Principles To Organize Your Life

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Principles To Organize Your Life

Success depends upon the freshness of mind and the mental well being of any person. Coincidently the mental being i.e. the mental activeness depends upon how much organized your life is. 

We have been so much engrossed In the race of success and stardom that we often forget the minute things of life that play a big role in our growth and development. One such thing is – organisation of life.

Now, what does the organization of life means?

No one is born organized; the habit of organizing is cultivated over time. 

Organization of life is understanding all the aspects of life, planning, jotting, ditching all the unimportant, and organizing all the things that matter.

Everyone must follow some basic rules and principles in life. Learn how to be Organized your life and all its chapters in an orderly and productive way. I know rules are rigid and boring, but a little discipline is important. 

When everything is done in a planned and organized manner there are fewer chances of failures and deviations. However, a little scope must be left for ‘experiments’ that are necessary to maintain zeal and excitement in life.

I feel that when everything is organized life becomes very easy and peaceful. It is not a very complicated task, some people are just organizational freaks whereas others just let things the way they are. If you think that you are an unorganized person, you can easily learn it.

Why is it important to live an organized life?

The organization of life reduces the tendency to overthink and overanalyse things. Moreover, when everything is running too smoothly, everything is well managed and things are not so clumsy; life becomes more peaceful and happy.

I don’t think there is any person who doesn’t feel the need to stay organized. It is just that some make it their priority while others put it as a secondary task.

The more you are accustomed to the methods of organization of life, the more you will be free from mind and find yourself the place you always wanted

Also, I believe that getting organized in life helps to cultivate positive energy all over the workplace and home as well. These positive vibes diffuse energy and motivation in the air all around you. 

The organization is necessary for all aspects of life- business, home, health, fitness, and relations. Through this article, I would like to enumerate some tips to organize your life that will help you to be successful and a happy human being.

Great tips to organize your life:

  1. Make a habit of writing everything:

Writing every crucial thing has proven to be beneficial always. Make a habit of writing everything important like upcoming birthdays, Plans, to-do lists, Persons you met, and want to remember him or her for future reference. Thus, you need not exert too much pressure on your memory. As everything is written you need not get confused and do your task appropriately.

Google calendar or a planner helps to keep track of upcoming appointments and thus planning the day accordingly. 

  1. Make schedules:

The joy of doing the right thing at the right is incomparable. You should have a habit of maintaining schedules and google calendar in advance. Decide what is to be done shortly. The upcoming week should be prescheduled. Also, leave some room for future uncertainties. Thus, your schedule should be adaptable, flexible, and well explained.

People who stay organized don’t have to waste their time in hassle and panic. You should make deadlines and set attainable well-defined goals. 

Most importantly be determined and stick to the schedule made. It will increase your productivity and makes goals easily attainable.

The time is running very fast and we cannot afford to waste time in unimportant and wasteful activities. Plan and learn how to be organized in your life by making a list of activities such that you can make the maximum advantage out of your day.

3.Dont be dilatory:

Time never waits for anyone. The work should be done at the right time. Time will never value you if you don’t give value to it. Do things to be done as soon as possible. laziness and the habit of postponing work will give you nothing but failures ultimately.

The faster you organize yourself, the lesser you will be prone to stress and pressure. Things are more and more difficult to be done as you take longer to do them. Thus, shed the weight off and do the needful things on time. 

As soon as you decide to organize your life, go for it and do it immediately. Because the sooner you organize; the sooner you will be able to achieve the desired success.

  1. Keep everything clean:

Apart from organizing all the things in their proper place, you should clean your workplace and residence nicely. As the place is cleaned there is a sense of freshness all around. And, this of course adds to the positive energy and happiness all around.

neat and clean

The kitchen must be cleaned every day before sleeping. Cleaning sinks and slabs and stovetops are essential for the good health and growth of any person.

Wash your clothes regularly. Wear clothes that have been washed and ironed. It adds to your personality and self-confidence as well. Schedule your day for laundry regularly so that too much clutter does not get accumulated that may trouble you in the future.

A tidy room, fresh aroma, nice bed, and organized side table are essential for good sleep and a good mood. The bedroom must be completely clean and organized so that whenever you come home after a busy and hectic day; you feel fresh and can relax immediately.

Dusting and cleaning your furniture regularly is also very important. Mud and dirt everywhere point towards your lazy and ignorant attitude. Try to keep clean and hygienic everything in your periphery. It is necessary for good health and also an essential part of organizing your life. The lighter the home; The lighter will be your mind and soul.

  1. Give space to everything:

Everything in the home and workplace must be allotted with a place, Keep the things at the appropriate place. Otherwise, the home looks upside down and your mood too. 

Make a habit of clearing the space that is occupied with unessential items. 

The organization of life starts with organizing the space around you first. When you will be proficient at organizing your home then only you will be excellent at organizing the different aspects of your life as well.

