A Certified Life Coach’s Way Forward

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A Certified Life Coach’s Way Forward

Introduced as ‘Ritu Singal is an Independent Certified Life Coach, Teacher, Trainer & Speaker with ‘The John Maxwell Team and World famous ‘Arfeen Khan‘, it took me 15 years to gear up expertise in the field of practicing as a life coach which was an eventual process of struggles, ups and down in different fields of my life. Having worked with couples, individuals and families as well as in group settings, I ensure to hold your hand through this transformative journey.

There is plenty of content on social media to help you find a solution for your problem but why do you need a life coach then? And what sets me apart from the others? You need a personalized guide for the things you have been struggling through, not a one-stop solution, and a life coach exactly help you travel through this process of guidance. They help you gain new perspectives of things around you and the fact that many of them have been in your shoes will take you a step closer to them. 

I, Ritu Singal, am a Certified life Coach. This official recognition of mine is one of the answers to the next question which is what makes me stand out from others in the field. Active Listening, Leadership Skills and a Positive Outlook are the three key principles to my approach in my life coach services which have guided me throughout my journey in mentoring around 10000 individuals across 14 countries.


The mission of being a guide to lead the way through the struggles of life has helped us progress in our services and now my team and I excel in providing the following services in the following areas:

  • Workplace Counselling 
  • Mind Skill Training
  • Youth Counselling 
  • Personality Development Training 
  • Pre Marriage-Counselling 
  • Startup Counselling
  • Family Counselling 
  • Marital Counselling 
  • Child Counselling 
  • Corporate Counselling 

Inclusive of Personality Development and Communication Skills!

The development of your personality is an essential element to hone your overall skills as an individual in your personal as well as professional lives. The enhancement of this aspect can be relied on me as I am happy to share that I offer specialized services in personality development. The techniques I use are tailored to your needs and situations which will eventually help in overcoming your obstacles and achieving what you are aiming for. 

Communication is an important subset of personality development which aids in enhancing your confidence and self-esteem. Being an entrepreneur and a keynote speaker myself, I have realized the weight communication carries in varied facets of your life. This is why I assure you that through me you will be able to unlock the doors to your communication skills with the personalized measures I take to help you improve yourself as an individual.

What to expect from a Life Coach:

As mentioned, a life coach is a professional who helps individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Some of the main things a life coach puts in process while providing guidance are:

  1. Clarifies goals: A life coach helps you clarify your goals and define what success means to you.
  2. Develops a plan: A life coach works with individuals to develop a plan for achieving their goals so you can expect personalized roadmaps for your needs.
  3. Provides support: There might be downs even though you think you are going with the most perfect plan but a life coach provides support and encouragement throughout the whole process of achieving goals.
  4. Offers accountability: A life coach helps you stay accountable to your goals and commitments.
  5. Helps with self-discovery: The first step in achieving what you exactly want is self-awareness, a life coach helps you discover your strengths, values, and passions.
  6. Provides guidance: A life coach provides guidance and perspective when you are in the line of facing challenges or obstacles.
  7. Offers motivation: A life coach provides motivation and inspiration to help you stay focused and on track.

Overall, a life coach helps individuals to overcome obstacles, find direction, and achieve their full potential.

But what are the benefits of a collaboration with Life Coach?

Life Coach Services in India

Through the long stretch of years of experience I have had, my knowledge of different techniques and situations in this field has expanded tremendously in this duration. 

It’s important to make teenagers feel valued and understood. Many of us tend to take our children’s successes for granted, but they need to feel that they matter. I motivate teenagers to pursue their passions, regardless of their chosen path. I help them find direction in life by exploring their passions and finding a purpose that suits them. Young adults and individuals of other age groups as well have benefitted from the services I provide.  

The breakthrough

Life coaching helps you discover yourself and make positive changes. As your coach, I’ll help you overcome negative patterns, and create a clear path towards achieving your goals. With my support, accountability, and guidance, you’ll gain the courage and confidence to make sustainable changes in your life.

Concluding, I would like you to remember that in the journey, it’s not just YOU but it’s WE who will be in it together!

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