A reality check on counselling sessions!

A reality check on counselling sessions!

Are you scratching the surface merely by surviving instead of living?
Have you tried building habits but still fall back?
Do you have specific goals in life that you want to take to the next level?
Is your plan aligned with increasing accountability?
Do you see yourself as a star but barely meet daily struggles?

Then you are at the right place! You have the power to grow & improve your life by 10x!

Success is only sometimes a man’s play. We all need help . Any little kid needs the support of elders to learn how to walk . A husband needs the help of his wife to form a great relationship. A business owner needs his staff’s help to scale his business. Cricket teams need coaches to help them succeed.

We all are dependent creatures. Even the eco-system is interdependent. Asking for help is a brave thing to do. However,asking for help from the right person is the smartest way to succeed. That’s what separates the best from the rest.Knowing the where, what, where & how is the most important aspect of it. Suppose you have already booked your session!

Kudos to you, brave human! You shall be braver! I will only guide you; you will be the one setting the trajectory of your life. You can rely on me even when you feel like you are falling. That’s what I am here to give you!

A reality check on counselling sessions!

But how do you go about this? What are counselling sessions like? Will online counselling sessions benefit you? You might feel the uncertainty drowning within you! It is completely valid. I, Ritu Singal, am here to answer those questions for you!

Let me make myself clear. This process is not about avoiding obstacles or building against them. It is as challenging as others. It is only lesser than the pain you imagine to be like. You can get to choose your struggle in life.

The battle of overcoming your obstacles & tasting success.Or the effort of running away from hurt & living in misery.

Tasting success demands failure. Healing is not a straight line. It is crooked with ups & downs. Success is not a destination; it is a process. It is this process where I will provide mentoring to you, aid you in identifying goals & map out your journey.

I will constantly monitor & review your approach. If you are in the mindset that this is a session for instant results, then please quit thinking that. I am not here to sell you some course or agenda. I am here to provide service to you in the boundaries of mental health counseling sessions.

You may find other motivational coaches saying that you can change within a week. You may even feel you are changing, but you will come back to square one.

It takes 21 days to build a habit & 90 days to create a lifestyle. You took years to form such habits; you will need some time to get better than this. The fact that you have read this demonstrates the desire .

A battle won in the head is already half-won. Add a little bit of positive psychology and counselling sessions & it is almost done. Be it your financial, personal, or self-improvement goals.

If you want to prepare more before coming to the online counseling sessions, I would request you to prepare the following. Be prepared to be vulnerable . Addressing your challenges requires you to look them in the eye. Once you name it or when I find it, then we can go further.



I want you to set realistic expectations for yourself. We will set goals for you. But if you get disheartened by your unrealistic goals, you may lose motivation!

What will be the benefit of life coaching? After life coaching or during the process itself, you will able to look at the most confident version of yourself in the mirror.

Your self-awareness & accountability will increase. You won’t be ashamed of who you were & who you are! The quality of your relationships will also considerably increase. Thus with clarity on your life & relationships, your purpose will be more visible. You shall have lower stress levels & this will add magic to your life.

My duty as a life coach is to help you become the best version of yourself in your personal or professional life. Consider me as the architect of your life. Or consider me a power you have to outsource to build a new life!

 I create & reshape the building blocks of your life. You can introspect through me as I build the partnerships of your life. Don’t expect these counselling sessions to be larger than life. Expect it to be a 10x improved life! Visit my website to witness testimonials & big achievements of my life. Are you ready to create history?

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