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Hailing from Chandigarh, I, Ritu Singal am an accomplished coach, mentor and business woman who was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the year in 2011. Coming from humble beginnings, my life has been no less than a roller coaster of sorts.

With two lovely children to hold my legacy, I can proudly say that I have come a long way to be able to give back to students and the society at large through my counseling and life coaching sessions.

I am an Independent Certified Life Coach, Teacher, Trainer & Motivational Speaker with The John Maxwell Team as well as a certified Life Coach from Coach to Fortune by Arfeen Khan.

I have authored two books, I Decided Not to Cry’ and ‘A Story can change your life’. These books delve into personal narratives and entrepreneurial wisdom, aiming to inspire and empower readers on their own journeys.

‘I Decided Not To Cry’ 


In my autobiography, ‘I Decided Not To Cry,’ I candidly share the highs and lows of my life journey, highlighting the resilience we all possess to confront adversity head-on. Through my narrative, I encourage readers to reflect on their own inner fortitude in times of crisis.

The book offers a seamless and engaging read, guiding readers through the chapters of my life – from my childhood to the financial struggles in my maternal family, the early matrimonial challenges I encountered, and the profound emotional upheaval of motherhood. 

When my first child Ishani was down with a chronic disease, I was introduced by a stranger to the power of Buddhist prayers. This was the first time I learnt about spiritualism and the power of collective blessings.

When all doctors had given up, Ishani started to recover. This was when I realized that we all have an inherent power within us and we can leverage it to move mountains. 

From living the dream of a successful marriage to being cheated time and time again, I have poured my heart out to this book where I share my true life story without any inhibitions.

When I lost my husband to suicide, I was dumbstruck. With court litigation, angry factory workers and jerks crowding to pull me down, the only strength I could draw from were my children and my own willpower. 

In the face of adversity, I was able to turn an ailing business that was drowned in debt to a thriving leather manufacturing business today.

This book is a testament to the struggles we face as women and in entrepreneurship in general and how we can navigate through these stressful times.

‘A Story Can Change your Life’

I have also authored the book called,A Story can change your life .In this book I have shared stories and real life incidents that we can all learn from. These incidents shape our thought process and the way we look at life at large. 

Referring to the works of many scholars, I have also explained the idea of Psychosomatic medicine which studies the disorders in which mental health plays an important role in the development and treatment of a physical illness. 


In fact, there are multiple studies which show that by treating mental conditions, physical illness such as rash, allergies, skin conditions, and even life threatening disorders can be reversed.

In this collection of stories, I have tried to provide simple, practical and time-tested methods to cope with issues at home or at the workplace. The main protagonist of the book is a woman named Kyna, a happy go-lucky character who steers through the maze of life.

Every story ends with small pieces of wisdom drawn from my own life experiences and scholarly articles alike.

After having turned my business around and overcoming life struggles, I felt the need to give back to society at large. I provide life coaching and counseling sessions to students and employees across different industries. 

Counseling sessions

Employee counseling is a one on one or group session that takes place between the employee and the employer or a certified counselor to cope with life stressors, workplace issues that affect a person’s well being. 

With more than a decade worth of experience, I, Ritu Singal, have helped many corporate employees take charge of their life through workplace counseling services, look at the positive aspects of their job, and start living a more balanced life.


I once faced a situation where an employee had recently handed over his resignation notice due to a misunderstanding that took place. Often, we humans tend to assume a lot of things and fail to realize hidden intentions.

I have also helped women cope with suicidal tendencies and come out of mental trauma to live an empowered and fulfilling life. 

With my counseling sessions I always aim to follow a systematic approach. 

We first start with meet and greet sessions where I try to understand my mentee’s narrative, their thought process and create a safe place to discuss issues.

Bridging the gap: In this stage I aim to figure out what changes are necessary – whether attitude, mindset or surroundings. There are many cases where employees feel that management decisions are targeted at them which is far from true.

These are situations where positive reinforcements and assurance help employees’ regain confidence in their workplace.

Finally, we collectively plan out a course of action and set accountability to my mentees so that they are able to see tangible changes. 

Why take coaching and counseling services from us?

Counseling sessions are often considered a taboo even today. There are people who are open about and benefit from them. While others, sit back and consider it non-essential. 

Therefore it is important to realize when you need to take the step. Instead of circling back to negative emotions over and over again, chronic stress needs to be nipped in the bud. Therefore, taking up counseling sessions  should be more of a personal decision.

I, Ritu Singal ,have trained hundreds of individuals across 14 countries. From cases like resignation, suicide, mental breakdown, divorce, mental health disorders etc, many people have moved on to lead positive and empowered lives.

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