How to choose the next career move?

career plans

How to choose the next career move?

When it comes to making career choices, we all get confused. It might seem or feel like I’m the only one who does not know what to do with life. However, each one of us goes through such phases in life.


Life is unpredictable. We might feel everything is going well one day, and the other day, things might change. My point here is that it is not always necessary to have a career plan ready. It is great to have one, but even if you don’t have one, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.


We all learn through experiences, and we might not know when life takes a different turn, and things change. When I was young, I wanted to become a lawyer. I had a passion to follow the career, and so I did. As I was graduating, I decided to prepare for the Civil services exam and shift towards that career.


However, as I said, not everything goes as you plan. As soon as I graduated, my husband proposed to me to marry him. At that moment, it felt right, my family agreed, and I gave up the IAS dream to get married. My husband was an established businessman, and I decided to stay at home.


When my daughters were born, I gave all my time and attention to their growth and career. I would devote most of my time to make sure they do well in academics and co-curricular. No matter what plans I had for my life did not match what I was actually doing, but I never felt guilty or sad. I took responsibility for my daughters and home with a full heart. 


As soon as I started feeling my life was going well, and maybe that’s it, that’s how I’ll spend the rest of my life, something devastating happened. My daughters were still young when my husband committed suicide. Our business was not doing well, and my husband could not take the failure and decided to give up.


I became a single mother to my two daughters at a very young age. Our family business was in debt and colossal loans. There were many court cases and issues that needed to be resolved. It was at that time that I decided to take over our family business myself. 


Not everyone supported or liked my decision as a women entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry was a rare sight back then. However, I did not let my confidence shake with such thoughts or people. Soon, I joined the family business and decided to bring it back on track. I worked hard day and night, managed business, home, and my daughters. It was a challenging time, but I worked with grit and determination. 


Not only we repaid all the loans of banks, but also, fought and won court cases. Today, my business is flourishing, and so is my family. So you see, sometimes things don’t go as you plan, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need a plan.


Having a career plan is very important. It heads you in the right direction, however changing plans with time is also essential. You should not give up if things don’t go the way you plan. 


Being a life coach and an entrepreneur, I know the necessity of having a career plan and finding your passion. I have counseled many people to help them find passion and follow a career they love. Working or learning something that doesn’t excite you will bore you in some time. You need to find a career that makes you happy.


Finding your passion for career plans 


It is very important to follow a career that you are passionate about. If you do not love the work you do, it will not bring the best of you. Many people casually ask you to follow your passion. However, the question is how to know what your passion is. You can work hard with commitment and persistence, but you need to know where to put your energy.

career plans

Many times in life, we feel stuck. We may feel stuck in our jobs, our homes, or college. We doubt if what we are doing makes us happy or not. If you are going through the same situation, here are some ways you can use it to find your passion.


  • Find the right perspective


It is very important to find the right perspective to find your next move. If you go to a restaurant without feeling hungry, the menu will not look good no matter what. You may order something from the menu, but you won’t enjoy the dish. So, when you look out to find passion while thinking finding passion is hard, you won’t find it. 


When we restrict ourselves by believing something is hard, we do not find it in the simplest places. You need to remain open to possibilities. As you’ll stay open to options, many pulls, blockages, and nudges will get out of your way. Keep a simple thought that you can do what you love with your life. You can look around for people who are following their passion seamlessly. It will motivate you and give you direction.


  • Attract what you like


Once you’ve formed a welcoming attitude towards your passion, you can start looking for it around you. You just need to sit and think about the tasks that you love to do. For instance, you love teaching children, or maybe you love teaching a specific subject. It can be because that subject excites you. 


You don’t have to go far away or explore every option. All you need to do is sit and think about the things you genuinely care about. Once you know what brings you happiness, be it cooking, painting, coding, or writing, you’ll have your list of passions that you can consider. 


  • Collect what you need


You cannot just sit and decide, “Oh! I love to paint, I must follow my passion.” If you want to use your passion as a hobby, then it’s fine. However, if you want to build a career plan on that passion, then you need to consider certain other factors. 


Firstly, you need to form an umbrella and bring all your interests and requirements under it. You need to evaluate various factors and then form a practical list.


  • Turn a hobby into a profitable passion


As I said, your hobby won’t pay your bills. You need to convert that hobby into a profitable passion to earn money. You might love painting, but painting for your home will not carry your expenses. You need a complete plan to turn a hobby into a passionate career. 


