Why Do We Need to Fix Top Priorities In Life

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Why Do We Need to Fix Top Priorities In Life

Have you ever felt confused?

Have you ever asked yourself “What I’m doing here”?

Am I on the right path?

Will the things done by me lead me to achieve the goal of my life?

Time is running very fast. Time does not have hair at his backside thus we cannot pull it back once it is passed. On the other hand, work to be done and tasks are many. We often waste our time doing unwanted things that are taking us away from our goal.

It is called sleepwalking when you try to do so many things together and none of them is going to serve your purpose. It’s a sheer waste of time and energy. Ritu Singal says that one has to fix his or her goal and outline the priorities of life first, to live a meaningful and happy life.

I have a very interesting story to help you understand the concept-

Once a very interesting person came to her. His name was John and he wanted to become a successful film producer. As he saw the successful people around him, he used to note their routines and activities. He saw that some people used to work for 12 hours a day and even 7 days a week. To copy them he too started working day and night. He indeed got success and started getting films but not as much as he desired. The rate of progress was slow despite the number of efforts he had put upon it. Also, he was feeling depressed and restless. He was not at all happy.

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After listening to his story and knowing about his hobbies and routine it was discovered that he was a family loving person who used to love time with his family. But due to work stress, he started to ignore them. To sum up he had ignored the priority of his life- His family and relations. This made him incomplete and was the biggest hurdle in his success.

She advised him to fix the priorities of his life and do the things which makes him happy and take him closer to his goal and asked him to spend some time with his family too apart from working. Now he started living a balanced life. He spent family time as well as worked with full dedication for the rest of the time.

As a result, his business flourished and he became a very successful and famous film producer. He not only achieved what he wanted but was happy from the heart. He was now a confident man who lived the life he desired because he was able to set a line of priorities that run parallel with the achievement of his target.

First of all, let’s start with

What is a Goal?

The goal is the desire or the ultimate aim of your life. It is remarked as the destination for which you are going to work and run for the next part of your life. It is the target at which we have to point our proverbial arrow.

After setting the goal the next step is fixing the priorities of life so that you can achieve your target as soon as possible as desired.

What is the priority?

A priority is anything which is always given the first number in our to-do list. The act which takes us closer to our target. The priority is such that it helps you walk on the desired path that helps you take to the destination you always wished.

“A priority is the concern, interest or desire that comes before all others.”

Management of time becomes easier If you have defined priorities clearly. We have so many things to do that at the end of the day we end messed up and confused. Priorities in life are different from person to person and can be related to any aspect of life like social, work or relationships.

Priorities help to outline our day to day tasks and activities. IT makes life simpler and fixes what should be done and what has to be ignored. It thus helps in decision making. If your vision is clear your words and action will be always supportive.

A man who has not yet fixed his priorities and goal is bound to do contradictory things that are valueless. Through this article, I would like to help you recognize your goal and setting priorities.

What is the difference between goal and priority?

A goal is an ultimate milestone that everyone wants to achieve. Thus, the goal is a long term target that a person strives for. Whereas priority is ranking the activities of your life following their importance. This makes us more focused and accountable. Also, we feel so satisfied and happy in realizing that we are making progress towards our goal. Thus, Goal is a bigger term- a tangible result which can be achieved by a dedicated and focused person who has fixed his priorities rightly and is thus living a happy life from within as well.

You may be wondering why is setting priority so important?

 Priorities help to:

-Make the correct decision of what has to be done and what not

-Live a meaningful life that has an aim and as well as a process to achieve the aim.

-Achieve goals

-Build self-confidence

-Set an example of how to live a balanced and happy life

We often feel frustrated and complain of feeling low or disheartened. Life coach says that it happens when your subconscious mind is not happy with the things going on in your life. Due to the lack of knowledge, we are not able to listen to our subconscious mind.

How to prioritize work when everything’s important?

