Boosting Productivity at the Workplace Strategies for Success

Boosting Productivity at the Workplace Strategies for Success

Strategies to increase productivity at the workplace – “Work smarter, Not Harder”

Do you find it hard to concentrate on a certain job? Do you find yourself in the middle of a mess when so much work is yet to be done? Are you wondering if you really are cut out for this?

If so, then it’s time for you to learn something new. You need to discover more about how to stay and increase productivity at the workplace when the universe is asking a lot from you.

Increasing productivity at the workplace is more than important, especially when you are in a competitive business world. In the modern fast-paced environment, it can make your career or even destroy it. In case you are not ready to make yourself productive no matter the time or place, you are not going to make the finish line.

So you need to learn the tricks about how to make yourself useful without burning out. In this article, you are going to learn a lot more about what productivity is, why it is important, and how to increase productivity at the workplace

What is workplace productivity?

First of all, productivity is not about working long hours or working harder than you normally do. It’s about accomplishing more in less time without getting distracted from your goals. 

Just because someone is working late nights or 7 to 8 hours long without taking a break, that doesn’t mean they are working efficiently. This could be overwhelming for you in case you continue to work even if your body and mind are not fully into it. In that case, you are not being productive, you are suffering from burnout which will affect your ability to work in the future.

Now, what does it mean to have workplace productivity?

Workplace productivity is about delivering high-quality work within the deadlines by fully utilizing your time and skills.  In order to increase productivity at the workplace, you need to have a clear idea about what your work goals are, how to reach those efficiently, and how to maintain a work-life balance.

Let us understand this through a story. 

A man came to the king asking for a job. The king accepted his application and kept him on a job for rs. 5000 per month in the palace. He started working for the honorable king  in the palace. After a few days he noticed that there is another man working in the palace with the same designation but he is getting paid Rs.20,000 per month. He felt very bad about it. This man went to the king and complained about injustice happening to him. The king consoled him by saying that he will look after it. 

Few days passed. One day some kind of noise was coming into the palace from outside. This  man was standing there so the king asked him to check what was happening there. The man went outside and came back with the answer that few people had gathered outside and made that noise.

The king again asked him who those people were. The man again went outside in search of an answer and came back. He answered that they were coming from Rajasthan and wore some monk style saffron-colored clothes. The king again asked in wonder, “What are they doing?

The man again went outside and came back with the answer that they play orchestra. The king questioned how much they charge for it. Again the man went outside and came back  with the answer that they charge Rs. 10,000 for this. Then the king asked him the last question: how much will they charge for him? And again the man went outside and came back with the answer that they will charge Rs. 6000 for the king. 

Now The king summoned the other man who was working with the same designation. And asked him one question to check what kind of noise was happening outside the palace. He went outside and came back to the king within a few minutes. He told the king that those people were coming somewhere from Rajasthan.

They have worn the monk style saffron coloured clothes and are doing the job of musician and singer as they have musical instruments.  They usually charge Rs. 10,000 but for the king they will do the job for Rs. 6,000. He bargained  with them and made them do the job for Rs. 4000 for the king. Now the man learned his lesson, accepted his mistake and apologized for the same. 

That man has understood that they both were getting their payments according to their productivity. You  have to manage multiple things at the same time and increase your productivity. For increasing your productivity you need to understand the interlinked work and complete them in one go. 

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You need to do the analysis and understand your work patterns thoroughly. You need to understand how much effort, passion and dedication you are  putting into your work. try to focus on increasing your productivity and you will get the raise and appreciation at your workplace automatically. 

To  increase productivity at the workplace., you can take certain actions. Later in this article, you will learn about these actions in detail. But for now, let’s just say that ensuring productivity has more than one benefit that you might have never thought of before.

What are the different types of productivity

No matter what your working levels are, you need to be productive at all times. Especially after COVID, so many companies and Organizations are leaning towards remote or a hybrid working environment. In that case, you need to be efficient, complete tasks within a certain deadline, and achieve short-term goals without fail.

The concept of productivity is not always the same in every working arena. By exploring all the different types of productivity, you will have so many different perspectives as well.

Personal Productivity

Personal productivity focuses on how quickly you are able to finish your work without compromising quality. However, doing it is not as easy as it sounds. You might not achieve this ability all of a sudden, but surely you can get there with a bit of practice.

When you have to be productive on a personal level, you must set your priorities right. Next comes time management techniques which need a lot of thinking about which task seems the easiest to complete. Developing good habits like continuing to learn new things, and keeping away from modern-day distractions like checking social media every now and then also helps.