Store all the things aptly and also label them if needed. Everything becomes easily accessible and is also available when needed if you have placed it rightly. Thus, organizing all the corners regularly and updating them creatively will enable you to live life and work more efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Make it a routine:

Organized people have a habit of organizing things daily. The organization is not a one-time task. It has to be practiced daily and made a daily habit. Stuff cannot stay organized on its own. It needs continuous and intelligent efforts daily. The people who have set an example for living a highly organized life are cleanliness and organizational freaks, they love to keep everything clean and at the pinned location and declutter regularly.

7.Do one thing at a time:

Hustle and bustle just destroy everything. Things that are done in haste often end up waste. You often lose your mental balance and become irritating. If you do multiple things at a time, you will not be able to do anything with focus and dedication. Planning the routine and organizing the various tasks waives off the risk of mismanagement and load of multiple tasks altogether. Doing one thing at a time ensures full productivity and achievement of the task at the desired time. Organized people are always very clear of what is to be done and how should it be done.

  1. Simplify:

Too many complicated routines and sophisticated things just add pressure to our life. Simple living and high thinking is the most important characteristic of organized and successful people. Avoid the extra loads of your mind by simplifying the tasks and removing the complex aspects of your routine. 

In short reserve the valuable space of your mind for your priorities that will help you in the ac achievement of your goal. Don’t spoil this space with unnecessary complexities of life.

  1. Scan and backup:

It is good to keep a backup of every important file, photo, and document in google drive, hard disk, or cloud. Thus, you are completely unaffected by the sudden accidents and failures of electronic systems if you have already created a backup of all-important things.

  1. Just get rid of them:

Dump all the things you don’t need now. More stuff means more clutter. People who live desired life keep only the things which they need and discard all the unwanted items. Thus, you can better focus on and enjoy the available items. It implies that you have to spend less energy and time on the unwanted stuff.

11.Manage your budget:

Planning and reviewing the monthly budget is the basic characteristic of a good organizer. One must maintain planners and finance diary in which daily expenses and receipts must be recorded. It helps to keep a track of financial resources and save you from overspending.

Financial planning and budgeting is a very important part of your life and a key ingredient in the organization of your life.

12.Delegate responsibilities:

No one can work all alone. Taking all the burdens of responsibilities and duties and trying to accomplish them alone is not possible. After listing the things to be done, allocate the tasks to different people as per their skill. This will ease your pressure and enable you to concentrate on more important things that are necessary to the achievement of your goal. An organized life is never overfilled with meetings, responsibilities, and deadlines. In fact, it has less, as the extra stress is already diverted by following successful organization techniques.

  1. Plan your meals:

Yes of course what you eat is ultimately going to guide your health and thus you work and life as well Eating a balanced diet is very important. The right quantity of all nutrition and minerals is very important. Make a diet chart and plan your everyday meals accordingly.

Planning and organizing all the needful ensures good food, the right food, and the right time.

An organized person plans his meals so that they can maintain good health and be beautiful and fit every time. It ultimately is necessary for the achievement of the goal and mental well being as well.

  1. Balance your work life:

Not only home, health, or finance you must be good at organizing your work life also. All the important tasks, meetings, and resources must be organized in a well-planned way. Also, the organization of manpower and resources much be such that the enterprise can make maximum profits and work at the highest level of productivity. If you are an employee somewhere organize yourself such that you can work with full dedication and energy and thus, able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the team. Learn to manage family and work both and establish a balance between them. This balance is depended on your organizational skill and expertise.



Recently I met a person which made me realize how important the organization of life is. The man was blessed with a loving family and a caring father who was a great business man. He was not all disciplined, had no routine, and also did not help his father much in his business.

But one day his father died suddenly? Now he was all shattered and it was time for the transition of his life. He realized that he had to take care of his family and children and run the business as well.

He thus gathered all his strength and courage and decided to organize his life. He started with planning and determining the goals of his life. 

He planned his daily routine activities, organized his life and the day-to-day tasks, became more active, started practicing discipline, and keeping himself clean and updated all time.

He had to manage the home and business as well. He fixed his priorities and started doing everything in an organized and well-planned manner. His routine was action-oriented and had no stress giving elements. he didn’t run in hassle. Instead, he took tiny guided steps that not only saved his productive time but took him nearer to his goal every day.

Soon he was able to create balance in his life and manage everything. His home, relations, and business as well. This was all possible when he dumped his laziness and inculcated the habit of organization within him.


Yes, the organization of life needs efforts, but the efforts are worth it. Living a blind life without any aim, all clumsy and dirty makes life no less than hell. No one can have a perfect life but we can make our life happy and desirable by making the organization as our daily habit. Getting organized in life means avoiding last-minute hassles and making life easier in long run. Planning in life and then organization is an important trait of all successful people on this planet.

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