Unlock the secret of a happy marriage: how to benefit from marriage counseling

how to benefit from marriage counseling

Unlock the secret of a happy marriage: how to benefit from marriage counseling

Recently, Sonali paid me a visit, and I was genuinely struck by her remarkable transformation. Her self-assured demeanor, elegant smile, and impeccable choice of attire left a lasting impression on me. It’s evident that she’s undergone significant personal growth in just a few years.

When I recall her previous visit two years ago, she had come to seek my counsel rather than to simply catch up as friends. Back then, she was grappling with a deep sense of dissatisfaction stemming from issues within her marriage to Nikhil.

I vividly remember her words at the time: ‘I feel like giving up on this relationship.’ It was during this crucial juncture that I offered her guidance, suggesting that instead of immediately tackling the larger problems, she focused on addressing the smaller ones.

I explained how her habit of frequently using the word ‘but’ undermined the positives in others, even when they were making an effort. I emphasized that coupling ‘BUT’ with ‘thank you’ essentially nullified the positives and exacerbated the other person’s lack of confidence. I encouraged her to adopt the 9:1 rule, which involves consciously emphasizing the positive.

This meant identifying triggers of resentment and, for each desired improvement, listing 9 positive qualities or aspects before addressing the one area for improvement. I suggested that she put this advice into practice, and as a result, she could expect to witness a transformation in her relationship.

Revisiting the Concept of Marriage

Furthermore, I revisited the concept of marriage with her, providing additional insight and clarification. The institution of marriage is a beautiful amalgamation, deriving its essence from the words ‘merry’ and ‘age,’ symbolizing a journey where two souls age gracefully together, enriching life with abundant joy. Picture it as the nurturing of a young sapling, which, much like marriage, thrives with dedicated care.

Just as a sapling requires diligent attention, nutrient-rich soil, consistent watering, and the warmth of sunlight to flourish into a magnificent tree, so does a marriage demand love, tenderness, trust, and respect to blossom into a harmonious partnership.

Concept of Marriage

However, it’s crucial to recognize that within this union, two individuals often carry the imprints of diverse backgrounds and distinct upbringings. These differences, much like the various colors in a painting, add depth to their shared journey.

While conflicts are a natural part of this voyage, it’s equally vital to acknowledge that to nurture this radiant relationship, both partners must take responsibility for their emotions, honor each other’s feelings, and express gratitude for the gift of one another’s presence.

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Marriage and Family Counseling

Marriage counseling, often referred to as couples counseling, plays a central and vibrant role in guiding couples toward a harmonious and deeply fulfilling union. Its primary aim is to elevate the quality of a relationship and offer valuable assistance in addressing issues that may cause discomfort or discord within the marriage.

Furthermore, family counseling is another critical aspect that works to rejuvenate the intricate dynamics within families, foster effective communication, and untangle the knots of issues that may cast shadows of discomfort over the family unit. It seeks to pave the way for improved family life and happiness.

Within the vibrant tapestry of family dynamics, a myriad of colors and problems may emerge, each demanding a unique approach to understanding and solution.

Common Family Problems and Their Solutions

Communication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of healthy family relationships, essential for resolving conflicts and misunderstandings. Counseling equips family members with skills such as active listening and assertive dialogue.

Marriage and Family Counseling

Marital Struggles: Whether they involve intense arguments or delicate trust issues, marital conflicts can find resolution through marriage counseling, where understanding and solutions converge to create a new harmony.

Parenting Challenges: Parenting presents an array of challenges, from discipline to managing a child’s emotions. Counseling helps parents discover their unique parenting styles and find effective ways to navigate this terrain.

Family Harmony Amid Diverse Identities: Blended families harmonize diverse dynamics through family counseling, fostering unity. Counseling provides solace and enlightenment for culturally diverse or LGBTQ+ families, weaving acceptance into their bonds.

Navigating Grief: During times of sorrow, such as death, divorce, or separation, counseling provides a canvas for expressing emotions and offers mutual support within the family.

Financial Strains: Financial difficulties, from debt to money disagreements, can strain family bonds. Counseling assists families in creating financial strategies and improving communication in this process.

Premarital Preparation: Couples preparing for marriage view premarital counseling as a vibrant beginning. They explore expectations, uncover potential challenges, and build a strong foundation for their journey together.

Sibling Rivalry: In the intricate dance of sibling rivalry and disputes, family counseling takes on the role of a choreographer. It teaches siblings how to navigate conflicts gracefully, promoting healthier relationships.

Different Paths to Marriage

Whether you embark on the journey of marriage through arranged or love pathways, each path weaves its own unique tapestry, offering a palette of distinct qualities, advantages, and challenges.

Arranged marriages, rooted in tradition and fortified by familial support, face criticism over potential infringement on personal freedom and societal conformity. Love marriages, founded on personal choice and emotional connection, offer fulfillment but can encounter hurdles like family consent and societal expectations.



Both seek happiness, but abusive marriages, regardless of type, must never be tolerated. Abuse can manifest physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, sexually, digitally, or spiritually, necessitating recognition and escape.

Passion in Life

Rekindling passion in life is vital for vibrant relationships. Prioritize quality time, open communication, shared interests, intimacy, surprises, and new experiences. Show gratitude, seek adventure, balance togetherness with personal growth, and consider counseling for major challenges.

Forgiveness is key to releasing resentment and fostering love. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to reignite passion in life. Remember, each marriage is unique, so adapt these strategies to nurture a deeper and lasting connection.

Life Coach Ritu Singal: Your Marriage Counselor

Marriage counseling thrives on openness, patience, and readiness. Honest, respectful communication is key. Set goals, embrace feedback, learn, and grow.

Above all, I can provide valuable guidance and support for strengthening your marriage/family. I help you address conflicts, enhance communication, and nurture healthier relationships within your family. Remember, a happy marriage doesn’t mean an absence of conflicts but the ability to openly communicate and resolve them.

Here are some tips to foster a happy marriage:

  1. Try not to see each other’s flaw from a magnifying glass
  2. Try to see and appreciate positive attributes of your partner instead of focusing on negatives
  3. Stop justifying your own mistakes while giving attention to others, in fact try to do vice-a versa
  4. Try to see things from others perspectives too
  5. Always try to connect with right people & be with good mind set people
  6. Match interests and mind sets not the birth charts


In the end, In the grand tapestry of life, the presence of loved ones paints the most vibrant strokes, and the truest victory is in preserving these cherished bonds. In the universe of relationships, success unfurls not solely from the efforts of one but from the shared endeavor of both.

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