Most of the time, when people realize they have to follow their passion to earn money, it becomes boring to them. It changes from “love to do” to “have to do.” You might love writing journals, but when you write professionally for clients, it might not bring the same joy. You may have to get professional training or education to earn from a profession. 


For this, you should contact people with similar interests. You can talk to them and ask how they managed to earn profits from their passion. They might give you some real-life advice.


  • Prepare for setbacks


Now, no matter what type of work you’re doing, there will be setbacks and obstacles in your path. As I said earlier, things might not always go the way you plan them to. First, it takes courage to follow a passion. There are fears, doubts, and complexities in leaving a secure career to follow passion.


There will be phases where you’ll feel regretful and rebellious. However, these are a part of growing and evolving. This vulnerability to failure, success, or visibility is natural, and you need to be prepared for it. 


If you believe in yourself, your dreams, and your passion, then such setbacks can be easily overcome. I had overcome many such obstacles and setbacks to become the Women Entrepreneur of the year 2011. 


  • Backup Plans


We all know it is not a movie or TV show! Everything never goes well, and I always suggest to my clients to have a backup plan. I believe it is critical to have a backup plan. It gives you a sense of security during tough times.


I have seen many people feel devastated when they could not achieve what they wanted. In such situations, if you have a backup, you feel composed. However, it does not mean you do not put your best effort into thinking you have a backup plan.


The point is to give your best shot to your passion, but keep a safe option until you succeed. For instance, do not leave your job until you find a stable career in your hobby. When you feel you have enough work and savings to take the big leap, take it. 


Learn With The Art of Ikigai


Ikigai means “ a reason for being.” It simply illustrates your mission on the planet. It gives you a reason to get out of your bed and work each morning. 


The Ikigai framework is critical to understand what one truly wants in life. The Ikigai framework is divided into four main sections.


  1. What you love?


This question is about finding out what you find fun and interesting in life. You need to ask yourself what you’d like to do without worrying about money. It should be the thing that excites you and you can talk about it for hours.


2. What the world needs?


The second question is what you can give to the world, your family or culture. It basically means how you can solve the problems of society. It is your way of returning to the community by helping them.


You also need to consider this question while doing business. You need to ask if people are willing to buy the products that you’re selling. Also, if your work will still be relevant  after a decade from now.


3. What you can be paid for?


As I said, money is an essential part of our lives. No matter what you love to do, it should bring enough funds to put bread on your table. Think of ways you can be paid for something that you love to do.


4. What you are good at?


We all are born with one or more skills. We just need to find what we’re good at. This question means the same. You need to figure out things that you can do without even making an effort. Also, you need to check if you can enhance this skill of yours to become umatchable.


It is how the Ikigai career chart helps you find the right career for yourself. 


12 Creative Career Options to Follow in Today’s Time 


Today, young people are shifting their interests towards creative career fields. Gone are the days when people would run after boring desk jobs. People today are more inclined towards honing their skills and sharpening their careers in unique fields.

career plans

Well, it isn’t that these jobs do not require qualifications or hard work. In fact, they require a more advanced skill set than other regular jobs. We have collected some creative career options to explore various career prospects driven by creativity.


  • Designing


Design is everywhere, from digital to physical, designing is a bright career option. You can find many respected job opportunities in the field of design. It includes fashion, interior, technology, and many more. So, if you love to create designs in any way, then designing can be a great career for you. You may decide to be a fashion designer, tattoo artist, digital designer, fabric, furniture, or crockery designer.


  • Baking


Baking has become very common today as compared to older times. People used to bake as a hobby before, but today most people do professional baking. You can opt for a course in baking to sharpen your skills and create your bakery. It is great to work from home jobs. You can open a home bakery and work at the convenience of your home. Once you learn baking and market your services well, you can boost your business in many ways.


  • Photography


Photography is not only a skill or talent but also a great profession. Today, photographers are everywhere, thanks to social media. You can choose any photography that interests you, from wildlife photography and portrait photography to landscape photography. Fashion photography and photojournalism are also great career opportunities for young people. You can easily change your hobby of photography to a full-time profession.


  • Writing


There was a time when people used to write journals and diaries as a hobby and leisure. However, writers today are making more money than many other professions. With digitization and technology, the demand for content writers has increased tremendously. If you love writing, it is time you make it a profession and not just a hobby. Moreover, the writing field is not limited to one type. You can be a freelance writer, scriptwriter, editor, screenwriter, or content writer. 