Team Productivity

These days mostly you have to collaborate with your team members for a project. In that case, you have work to do in order to complete the project. You need to know exactly what your role is going to be and how you maintain the responsibility that is given to you.

Team productivity means that you have to value the team members, engage in open conversations with them, and nurture a positive work environment. You won’t be able to get anything done in case you don’t value the contributions of each member.

Organizational Productivity

When you work for an organization, you need to be more efficient since your productivity eventually leads to the growth of that particular Organization. It means how efficiently an organization is utilizing the resources to achieve its goals. However, some Organizations don’t include strong leadership, and as a result, they fail to plan strategically.

Every Organization needs to have a healthy work environment to encourage innovative ideas. The more the employees will engage in exploring new perspectives, the more improvement it would be for the Organization. Even the corporate counseling programs are available nowadays. organizations are taking interest and avail corporate counseling programs for maintaining healthy and productive health culture.                   

Economic Productivity

Economic productivity is necessary for economic growth and prosperity. It involves enhancing the efficiency of how fast the production process is going. It also includes innovations of new technologies and utilizing each and every resource.

It can be tracked by the output of goods produced per unit input such as capital, labor, or time. These inputs are absolutely necessary for the advancement of the economy.

Business Productivity

When it comes to a business, productivity is important as it tracks how efficiently the revenue is coming. It involves measuring the work hours to the amount of revenue. This is essential to earn a profit, to have healthy competition between the competitors, and to get long-term success.

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National Productivity 

National productivity becomes more than important now that it determines exactly how the natives will lead their life. A country needs to generate products and services using minimum labor and materials. If a country fails to do that, the citizens will suffer. 

A country that always looks to invent new technologies tends to increase its economic growth. It also directly affects the other significant aspects when it comes to running a country.

Why productivity is important?

Companies across all industries demand workplace productivity as it is of utmost importance. They provide you with a certain timeframe, and you need to accomplish your task within it. Your actions directly affect how the company will perform when it comes to staying one step ahead of the competitors.

All of these could be too much to process at once for you. In the following, you will find a short discussion about why workplace productivity is very crucial.

It enhances efficiency

When you as an employee are productive and can complete your task within deadlines, it means that you’re utilizing resources like a pro. This means that you are being efficient which helps improve the overall performance of the company. It allows any organization or business to achieve more in less time, exactly what they look for.

It ultimately results in increased revenue

People wouldn’t be talking about productivity so highly if it weren’t for the increased revenue of a company. When the employees work like a pro, and complete tasks within a time frame, they are ultimately helping the company to get more profit. If you know how to use resources for good, it can reduce costs and boost the business

A company can only advance toward financial growth and sustainability if the employees generate more input. All these directly increase revenue for sure.

It helps companies to stay ahead of others

These days any company won’t be able to stay in the market in case it doesn’t learn how to outsource its competitors. If your rivals always gain an advantage over you, it would be very difficult to get anything done. This is exactly why you have to stay ahead of them no matter the time.

If your company is able to produce effectively, you can definitely adapt to market demands in no time. Only then, as a company, can you outperform your competitors and gain a competitive edge.

It encourages creativity

Do you know the best thing that can happen when you work at a productive workplace? It allows you to be a better employee by helping you think outside the box. 

When you are able to finish your work without delay, it allows you to dedicate your energy to brainstorming ideas. In your spare time, you can come up with several new approaches that could be immensely helpful. 

The truth is productivity provides employees with the freedom to explore new perspectives and bring fresh ideas to light. This eventually leads to some breakthrough innovations.

It improves customer experience 

Your hard work might go in vain in case the feedback from the customers isn’t up to the mark. However, when employees are productive, they can deliver products on time and maintain good quality. This improves customer experience and more likely they could become repeat clients. They could even recommend your business to other people they know, resulting in further growth.

It ensures the physical and mental well-being of employees

As said earlier, workplace productivity isn’t about solely punishing employees to work throughout the day. It includes creating such a work environment that encourages you to stay healthy physically and mentally. It also allows us to eliminate unnecessary tasks, reduce work stress and improve work-life balance.

It provides a positive work environment

A positive work environment includes employees that are supported by the company, and recognised for their efforts. When they feel productive, they get job satisfaction which is tremendously important. This also helps attract more talent to the team.

