Transform Into the Best Version of Yourself

We all hear stories of people who have succeeded in life! What sets them apart from the rest? Let me, Ritu Singal, a life coach, show you how

Transform Into the Best Version of Yourself

How does that businessman prioritize his three businesses? How do Indians at the Olympics win? How does your next-door neighbor achieve so much & you can’t?

I understand it hurts when they can, and you feel you can’t do it. You struggle with basic things & even though you’re pushing yourself, inconsistency leaves you back to square 1.

What do they all have in common? Is it money? Is it fame? Is itthe extra time? or do you feel that you are born with good luck?

Well, the answer is simple: They have the proper mindset. Denzil Washington once said, “Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. “So my first suggestion is to have an open mind.

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Open mind vs. closed mind

open mindset vs closed mindset

The open mind seeks endless possibilities and looks at obstacles as stepping stones. It is like a machine that keeps updating & pushing itself. The closed reason, on the other hand, is inflexible & rigid. It sees failures as limitations & gives up immediately. The open mind looks at things non-judgmentally, while the closed mind does the opposite. Which one are you? Do you follow stereotypes? This brings me to my second point: Break stereotypes.

Breaking stereotypes

There is a glass ceiling that society has set. Limitations that we can’t cross. My mantra is if it doesn’t break the people you love, go for it. They may be disappointed & upset. But your true ones will understand you. I broke the stereotype by being one of the few women who led a real estate business. It is challenging being one. Remember, a lion needs no one. How do you become this lion?

Read books

Knowledge is fundamental. When you eat healthy & exercise, the results are shown in your body. Similarly, it yields positive results when you feed your mind with positivity. You might be providing your mind with life counselling solutions.

Set Boundaries

You deny yourself when you give too many “yes” to others. Becoming the best version of yourself means learning how to prioritize your needs well. The most prominent entrepreneurs in the world have learned to say no in the world, for example.

A co-worker who pushes you to do extra work. or your family member asking you to do something against your wishes. A child that is forcing you to buy that expensive gift. Netflix advises you to watch your favorite show. If you can say no in these few situations, imagine your capabilities in other cases!

Mind your mind

Your mind is constantly absorbing things, learning things from new people daily. To instill positivity, you must avoid the negativity. Avoid watching negative news or getting into unnecessary thoughts.

The moment you get a negative thought or feeling, feel that feeling. Validate yourself & then replace it with a positive review. Some ideas are deeply rooted in something else. Mental coaching is one way to mind your mind. I, Ritu Singal, provide Life Counselling to help you manage your mind.


Why am I, Ritu Singal, considered the best life coach in India?

Counselling is essential as it guides you toward your best self. Mental coaching bridges the gap between where you are & want to be. You can be everything you want to be if you genuinely wish to do it. Follow the footsteps of those you aspire to be like. I, Ritu Singal, can be your pillar motivation and your coach.

A Glimpse Of My Achievements Renowned as the Best Life Coach in Chandigarh, I hold several accolades and achievements in my name. Some of T\these include Outstanding President’ award for the Year 2012-13, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2013, the Gold Pin from the Soka Gakkai International for her valuable contributions in 2004 & more.

I am not here to boast about myself but to lead you by example. I, too, have been in those same shoes that you have been in. I, too, struggled with success & wished somebody would help me. I am here to help the “old me ” by helping you all. I offer various kinds of counseling services. To know more, you can visit the website.

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