Why am I, Ritu Singal, the best life coach?

Why am I, Ritu Singal, the best life coach

Why am I, Ritu Singal, the best life coach?

Thank you for reading this blog!

I am Ritu Singal, a life coach. In this blog, I am going to talk about what makes me the best life coach for you, no matter where you are in life or what you are going through.

The reason I call myself the best life coach for you is simple- I love my work as a life coach and am passionate about helping people like you progress in their lives.

I am an ardent believer in the process- the journey’s end is just that, an end. My firm belief as a life coach is that one should not just progress in life but also enjoy life to the maximum.

Here are some reasons, in detail, why you should choose me as your life guide-

Start enjoying the journey, not just the result with me

A person who lives for the result of their fruits of labor, may or may not get it, as nothing is guaranteed in life.

The only thing we have control over is the process, what process we follow, how we do it, and why we do it. 

Getting results, and not enjoying them, in my opinion, is not a wise thing to do. One should learn to trust and enjoy the process, in order to make the most of what we have.

Of course, people can and should have their opinions on these topics, but for people whose thoughts align with mine- congratulations! There is a high success ratio of such clients who work with me, and believe in me.

I am a person who is passionate and ambitious about helping people succeed, especially after what I went through in my life.

That being said, here is what I went through in life, in order to-

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Be your go-to person for empathy, not for sympathy or advisor

In today’s world, many people can only offer sympathy and advice, but very rarely do people offer you empathy. 

I am a person who has gone through a lot, and I tell you this not to incite feelings, but to make you feel comfortable with me.

I can offer you empathy, something that everyone deserves after a hard time fighting their battles out there.

I realize that not everyone may need words of encouragement after having fought a battle, what are some words after the battle is over?

But I know that sometimes all people need is an acknowledgment of having fought the battle tooth and nail.

I was once where you are now

Here is a brief of my life story-

I was happily married to a businessman and had a happy family with him and our two daughters until the day he started cheating on me.

All the happiness, at the time I realized he was cheating on me, began seeming like a life of lies I had led till now.

The business boomed, while my heart went into an emotional shock.


I tell you this, again, not to gain sympathy or pity but to tell and show you that I am also a human being who has had lots of problems in my life.

I went through these issues, sometimes alone, sometimes while having a shoulder to cry on. But always having a heavy heart.

Finally, when it became apparent to my cheating husband that his mistress had used him for money and favors, he shot himself to death.

Even if he was a cheater, in the end, I was emotionally and mentally shattered. His death wasn’t the only thing I had to cope with, I also had to take care of the now failing business, due to the multitude of court cases on our company and the number of loans my husband took earlier when he was still alive.

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It was a tough journey to be here, where I am today, but somehow, still, with my two lovely daughters, I persevered.

Today, I am a successful life coach, working hard to make your life a happier one as well.

Struggles are faced by everyone, what are struggles our, don’t matter. What matters is how we face them, and whether we are satisfied with the result.

I was also once where you are now, struggling in life. And let me tell you something as personal advice, my life would have been a lot better if I had someone like my future self to guide my past self.

Why I, Ritu Singal, should be your life coach?

Life Coach Services in India

I can help you enjoy this beautiful journey filled with struggles called life. Enjoying life is more challenging with all the problems we are facing, but as we saw, it is something that should not and never be avoided, just for its difficulties.

I understand the value of empathy when one person talks about their struggles with the other. One should focus more on reaffirming their actions, and help people accept their actions and issues rather than giving them fluffy advice to deal with it, something which no one wants as the first thing.

I struggled a lot in life as well. I had a cheating husband who committed suicide, and the shock of it may have left my system, even after I moved on with my life, it is something that affects me to this day.

Life isn’t easy, life is never easy. However, it is more on how we look at it rather than what it is. People from different backgrounds are bound to have different perceptions, and I just hope I can change yours for the better.

I would like to end this note from me to you on a positive note by giving you hope- life is not, never wasted. It all depends on how you look at it.

And if you want to look at it from glasses that are neither rose-tinted nor black-shaded, you should book a consultation call with me, to explore how we can work together on your journey!

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