counseling sessions


In my counseling sessions and as a personality development coach, I help students and employees ( including managers, senior managers etc ) make significant progress in their careers. I follow a structured approach to make sure that these sessions really benefit my mentees and they come out of it feeling a positive change in their life. 

We often neglect the need for counseling sessions especially for women. Signs that you may need help are:

1) If you are experiencing a constant feeling of hopelessness, or sadness that interferes with your mental well-being or daily activities, it could be a sign of chronic depression. 

2) If you are always feeling anxious or excess worry regarding seemingly small issues, it may be a sign of anxiety disorder. You may feel the need to discuss your pain and worries with someone close, but they often stop giving you an unbiased view because you are too persistent or overbearing. 

3) If you are constantly stressed at work or struggle to cope with challenging life situations, like the death of close family, or a failed relationship, counseling can help you make positive mindset shifts.

4) If you suffer from insomnia or struggle to eat well, there  could be an underlying cause of depression or anxiety

5) Low self esteem, low confidence: If you constantly face difficulty in speaking up for yourself or feel under confident at work even though you are perfectly capable of executing given tasks – this is your sign to seek help and level up your career.

6) Unhealthy coping mechanisms: Engaging in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, or risky sexual behavior could lead to a windfall. It gets very difficult to cope when things go sideways leading to eventual mental breakdown.

7) Feeling Stuck or unsure about what your career goals and aspirations are, can be your signal to take up counseling sessions for that much needed clarity

Taking up counseling is a sign of strength and not weakness. Those who think otherwise only make things worse for the person in need of help. If you are unsure whether you need counseling or not, consider reaching out to me by visiting my website

What makes me and my counseling sessions unique ?

I, Ritu Singal ,  am a personality development coach and have helped bridge the gap for a fulfilling life for thousands of people across the globe.

Unlike other coaches who draw inspiration from the works of others, I am a living testimonial of what I offer as a service. My counseling services are based on my own experiences and how I managed to come out of trauma and stressors in my life. 


I was recently recognized in Kolkata as the first woman entrepreneur who has worked on sustainable plant leather. Despite my journey of struggle and conflicts, I was able to turn the tables around with consistent efforts and a positive mindset.

My success story is an opportunity for many women in business or working in influential positions to go out of their way and strive for excellence.

If you are on the lookout for counseling sessions to improve your career, overall physical and mental well-being and wish to experience positive change, look no further.

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