Why Modern Relationship Problems Require Marriage Counseling?

Why Modern Relationship Problems Require Marriage Counseling?

Why Modern Relationship Problems Require Marriage Counseling?

Modern relationship problems, nowadays, require modern solutions like marriage counseling.

As a life coach, I (Ritu Singal) often wonder what would have happened had a life coach been there to guide me when I was going through a difficult phase with my now departed husband, who died to suicide.

I definitely wish I had consulted a life coach when I could, maybe then my husband would have been well and alive today, maybe then my marriage with him wouldn’t have ended on such a dark note.

In this blog, I will first start with explaining why I say that a marriage counselor would have helped in my marriage, and then move on to reasons why other couples may require marriage counseling.

How a marriage counselor / life coach could have helped my marriage

I was a happily married woman until the birth of my two daughters. However, at a point in time, my husband started having an affair with another woman, which totally shattered me mentally and emotionally and drained me of my feelings of self worth and confidence.

I knew everything about how he was cheating on me, and treating me as an acquired but now useless trophy. I wish I had confronted him openly then and taken the help of a marriage counselor, to improve the conditions of my marriage, and my life.

It would have definitely improved my quality of life tenfold and maybe even saved the lives of my husband and my marriage.

A life coach could have guided us to make the choice that would have been better for both of us. 

Why you may need a marriage counselor?

There are many reasons why you may need a marriage counselor to help with the trouble in paradise between you, and your spouse. A life coach / counselor can help guide you in thinking rationally about your choices and ultimately in making the right decision best for both the parties.


Trivial Relationship problems 

Problems in any kind of relationship are inevitable, one cannot avoid them entirely.

However, for modern relationship problems involving a couple in love or bound by the holy band of marriage, life coaches can be a lifesaver

They can help you think rationally about the past, present and future of your relationship. If you feel stuck, they can help guide you through the necessary thoughts and actions you need to think upon to take the relationship forward.

These problems can be trivial matters like you not liking one of their habits, or them not liking parts of your personality, which may lead you both to avoid each other like the drought

Making your relationship stronger

Transform Your Relationship

Life coaching is like therapy, wherein you don’t always need to go there for problems with relationships, but you can also go there to focus your relationship more on the positive aspects of the things. 

You might be in a calm relationship now, but if you aren’t happy, then that relationship isn’t fulfilling its purpose.

In any relationship, especially those which we choose by ourselves, we need to make sure that both you and the other party enjoy it thoroughly, or it becomes just another chore to complete in life.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed, not slugged along with, to whichever tune is currently playing.

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Dealing with partners who cheat

Cheating spouses are also a huge problem in modern times, and a marriage counselor can help you in deciding how to best tackle the issue and approach your partner about it.

Many people will try to hide their cheating and lie to cover up their tracks, not realizing that this only goes on to make the problems worse for both of them.

No one wants their partner to cheat, almost everyone would be happy to correct their ways and even adjust their own personality rather than losing their significant other to cheating problems.

Marriage counselors can help in such a case, by facilitating communication and making sure both parties understand and respect each other’s point of views.

Enhancing trust between you and your partner

It sometimes happens that after the rosy period of your marriage life, the trust in the relationship begins to deteriorate, and if not resolved as soon as possible, it can make your life dry and suck the joy out from your marriage.

It is my job as a life coach to save you from that situation by helping you formulate and implement strategies which can help you enhance the trust between you and your partner.

I do this by helping partners sit and spend time together, and talk about how they may be doing the relationship justice, and how they may correct the things they are doing wrong.

Bringing a new energy to your relationship

After the aforementioned rosy period, even if the partners trust each other, they might not be as invested in each other as they earlier were. In order to help the couples cope through this and renew their love and interest for each other.

This can help refill the relationship with love, concern and genuine curiosity about each other’s lives and days without them. 

A new relationship losing its sheen is nothing to be excessively worried about, all couples experience it at one point or the other.

However, despite knowing that they are losing their interest, if the couple doesn’t act to save the relationship, then there may be bigger issues later on.

How can I, Ritu Singal, help you and your partner in building a better relationship and lives for yourselves?

I, Ritu Singal, have undergone a lot of pain and suffering in life, which have changed my perspective on life. I don’t want to brag, just want to inspire you by telling you that these difficulties pass, and they make you a better person along the way.

However, if you ever feel lonely or unable to handle these situations by yourself, I highly encourage you to seek help and find yourself someone who provides life coaching, like I do.

I can help you with understanding your partner better, maintaining trust and also getting your control of your life and marriage back on track into the hands of you and your partner.

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