A glimpse of my book I Decided Not to Cry

A glimpse of my book I Decided Not to Cry

A glimpse of my book I Decided Not to Cry

Just like the numerous things I never expected I would do, writing a book that is a compilation of waves of different facets of my life was one of them. I have had the opportunity to educate, empower and guide individuals from different walks of life but now I feel even more grateful to hold an opportunity to share with you the stories of my life, almost all of which tamed me in becoming the person I am today. 

Divided by 32 chapters but united by hope and optimism, writing the book “I Decided NOT To Cry” is a resentment to the strength I have carried out throughout these years.

If you have read some of my blogs, you would have known a part of my life, in fact, my professional life and how I conquered the world of business. Nonetheless, I choose to speak the rest of it now as I re-discover myself.


The major turning point surfaced when my husband took his life with his own hands. The life after it turned and the life after it and before as well came with a varied number of challenges and learnings, and I never stopped to give up.   

I was the third child to my parents and most of my childhood lingered around me being called the most well-behaved child. From having a mediocre pretty decent early childhood days to my mother suffering from a psychological illness, my childhood challenges were like a yacht in high-speed winds. From I learned to navigate through tough times and became a pretty good sailor.

My higher education was based in Chandigarh and studying law was the one adolescent decision I had made and despite the ragging culture which was prominent at that instance, law school became my go-to destination. 

After enrolling for a Master’s in Law, that is when I met my husband for the first time. After having numerous memories, tying the knot and having kids, which seems like a settled family, started to have twists and turns. The chapters in the book are titled respectively in a way that highlights the exact essence of the very same chapter. 

I always believed that business was a straightforward exchange of goods and services for money. However, I lacked an understanding of the mindset and behaviour of business people when it came to finances.

I don’t think it was entirely my fault, as my almost saintly father never exposed me to this side of life. The values he instilled in us prevented me from even considering getting involved in these matters. 

The amount of my non-involvement in the sphere of business was this husk but little did I know that this was going to turn opposite in a few years.

After putting myself up with several challenges with my husband and standing by him even though there were a series of issues he grappled with, my thoughts froze two times. One was when I knew about his illicit affair with another woman and another was when I heard that he had taken his life. 

A glimpse of my book I Decided Not to Cry

Again, from my in-laws blaming me for their son’s death to knowing little about how to take forward the business which was in a mess to being there for my kids, I started pondering on the question of   “What can I do?” Gradually I tried to mute these voices in my head, I stepped into the business world and the game started to change.

The process of parenting which I worked on was unconventional which dealt with emotional stability and it instilled great strength in me to deal with life ahead.

There were instances of financial trouble. Consulting the bankers was the first thing I did and this was against my consultant’s opinion. He feared we had lost our credibility with the banks and that it was useless to approach them.

To some extent, even I feared that, but I overruled my fears. I fixed an appointment with the General Manager of our bank and shared the details of my company’s financial status. The financial facet started to improve, and I started to place myself solely in business. 

Yet again from being felicitated with the Women Entrepreneur Award 2011 by ET Now in presence of Mr N.R. Narayana Murthy (Founder Infosys) to being known as one of the best Key Note Speakers by 2021, a lot has changed; a huge part of myself has witnessed growth and I hope to keep the same level of spirit and energy high ahead. 

You will be content to read out more about my story and connect the dot to the title I chose to name it. It sparks to describe Life Beyond Loss: The Wife, The Mother, The Entrepreneur.

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