  • Fashion


The fashion industry is booming worldwide. Fashion is a very stable industry that hardly suffers any problems. Now, with influencers and YouTubers, fashion has taken a new turn. It has reached newer heights. One thing great about this career field is that it is all about creativity. The fashion industry has a vast scope for people with a passion for fashion. From influencers, designers to fashion writers, you can specialize in the field you want.


  • Videography


Videography or filmmaking is one of the most evolving career options. With OTT platforms and other video content, a new arena for video makers has opened. Although videography requires proper training and experience, it is a perfect career option for people who are passionate about visual storytelling. You can work and land a job as a director, video editor, visual effects artist, film critic, and many more. 


  • Advertising


What is any business without right advertising? We all know the value of marketing and advertising in every industry. With the change in times, marketing is shifting more towards digital platforms. Today, more and more companies are investing in digital marketing than the traditional forms of marketing. If you have a thing to market services, then many brands will be happy to have you. You may choose self-employment or get immense jobs in digital marketing and advertising.


  • Social Media Marketing


People today live by social media trends. Every person is using one or the other social media platform to engage and connect with new people. However, social media is much more than fun and games. It can be a great platform to earn and hone your skills. Social media is extensively used by startups and Fortune 500 companies to boost their audience. SM has made it very easy for companies to reach their target audience. Once you know the target audience, you can directly pitch your services. Moreover, social media marketing is a creative career opportunity for work from home or office jobs. All you need is the right knowledge and skills. 


  • Makeup Artists


Makeup artists have not only grown in number but are also doing extremely well in their work. A makeup artist has a wide range of options to choose from. You can be a celebrity makeup artist, a wedding makeup artist, a fashion magazine makeup artist, and many more. Once you get professional training on makeup skills, you can start your own company or work with brands.


  • Web developers


A web developer is a person who develops websites. We all know how crucial it is for companies to have a website in today’s time. You need a website to take your company digital. With so many startups and companies, web developers are so much in demand these days. However, you need professional training and courses to be a web developer. Efficient computer knowledge is a must. There is a wide scope for web developers to work from home or work in a corporation.


  • Interior designers


Interior designers are not only important but necessary in today’s time. Everyone hires interior designers to decorate their homes. Interior decoration is a very creative field. If you are someone who loves decorating homes and buildings, then interior designing can be a great option for you. You can pursue a degree or follow interior designing as a passion. You can collaborate with architects and firms to offer your services.


  • Animation & Graphics


Animation and graphics are a sizzling career in today’s time. It is a very creative career field for youth. Many people with the gist to follow a career in computer graphics and animations take up a professional course or degree in the field. If you are very good at your skills, then this career option can bring good income and amount of work for you.


A Step-by-Step Career Guide


Now that you have many creative career options to choose from, here is a step-by-step guide to know what is right for you. It might feel daunting to choose your next career move, but it is essential. Here is a step-by-step guide to take your career ahead.


  • Visualize what you want: The first thing you need to do is visualize yourself 5-6 years ahead. You need to plan your ideal day and how your life would look like. List down things you will like to do, people you’ll like to meet, the money you’ll like to make, and so on. It will give you an overview of what interests you. 

  • Arrange activities to their level of happiness: Once you’ve listed what all you’ll like in a day, you need to rate these activities. Think to yourself what makes you most happy. It can be talking to customers, completing a book, or painting a picture, and so on. You’ll get an idea of the things that make you happy.

  • Think what you don’t like: The next thing you need to do is note down what you don’t like doing. It is essential to pay attention to what you dislike. It can be one activity or your complete job. 

  • Make Plans: When you have a list of your likes and dislikes, it gets easier to draw a plan. You just need to work more towards attaining the things that you like and get rid of things you don’t like. However, planning is important, and you shouldn’t just jump to conclusions.

  • Plan your next 10 years: See, you cannot plan your entire life at once. However, you can set some attainable goals for the next 5-10 years of your life. It is always better to have a plan than simply following the crowd.


Final Takeaway

No one knows their next career move unless they sit and decide on that. If you think you’re the only one confused, then you’re wrong. There’s nothing to worry about! You can take your time, explore your options, and then find a career you’re passionate about.

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