List of Priorities

When we start working on a goal but forget the real priorities of our life we often become restless and depressed. Thus we need to set our priorities and then work on our goal so that we can give up our 200% for the achievement of the desired result. Now I would like to illustrate some types of priorities so that you can get a more clear picture of this concept. Here is a list of priorities 

  1. Family: A family is like the backbone of your life. No family life and no love always makes a man feel incomplete and restless. Family is needed to share your happiness as well as your sorrows and nobody else can better support you then your family. Family always has to rank first in the list of your priorities. One who Is blessed with the love of family will surely feel real happiness and success.

A man bad at his home and relations often ends up depressed and all messed up.

  1. Friends: They are not a part of our biological family but they are no less important to us. A friend in need is a friend indeed is an old but true saying. They act as great motivators and mood busters. They help us take a break from our busy lives which is very important to regenerate energy. For some people, friendship is above all relations and they can do anything for their friends. They hold their friends on priority.
  2. Aim of your life: set a mission and be very desperate about it. Fix your activities and habits such that they are in perfect sync with your aim. You ought to prioritize things and people who help you achieve your aim. As time is limited and we need to do much to achieve our goal one has to be focussed and serious. Wasting time on not so important things can make you regret your whole life.
  3. Money: I heard once “ Money can’t buy you happiness, but it buys you a car to sit in and weep” !! Very true. Money is very important to fulfil the basic amenities of life and live the desired life. Some people have the aim to become a millionaire and have all the luxuries of life. So it differs from person to person. Money should not be everything but it is an important thing without which life is impossible. How much priority is given to money depends upon the mindset and desire of the person. Social security and safe future are very important for a satisfied and confident life
  4. Health: Even if you have achieved your goal it is of no importance if you do not have good health to enjoy its benefits. Thus a fit and healthy body are very important. It is very crucial as bad health robs all your happiness and hampers your productivity as well. It is very important to be energetic and active. One must prioritize the health and indulge in exercises, yoga, Meditation and a nutritious diet
  5. Fun: “all work no play make Jack a dull boy”

Thus monotonous and boring life is a sin. Everyone must have a factor in his or her life. This keeps the spirit of happiness and liveliness alive. Too much fun may stop your growth but enjoyment in balanced amounts is important for a happy and healthy life and thus ultimately in the achievement of the set targets. If you are fresh; you can better focus on your targets and the means to achieve them. Therefore must be given someplace in the priority ranking tool.

next plan

The personal priority of everyone is different and one has to fix them accordingly. Here I would try to enumerate what should be done to choose priorities

How to choose life priorities?

Vision: Firstly get a clear vision of

What do you want to achieve?

Where do you see yourself after a few years?

Firstly set a goal of what you are longing for. Exercises like Meditation and listening to the intellects can best help you in making a clear picture of your desired future.

  • Make a list:  Make a list of things you do regularly. See what is your routine and sort out things which you feel are important and must be done regularly to make you feel satisfied and happy.
  • Categorize: Divide the activities of your routine into subheads like- family, friends, personal, health and wellness.
  • Choose: Out of the categories you have made above, Choose the areas you want to concentrate upon. This choice must be based on-

What helps you achieve your target?

What gives you happiness and satisfaction from within?

Move ahead: After deciding what is important i.e. what are your priorities; you can now focus on your target. Eliminate the steps of your routine which are a time waste and take you away from your real happiness. Concentrate your priorities and forget the rest. Say “No” to anything that is not in the list of your priority chart. This will help you to manage life better.

In this era of competition doing the right things rightly at the right time is of utmost importance for sustainable and long term growth.

To conclude

Ritu Singal is a well-balanced and very successful lady. She has achieved name and fame in not only the business front but is a very good mother and a very good motivational speaker too. All this was possible because of the focus. Clear vision and life priorities go hand in hand. 

Live a life such that you can set an example for everyone. Become an epitome of success and glory. All this is possible only if you have sketched the blueprint of your life which clearly defines the goal and the priorities. Recognizing the priorities of life and living a meaningful life is the key to success and happiness of a person.

Don’t be a mess and do everything worth it, there are short term and long term goals as well. All can be achieved easily is one is balanced and has a vivid thought process. An active and fresh mind with a great idea is the reason for the success of all successful personalities. Whether it is family or friends or work, be the best. Fix your priorities and strive to achieve whatever you want. 

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