It allows growth and expansion 

Lastly, productivity helps companies to grow and expand their horizons. When a business runs smoothly, it can seize new opportunities to scale the business. Overall, productivity acts as a solid foundation for sustained growth and development.

How do you show productivity at work?

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Telling people to increase productivity at the workplace is easy, but it’s harder to do it in reality. 

However, that can be managed by following some easy steps.

Setting small and clear goals

Set goals which are clear, specific, less time-consuming, relevant, and small. You are more productive when you know exactly what you’re doing.

Managing time like a pro

Knowing time management techniques are necessary. Create a timetable by breaking down complicated tasks into manageable steps. Then build some to-do lists or calendars to track your progress.

Planning and organizing carefully

Practice efficient time management techniques such as setting certain timeframes, prioritizing tasks, and avoiding distractions. This helps enhance your focus and productivity.

Avoiding multitasking

Multitasking can actually be the reason for your downfall. Concentrate on one task at a time and give it your full attention.

Communicating  properly

While working as a team, talk about your progress and share updates with them. You need to be absolutely sure that you all are on the same page. This is where corporate counseling comes in to help employees open with each other.

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Taking breaks

To maintain focus and avoid burnout, you need to take breaks regularly. Short breaks are crucial to recharge your energy. If not anything, at least try to get some fresh air.

Learning without stopping 

No matter the time or place, you need to stay updated with the latest trends and upskill yourself. You have to gain more knowledge so that it can sharpen your skills.

How to calculate productivity?

Tracking workplace productivity is as necessary as being productive. You need to know how much you and your company are progressing on a regular basis. This is only possible when you decide to calculate the revenue or profit.

Now, you might be wondering how you can track your progress. How do you calculate productivity so that the company can evaluate and improve its performance?

Here’s how tracking workplace productivity is possible—

By identifying certain outputs

Start calculating productivity by identifying the certain outputs you want to measure. It could be anything including revenue, completed tasks, number of produced units, or more.

By defining key inputs 

Identify the key resources that were involved in the production of goods. This could include raw materials, capital investment, labor hours, or more.

By choosing a formula

There are different formulas for productivity including output per labor hour, output per unit of capital, and output per combined input. This varies depending on the nature of inputs and outputs. Choose a certain formula so that tracking workplace productivity becomes easier. 

By collecting data

Collect data for both input and output metrics. The sources don’t matter as long as the data is clear and accurate.

By calculating the data

After collecting data, you need to apply a productivity formula. Divide the output by the input to get the productivity ratio.

By comparing and analyzing data

Now that you have the calculated data in your hand, it’s time to interpret the data. Start by comparing it with past records, rivals’ performance, or industry standards. This way tracking workplace productivity will be much easier.

How do you maintain productivity ?

Now you know how to increase productivity at the workplace. However, it would do you no good in case you fail to maintain it. You need to stay productive even if your goals are achieved.

Here’s what you can do to maintain productivity at a workplace —

Eliminate anything that distracts you

For starters, you must identify exactly what distracts you from maintaining your productivity. Then you need to eliminate those from your life. Turn off unnecessary notifications, stop yourself from checking social media frequently, and close unused tabs.

Take care of your health to stay energetic

Before anything else, always give priority to your mental and physical health. Get enough sleep, decrease screen time, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. The more you practice healthy habits, the more productive you will be!

Go for a walk or listen to music to avoid boredom

Listen to your body, and take a break from work when you feel like it. Take a walk for some time, get some fresh air, or listen to your favorite song. This will help you come back recharged and more energetic than ever.

Attend the necessary meetings only 

Don’t burn yourself out by attending meetings that consume a big chunk of your valuable time. Think about whether this meeting has importance or not, then consider attending it. If you can’t find its value, then it’s better to interact with emails, etc.

Take some time off to reflect and review 

Reflect on what you did and what worked well or what didn’t. Make adjustments according to your assessment and decide what your next step is going to be. 

Additionally, just remember that maintaining productivity is a long process. It takes time and a lot of strategies to implement time management techniques and skills. In case you’re finding it hard to be productive, you can always seek help from a life coach, what you know as corporate counseling. A life coach can lead you in the right direction.


A productive workplace is where employees are valued, supported, focused, and nurtured. Even some companies are now investing in corporate counseling so that their employees remain motivated, focused, and above all productive. Productivity in the workplace is absolutely crucial especially when the corporate world demands you to stay on your toes. Achieving it might seem difficult at first, but it is absolutely nothing that can’t happen.

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