The mask behind the truth of fear of marriage that premarital counseling uncovers

The mask behind the truth of fear of marriage that premarital counseling uncovers

In this blog, I will help you discover your inner truths by answering these questions.

What causes fear of marriage?
How do I overcome my fear of marriage?

The reality of today’s younger generations

In my years as a life coach, I, Ritu Singal, noticed people fearing commitment while doing Premarital Counselling. A common misconception I have seen is that only women have Fear of Marriage. On the other hand, I even know men who have this fear. Thus, both show this fear of marriage.

The reality of today’s younger generations

The younger generation presents this fear as a “situation” or” friends with benefits.” Situationship is an undefined relationship where partners meet each other’s needs through physical & emotional means but do not define it.

They prefer not to carry the burden of the tag of the relationship. At the same time, friends with benefits is a sort of agreement where males & females use each other for physical & sexual intimacy. There is barely anything romantic involved in it.

Here, two kinds of opposites attract the oppressor & the oppressed. Both the oppressor & the oppressed are hurt, but each displays it differently. The oppressor is the typical boy or girl having many partners of the opposite sex.

The oppressed are the one who keeps blaming themselves and believes they are the one who can change this man or woman. As you see, both have a fear of abandonment. The latter will find the opposite of a person as a project and continuously attract partners who validate it.

Signs of a fear of abandonment may include:

  • You may find that you are very dependent on or attached to relationships.
  •  You could always look for trust and reassurance. You might find it hard to trust others or keep ties strong. 
  • You might avoid emotional solid ties or be afraid of being turned down. You might feel unsafe or anxious when someone isn’t there or far away. 
  • Before getting into a relationship, you might be able to live on your own, but once you do, everything changes.

Let’s go into its root causes, shall we? Be ready to overcome your innermost fears! I, a life coach Ritu Singal, will show you your mirror!

What causes fear of marriage?

Why Most Young Boys And Girls Are Not Ready For Marriage

The roots I observe during Premarital Counselling go back to the past.

  • Witnessing domestic violence at home
  • Seeing their parents fight for several reasons
  • Watching love fade in the marriage
  • Feeling abandoned, left out
  • A deep sense of loneliness or feeling of being unworthy
  • Feeling of emptiness
  • Heartbreaks by someone you saw a future with
  • Parental interference in relationships
  • Being born in a joint family and seeing its consequences
  • Peer pressure
  • Having the wrong role models
  • Sexual trauma

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How do I overcome fear of marriage?

When clients come to me, they feel they have no problems. Then, after a few sessions, they are shocked to know the root of the problem. Besides, I have seen many people who believe others have it worse than them, so it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Thus, they fail to realize a wound is a wound, whether big or small. Every wound requires bandages & treatment. I, Ritu Singal, your mental coach, am here to provide the required treatment. To know more about me, do have a visit on my website. 

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