Celebrate Women’s Day with me, Ritu Singal

women's day special

Celebrate Women’s Day with me, Ritu Singal

Women are often tied between conflicting responsibilities and juggle between being a mother, a housewife, a working woman or even a businesswoman of sorts.

This can take a toll on their mental and physical health. In order to appreciate and value their efforts, many companies celebrate International Women’s Day in offices today around the world.

I have seen multiple ups and downs in my business, lost my husband very early on, handled multiple litigations, curbed company losses and finally emerged  successful as a business coach and woman entrepreneur.

Today, I am the proud winner of the prestigious ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011’ award for ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ by ET Now, Pan India and also the managing director of Raglan industries, a real estate firm.

I, Ritu Singal, stand as a testimony for many women who feel threatened by overpowering individuals or circumstances in their lives. If I can turn circumstances to my favor, so can you. This day is a reminder to all women  to stand up, feel empowered and truly supported.

To celebrate women and their contributions, some of the activities that can be conducted on this special day are:

Educational Workshops and Seminars


Workshops focussing on women’s empowerment, building leadership skills, and the importance of a diverse work culture can be conducted.

As a business coach and corporate counselor, I have spoken at multiple seminars with an audience of different age groups and cultural differences.  One of my keynote speeches that was recently concluded was for NABARD ( National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development ) on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Networking Events

Various networking events can be held to allow female employees to collaborate with senior management, discuss potential work issues, and identify opportunities for growth.

Some examples of networking events could be that of Women in Business Network

(WIBN) where small and medium sized business owners meet to discuss and collaborate on ideas, build partnerships and provide business to each other.

Recognition Awards

Recognizing outstanding women employees for their work and contributions can be an opportunity to build trust and make them feel valued and empowered.

I was recently recognized in Kolkata as the first woman entrepreneur who has worked on sustainable plant leather. Despite my journey of struggle and conflicts, I was able to turn the tables around with consistent efforts and a positive mindset.

My success story is an opportunity for many women in business or working in influential positions to go out of their way and strive for excellence.

Organizing photo challenges and fun activities:

In today’s world where social media has taken over our lives, fun activities like #EmbraceEquityPhotoChallenge can be a fun way for women to embrace their flaws and beauty alike.

I, Ritu Singal recently conducted the ‘Embrace Equity Photo challenge’ by asking my instagram followers to click pictures of themselves in their own color of choice to showcase their vibrant personality. Similar activities like potlucks, selfie contests, pottery or craft competitions in groups can also be conducted to aid community building.

Skill-Building Workshops

Empowering women with job-ready skills like negotiations, public speaking, sales, personal branding can also be an effective way to help them stand out.

Offering free learning resources for tech or non-tech certifications as gift vouchers can significantly add value to women employees as they will be able to contribute significantly to the workplace.

Health and Wellness Activities

On the occasion of Women’s day, the importance of health and well-being can also be promoted through events like running a marathon or walking for a cause, Yoga sessions, nutrition and mindfulness workshops etc.

Women often neglect the importance of health while juggling multiple responsibilities. It is important to help them understand the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet, and regular exercise.

Corporates often organize 5km or 10km marathons and provide recognition to employees who complete these events successfully.

Organize Creative Workshops

Discovering the Path to Your Best Life with Life Coaching Services

Creative workshops and cultural events have been used very frequently to promote cultural diversity. Organizing DIY craft activities, storytelling sessions, dance competitions, dramas etc are heavily used in any corporate setting to bring everyone together.

Virtual Celebrations

In today’s world where work from home has become the norm, arranging virtual celebrations with engaging activities like online games, virtual team-building exercises, or digital contests have become the norm.

Activities like Quizzes, poems and musical competitions can be held online with little effort and at the same time promote inclusion of remote working employees.

My journey as a woman entrepreneur

Over the last 17 years, I have rebuilt and established a thriving leather manufacturing business in India. With sheer dedication, patience and an indomitable spirit  I, Ritu Singal was able to eliminate every obstacle that came my way -be it suffering for the loss of my husband, bank loans, family struggles, handling employee dissatisfaction, or facing court litigations.

Raglan Industries was also awarded the Winner of Nippon Leatherette Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing PU/ PVC Synthetic Leather.


Apart from my journey as an entrepreneur, I was lucky enough to be able to touch the lives of many through my coaching and counseling services. As women, we have a responsibility not only to our family, or work , but also to inspire other women who need to come out of their shell and build a life of their dreams

In myautobiography, ‘I Decided NOT To Cry’, I have shared stories of love, betrayal, and complex human emotions that I faced as an entrepreneur and how I navigated through them with my head held high.

The book will help you realize the inner strength that each of us possess, just like a lion that needs no comparison. It will also help you realize the unwavering power of our heart to heal and forgive with time.

In conclusion, celebrating women’s day helps to boost women employee morale and promotes diversity and equal opportunities for one and all.

These events also serve as growth boosters for companies which are able to attract new talent through referrals from women employees, cater to their professional development and promote an inclusive work culture overall.

As a business coach and entrepreneur, I have ideated and arranged multiple workshops and seminars and also delivered keynote speeches to mid-career and early stage professionals alike.

My vast experience in coaching people from different domains such as retail, HR, manufacturing etc, have helped me understand the mindset of people from different realms of life.

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